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March 21, 2014

Independent Testing Confirms that United Office's TCN 3.0 is an Excellent VoIP Router

United Office Inc. is a developer of cloud-based communication services of all kinds, including SDN-based hybrid private cloud managed unified communications and virtual office solutions for SMBs. At this week’s Enterprise Connect Show2014 in Orlando, Unified Office showcased its brand new Total Connect Now (TCN) 3.0 Hybrid Private Cloud service architecture, and announced the availability of the sevice. Since its release, United Office has touted the router as the next step in VoIP routing software, and independent testing has verified its bold claims.

The University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL) decided to do its own independent research to verify the claims made by United Office at the conference about the routing capabilities of the TCN 3.0. After testing, it confirmed the device raises the bar for both quality and reliability of end-to-end VoIP service.

Tests conducted by the UNH-IOL included several failover scenarios by running United Office’s fault tolerant Highest Quality Router (HQR) architecture at maximum calling capacity. Instead of dropping calls like poorer quality routers might in such situations, the TCN 3.0 handled the situation smoothly. Calls in progress continued as normal, while newer incoming calls were placed on unused pathways, sorted by using the highest quality ones first. This allowed the router to handle more calls at a high level of quality.

The company will also be rolling out its new HTML5 and WebRTC applications, which aim to integrate the same technological principles of increased quality and capacity. These features are valued by small businesses because they take very little initial investment – WebRTC in particular only requiring that the company has compatible Web browsers. United Office aims to make its portfolio of emerging communication technologies easy to use by businesses of all sizes, ensuring that businesses will always be able to communicate from any device.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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