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February 07, 2014

SecretlyMeet.me Allows For Private Information Exchange on Disposable Web Pages

Between strict privacy protocols and media compatibility issues, the secure transfer of information over the Internet can be extremely difficult. Businesses partners, customers and even friends often need to exchange information without worrying about prying eyes, and sometimes establishing a secure network beforehand is too much of a hassle to be practical. However, a new and easy to use website called SecretlyMeet.me may offer an attractively simple solution.

SecretlyMeet.me allows users to set up a Web page that only exists for a set period of time: From the moment they run the application to the instant they close the Web browser. The Web page is immediately deleted as soon as the exchange of information is complete, leaving zero trace of any of the information that was exchanged within. With SecretlyMeet.me, users can share links and images, use their webcam for video transfer and even directly embed content and send files.

Because the Web pages utilize both WebRTC and peer-to-peer communication, users won't have to worry about having compatible software. In fact, the entire system is browser-based, which makes it so that users will have to download absolutely nothing in order to use it while using a WebRTC-compatible browser. This also eliminates the need for dedicated secure servers and third-party computers.

The fact that the created Web pages are so ephemeral in nature does wonders for balancing the need to make Web pages both secure and accessible. The temporary page is publicly accessible, which means that anyone with the URL will be able to access it, but the fact that it only exists for a brief period of time gives potential hackers an impossibly short window of time to find and access the information.

SecretlyMeet.me is perfect for both business and home environments, allowing customer information to be easily and discreetly delivered as easily as friends can meet up to plan a surprise birthday party. The website markets itself toward friends, offices and couples, creating a safe environment for all three to quickly communicate the information that they need to share.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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