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April 30, 2014

VoxImplant Releases Android SDK

Zingaya, a provider of voice calling and other real-time communications solutions that can be embedded right into a website or application, introduced its cloud-based developer’s platform, VoxImplant, in September last year. Since then, VoxImpant has made an impact on the WebRTC community, making calls and real-time communications functionality easy and quick to implement. It integrates with JivoSite, a live chat solution provider to help companies improve support and increase lead conversion, to bring call functionality to agents.

Today, VoxImplant released its Android SDK, allowing developers to easily embed voice communication into an app. So far video support is not included in the SDK, but the company says it will come to the Android SDK soon.

The move makes sense, since the growth of mobile usage is completely catching up – if not exceeding – relying on PCs or stationary computers for browsing and communicating. Android and iOS are the two most popular mobile operating systems, dominating the space with something like 91.1 percent of the worldwide smartphone OS market. The Android SDK builds on VoxImplant’s other platform features, including VoxEngine, Web SDK, iOS SDK and HTTP API. It provides a cloud communications platform that voice capabilities run on, as well as scalability and infrastructure so mobile developers don’t have to face complexities of setting up a cloud infrastructure for voice. 

“Mobile SDKs are a big focus point for us,” said Alexey Aylarov, CEO, VoxImplant, in a statement. “As Android’s worldwide growth continues, it’s increasingly important for app developers to offer seamless voice and video capabilities that don’t rely on call minutes and cell reception. With today’s release of the Android SDK, we’ve added a key component to our existing support for iOS and Web apps.”

As a marketing tool, click-to-call has incredible potential thanks to its ability to take advantage of immediacy, giving customers a way to contact a business while the call to action is still fresh in the user's mind. It can be added to a host of apps, such as retail, customer support and healthcare, making contact from the end user to company representatives a simpler and more stable process.

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Edited by Maurice Nagle


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