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April 21, 2014

Free Trial for NTT Communications' WebRTC Chat on SkyWay Now Available

While there will always be value in face-to-face, real-life, personal interaction, the ability to communicate as if people were face-to-face is growing and becoming more sophisticated with the development of Internet technologies. The world becomes smaller with the Internet, eliminating barriers like distance so people can communicate, share, connect and work.

A free trial for NTT Communications’ WebRTC Chat on SkyWay application is now available, enabling users to easily communicate via voice or video without downloading any plug-in or logging in with any information. Creating and joining a conference room is easy – users simply have to name a room and it becomes the room URL (chat.skyway.io/roomname). Rooms can also be password locked to protect and secure communications.

NTT Communications has been working with and offering WebRTC technologies since December 2013. It launched its SkyWay WebRTC platform earlier this year, a PeerServer and WebAPI-compatible PeerJS that enables real-time communication, data transfer and gaming across multiple devices and browsers.

A SkyWay chat room uses avatars to represent users, and clicking on those avatars can start video or audio calls. This is the first service of its kind in Japan, but it joins a host of other services available for users to simply visit a website and quickly create a virtual conference room, including appear.in, vLine, Bistri, GoInstant, OnSip and 1Click.

Throughout the trial, NTT will test system reliability and confirm potential features to be integrated with the service.

WebRTC is a next-generation HTML5 technology that enables peer-to-peer communication over a browser. It makes solutions like NTT’s SkyWay platform possible, offering users real-time communications capabilities quickly and easily over the Web. In addition to working with WebRTC technologies, NTT Communications also launched the HTML5 Lab in July 2013 and HTML5 Experts.jp, a site that provides support to the HTML5 engineering community.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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