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March 03, 2014

VoipSwitch Showcases RCS, Cloud and Vippie Mobile Messenger Application at MWC

Voiceserve, a telecommunications and softswitch company, is the parent company of VoipSwitch, a provider of VoIP softswitch platform solutions. VoipSwitch is returning from an exciting week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the company exhibited rich communication services (RCS) products and its Vippie dialer, a white-label messenger application that enables free audio and video calls, messaging, file sharing and more.

VoipSwitch’s RCS suite supports the rollout of next-generation telecommunication services. The cloud is offered on a shared partition basis, meaning that users from different providers can communicate with each other. Partnerships within the VoipSwitch Cloud receive VoipSwitch models, including a rich communication mobile and desktop client, a WebRTC-based user portal and a partition in the cloud. Partners are able to peer with other providers so users can communicate with other RCS users, regardless of suppliers.

Click to enlarge. Image via VoipSwitch

A challenge with WebRTC deployment is a lack of complete mobile support – it may be easier to use a native client, an RTC client build for a specific system, in many cases. Then the challenge becomes getting WebRTC clients to work with native clients. VoipSwitch provides a complete framework for OTT and RCS mobile dialers for building fully customized private label clients compatible with WebRTC.

 Vippie also generated a lot of hype at the event, as it enhances the communication experience. Users can call non-users on mobile devices or landlines, and it will cost less than mobile operators’ prices. The app features HD voice, high-quality video and media file sharing. An upcoming feature is the ability to transfer money – a potential threat to apps like Venmo.

“The buzz and excitement following the opening of the exhibition at the GSMA was the best we have seen,” commented Michael Bibelman CEO of Voiceserve, in a statement. “We are seeing a historic transformation in the way the world communicates, and we can proudly say that our company is at the forefront of this arena being the leaders in the new modified application.”

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