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May 15, 2014

Weemo Offers Video Conferencing for Zimbra

Weemo, a provider of video conferencing services, is offering video conferencing as a “Zimlet” for Zimbra.

“Zimbra is one of the largest enterprise collaboration platforms in the world and we are pleased to partner with Zimbra service providers and systems administrators to enable free video calling,” said Thomas Cottereau, CEO of Weemo, in a statement.

Cottereau said that IT people will find Weemo’s solution easier to deploy than attempts by other vendors to add video conferencing functionality to Zimbra, as well as taking most of the headaches of meeting service level agreements (SLAs) out of the equation.

Weemo has a number of features to improve the quality of video conferencing, including automatically adjusting the video resolution and can jump back to conversations if they’re interrupted, which is useful over spotty Wi-Fi connections.

The Weemo Zimlet lets Zimbra users make free video calls to each other over Zimbra, adding another layer to Zimbra’s communication and collaboration services. Administrators can request the free version from Weemo’s website.

Weemo will also offer a premium version that will support iOS and Android, as well as offering the ability to schedule video conferences with up to 64 people in advance using the Zimbra calendar, as well as make video calls to people outside of Zimbra.

Weemo focuses on WebRTC, an open standard developed by Google for audio and video conferencing that works over mobile devices and Web browsers. The latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera support it. Users of Chrome and the beta version of Firefox can also interact with each other.

Zimbra’s focus on delivering collaboration across multiple devices makes WebRTC a perfect fit. Both iOS and Android have shunned Adobe Flash, which has traditionally powered Web-based video apps, including YouTube and various videoconferencing apps. WebRTC, on the other hand, is based on HTML5, which almost all modern browsers support to various degrees.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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