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May 10, 2014

WebRTC World Week in Review

WebRTC had a big week! The growing real time communications technology is consistently seeing more integration into company products, acquisitions in the space and predictions for disrupting communications. Here are the top WebRTC stories of the week.

Snapchat updated its application last week, adding a new messaging and video calling feature. Turns out, those new capabilities are all thanks to a WebRTC company called AddLive. Snapchat acquired AddLive for an undisclosed sum.

Weemo, a provider of real-time voice and video communication and collaboration solutions, sets out to enable video collaboration for everyone, on every platform, on every device. The company recently brought on Paul Yantus as vice president of marketing as the company prepares to launch free video calling and video conferencing for Zimbra, a provider of a unified communications software platform.

Last week, real-time communications business OnSIP announced the release of its OnSIP Network, a platform ready to handle the WebRTC demands of businesses. It now offers the platform as a service (PaaS) solution for companies that wish to manage their own communications networks but still need a signaling platform to complete the process. With OnSIP's API, SIP.js, companies' developers can reach the OnSIP network from their own applications and use the platform as a transport for both open and secure communications.

Whatever your personal opinions about the morality of Edward Snowden's actions, his whistleblowing has monumentally shifted what the public knows about government surveillance in and by the United States. Parsing through the windfall of information is increasingly difficult. We know the U.S. government, through the NSA, is monitoring our communications, but modern day communications networks are complex behemoths constituted of a wide variety of technologies. Even a "phone call" is no longer a simple concept in the face of VoIP and mobile technology. Here's what the leaked documents tell us about what and how the NSA is collecting information across these different technologies.

For Internet purists, the goal of end-to-end is primary to their architecture models. Trapezoids are silly, since they should just be one of the look-up tables and not a controlling device in the middle. Also, DNS has proven itself to be a scalable system, so why waste your time with a session border controller when catch and release has proven successful? As our friend Scott Bradner, who will be speaking about Net Neutrality on May 22nd says, “Cookies keep state and don’t require extra engineering.” So then what makes a session controller one of the first adopters and success stories in what is supposed to fundamentally be an over-the-top implementation?

Vidyo is a provider of software-based video communications solutions for any device, anywhere. Last week, Vidyo crossed the 50-patent mark with its 56th patent, setting the tone for the company’s role in “driving industry-changing innovation.” Curious, we caught up with Alex Eleftheriadis, chief scientist at Vidyo, to talk about these patents, why they help make Vidyo unique and what’s in store in the future.

We also caught up with Dries Plasman, VP of marketing and product management at Voxbone, to discuss the company’s addition of WebRTC support, how this builds on Voxbone’s services, the changing requirements for enterprise communications and what Voxbone’s role in the WebRTC industry is now.

AudioCodes also talked to WebRTC World this week about the growth in WebRTC awareness and adoption, how AudioCodes is using WebRTC and what the company will be doing at the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta June 17-19. 

Check out more stories you may have missed at WebRTC World, and be sure to check out our conference homepage for the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta, Ga. June 17-19. Lots of great speakers, sessions and exhibitors attending that will discuss and demonstrate how quickly this industry is developing. 



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