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February 12, 2014

VoipSwitch Adds WebRTC-compatible Upgrades to New Mobile Dialers

VoIP software developer VoipSwitch recently unveiled a mobile VoIP solution compatible with both iOS and Android at ITEXPO Miami. Available as over-the-top (OTT) content for smartphones that does not interfere with existing mobile plans, the mobile dialer allows users to run VoIP on their smartphones, allowing them to avoid higher rates by using fewer minutes. However, one of the biggest draws of the new upgrades is compatibility with WebRTC for unparalleled mobile video communication.

WebRTC works like a universal translator for audio and video codecs, allowing two users with very different video file formats to communicate with one another. Because of this, WebRTC is growing in popularity within the business sector, where companies usually have their own strict and certified formatting for video conferencing. WebRTC is also beneficial because it is accessible through a simple Web browser, which means that users will never have to download anything other than what they already have for access to a video conference.

Unfortunately, large gaps in hardware and software have made it difficult to bring WebRTC to the mobile market. As a mobile service, WebRTC has several useful applications in both business and recreational settings. Families can use it to stay connected with one another on the go, showing off brand new babies to grandparents on the other side of the nation. For businesses, mobile video technology threatens to completely revolutionize the concept of a lunch meeting.

Because this is an OTT VoIP feature that allows mobile phone users to save money by using the VoipSwitch dialer to replace almost all of a carrier's calling features, thanks to first-rate VoIP telephony. Because mobile VoIP uses a data plan to transfer audio instead of pre-paid minutes, callers never have to worry about going over their monthly limit again.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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