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March 19, 2014

CafeX Communications Makes Contextual Engagement Mobile with Fusion Palettes

CafeX Communications, a provider of real-time customer engagement solutions and software, has released its latest offering, dubbed Fusion CafeX Palettes. This software extends any existing enterprise contact center functions and spreads them to mobile and Web applications with the goal of facilitating highly contextual customer engagement across interaction channels.

This release isn’t exactly a surprising one - as bridging the gap between customer experience and the enterprise is CafeX’s primary goal. That said, this is the Fusion portfolio’s first real dive into mobile and Web apps so it’s exciting nonetheless.

Fusion Palettes help companies to provide a consistent, integrated customer experience across mobile, Web and traditional interaction channels — an increasingly critical requirement in today’s connected world. Not only does highly contextual customer engagement increase agent efficiency, it also offers enhanced self-service for smartphone, tablet and desktop users, ultimately reducing contact center costs.

Key features of Fusion Palettes include contextual engagement, session persistence across channels, callback, call state information, and visual IVR (interactive voice response). Altogether, these provide a much smoother contact center experience for customers, while taking much of the load of the shoulders of contact center employees.

For example, with call state information — including agent wait times, queue position and other contact center data — being pushed to a customer’s smartphone, tablet or computer, they can be easily kept abreast of the situation, putting them at ease even during busy times. Meanwhile, they can opt for IVT menus, avoiding call center agents altogether.

“Fusion Palettes brings together the worlds of big data and telecommunications to help businesses dramatically increase the effectiveness of customer interactions,” said David Jodoin, chief technology officer and senior vice president of engineering at CafeX Communications, in a statement. “Customers get enhanced self-service from their smart device, and, if they choose to connect to a live representative, can instantly exchange rich information to ensure transactions are accurate and highly efficient. Our customers also love the fact that they can leverage incumbent contact center and IVR investments, with no need to re-develop applications or re-implement existing business logic.” 

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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