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January 16, 2014

WebRTC Makes Video Conference Centers a Reality

WebRTC, an emerging standard that solves compatibility issues between communication software, is on the verge of turning your next customer service call into a video chat. In the very near future, call centers for various organizations including customer support, billing, emergency services and more might be accessible via a video call, similar to clients like Skype. Because WebRTC is browser-based and requires no installation to convert video from one format to another, even popular existing clients like Skype could be used for these purposes.

Already, video conferencing is extremely popular among both businesses and consumers. In Brisbane Australia, for example, one of the local shopping centers has installed a booth that allows users to initiate a video conference with the City Council's call center staff.

Bearing a striking resemblance to a photo booth, the device has a door for privacy and has already seen over 700 people come and go with requests for the City Council. Through this device, people can not only make sure their voices are heard when they have an opinion, but can actually look the call center staff in the eye and see that they are, in fact, actually listening to them.

Such applications are currently in use by the business world for internal collaboration between employees at separate offices, or to make business deals with international clients without purchasing a plane ticket. WebRTC expands these abilities by making video conferencing standardized, and the fact that it is free to use means that even the lowliest of start-up companies will have access to the technology.

The implications of video call centers are staggering. Emergency services call center staff could have a literal picture of the scene that warrants the call to 911, and could send a response team that is better prepared for the situation. For less-urgent worries like a non-functional tablet or PC, support staff can look at the device and walk callers through the repairs step-by-step, and even confirm that they're using the right tools. Even more likely is the fact that video call centers will be utilized in ways that haven't even been dreamt of that will revolutionize our lives. 

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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