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May 16, 2014

Interoute One Bridge Unifies Video, Voice Conferencing from Any Device with WebRTC

European businesses of all sizes will be able to take advantage of Interoute's newest communication platform. Interoute is already the owner and operator of Europe's largest cloud services platform, and the company has decided to put that network to use with the development of Interoute One Bridge. This service is a unique global platform designed to unify voice and video conferences into a single platform, which anyone with the program can join using any device, anywhere.

WebRTC video is already praised for providing a video chat client that is browser-based as opposed to program-based, which ends any compatibility issues businesses had before with using different software to connect, or even different versions of the same software. This also substantially lowers the cost for businesses to enter the world of video conferencing, as almost any device with a camera, a speaker and Internet access can be used for a video conference.

Interoute One Bridge incorporates both WebRTC technology as well as Interoute's SIP trunking capabilities to combine voice and video services into the same conference. This means even users who do not have access to video services from their location will still be able to get in on the audio portion of the conference and make their voice heard.

The platform also allows for an unlimited number of virtual meeting rooms to hold multiple simultaneous conferences with, ensuring that every employee has their own meeting room address available. It also features support for Microsoft Lync users, who can share HD video, voice and other content with colleagues whether or not they have Lync themselves.

According to a statement from Interoute Enterprise Solutions Executive Vice President Jan Louwes, “From the corporate boardroom to the coffee shop, people can connect and share in crystal quality like never before. Whether you're using Lync at your desktop, a top end video conference suite or dialing in from the airport, joining a virtual meeting is now as easy as sending an email with Interoute One Bridge. The opportunities for businesses to collaborate and connect with employees and customers are endless.”

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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