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May 21, 2014

Avizia Releases Clinical Assistant 300 as New Telemedicine Solution

Telemedicine is rapidly gaining ground as a popular service for doctors to interact with their patients over a video client, largely due to the fact that it increases comfort for both parties while simultaneously reducing traveling time and expenses. Avizia is one of the biggest telemedicine technology providers in the world, and recently introduced its newest WebRTC telemedicine cart: Clinical Assistant 300.

Doctors like telemedicine because it helps them see more patients each day, including patients who live in regions too remote to access quickly and those too sick or infectious to transport. Patients like it because they can use their computers, tablets or even smartphones to set up and go to an appointment.

“Telemedicine is sweeping the medical industry and we're helping lead the wave,” claimed Avizia CEO Mike Baird upon the announcement of Clinical Assistant 300. “We often come across organizations that are hesitant to adopt telemedicine because of the high start-ip costs associated with today's technology solutions. For those organizations, the new CA300 is the perfect remedy.” CA300 was designed as a more economic alternative to Avizia's other telemedicine products, and is priced lower than the company's flagship platform, Clinical Assistant 700.

Indeed, Clinical Assistant 300 is one of the cheapest platforms available on the telemedicine market today, but don't be tricked into believing that it is lacking in quality. CA300 is approved by the FDA as a Class 1 medical device and meets all international safety standards, and is also easy to set up and use thanks to Wi-Fi and hardwire Internet capabilities and Avizia's new QuickBoot technology. QuickBoot allows the device to remain dormant until a video call is received, at which point it is woken up and ready to use in a matter of seconds.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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