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May 02, 2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Ooploo.com Joins Hatchbrands Ventures Portfolio, a Subsidiary of iBrands

iBrands Corporation makes investments in the initial stages of a company when it recognizes the valuable market niche that a new product might serve, helping to catapult that product into the spotlight. One of itssubsidiaries that helps scout and pay for this process is Hatchbrands Ventures, which sets up a fund geared toward pre-IPO investments in high-quality technology startup companies. iBrands acquired Hatchbrands last month, and this week, Hatchbrands Ventures added a new company to its portfolio: Ooploo.com.

Ooploo.com is a mobile app developer with a broad range of products and services, and was selected to join Hatchbrands’ portfolio due to its recent additions to the telco, carrier and pharmaceutical industries. Ooploo.com hosts a variety of apps and products on their website, including a Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) client, a customer retention program and an advanced Point of Sale (POS) system.

Ooploo SIP uses Voice over IP (VoIP) to convert traditional analog phone signals into a digital signal that can be transferred through the Internet. It also supports several other services, including IM messaging and video conferencing through WebRTC.

Similarly, Ooploo's Know your Customer (KYC) tool helps establish the identity of a client's customers, which helps lower risks and save money in the long run. Its POS system also helps process the payments of a client's customers at optimum efficiency. Ooploo is even the developer behind several games and social apps, including Quoty and Bang Bang Quick Draw.

Finally, Ooploo is also the provider of a large number of Web services, including domain registration, cloud hosting, SEO, CMS Web design and more. This wide array of products and services basically guarantees that at least one of them will become a major leader in its specified market, which makes Ooploo a prime target for investment. Now that Hatchbrands Ventures and iBrands are in control of the situation, they will be able to reap the rewards of a successful market niche product (if not several).

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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