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May 08, 2014

WebRTC Integration Extends AudioCodes' Market Reach

WebRTC is changing the way we communicate online. The next-generation HTML5 technology enables peer-to-peer real-time communication in the browser, allowing users to easily video chat, audio call, instant message, send files, share screens and more. AudioCodes, a provider of VoIP and data networking products and communications applications for enterprises and service providers, is one of the players in this developing industry, and views it as a disruptive technology that will change communications – especially for customer service applications.

WebRTC World caught up with Amir Zmora, VP of alliances and partnerships at AudioCodes, to discuss the growth in WebRTC awareness and adoption, how AudioCodes is using WebRTC and what the company will be doing at the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta June 17-19. 

As an enterprise communication company providing solutions that connect to all major enterprise and hosted enterprise UC and CC systems, AudioCodes added WebRTC support to its SBC and IP phone. With this, it enables connectivity between new innovative WebRTC services and existing VoIP deployments. Moreover, by adding WebRTC to its IP phones, AudioCodes allows for end-to-end Opus calls from the browser to the business phone.

“The addition of WebRTC to our products extends our market reach to companies providing Web-based communications services,” Amora said. Over the last year, “We see an increase in the interest in WebRTC as well as actual deployments. Unfortunately the codec war is not going to end anytime soon. As a company we are indifferent.”

The increase in interest and deployments is also leading to increased WebRTC awareness. AudioCodes usually never has to explain what WebRTC is anymore to potential customers – at least from term perspective. “That doesn’t mean they know the details,” he said. 

He also explained that users prefer assessing services on mobile with apps, which will drive a need for WebRTC in native apps on mobile devices.

AudioCodes enables two main things:

  • It connects WebRTC services to practically any enterprise or hosted existing deployment
  • It allows end-to-end Opus calls between the browser and the business phone, yielding higher quality at a lower cost and with real privacy (no transcoding cost, lower latency and no decrypt or encrypt on server side).

AudioCodes will be exhibiting and speaking in June at the WebRTC Conference & Expo. Zmora explains the company attends the event for networking, learning what companies are doing and a technology update in the industry. Alan Percy, senior director of strategic marketing for North America at AudioCodes, will be speaking at the event in two sessions: “SIP & WebRTC - Working Together?” and “Security Considerations for Service Providers” 

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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