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May 21, 2014

my Global Conference Launches WebRTC-based WebDialer

Conferencing calls have become one of the preferred means of communication because users can communicate with each other face-to-face from any location of choice. The emergence of conferencing has eliminated the need to travel to another place for a business or personal meeting. As a result, people end up saving a lot of time and energy that can be used for other purposes.

To make the most of the benefits of conferencing, companies are coming up with innovative conferencing tools. One such company is my Global Conference, a specialist in audio conferencing, which launched its new conferencing WebDialer tool. A unique feature of this tool is that users can connect to conference calls right from their browser, without having to download or install an app.

It uses WebRTC technology that is supported natively by popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Opera. When users initiate a conference call, the browser automatically connects to the microphones and speakers on the computer to enable users to talk and listen during the call. Simultaneously, the WebDialer tool makes browsers connect to the IP telephony infrastructure, which means the entire conference call is setup quickly and easily by the browser. The best part is the user is unaware of the complex processes that go on at browser level, so all that the user has to do is connect and talk.

This WebDialer service is free for users, and does not even require a log in. To be a part of the audio conference, users have to go to www.myglobalconference.com/dial. The website will prompt for a conference pin that is given by the call administrator. Once the pin is verified, users are in the conference.

Going forward, this WebDialer is expected to be a big hit among users because of its ease of use. It’s not an uncommon solution as WebRTC grows – putting conferencing in an easy-to-access webpage – but eventually these conferencing solutions will transform into more feature-rich services that grow with user demands.

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey


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