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June 14, 2017

SwitchRTC Gives TellFree Enterprise Video UC&C Services

A common denominator of businesses, no matter what their size, is to have an easy to use and effective communication system in place. This allows the organization to collaborate with employees within the company, as well as partners, vendors and customers externally. And the easier it is to bring everyone together, the faster things get done. WebRTC is such a platform, because all it takes is a browser enabled with the app. TellFree wants to provide this technology to its customers so they can deploy enterprise video unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) services faster. To make this possible, the company has selected SwitchRTC, which specializes in large scale real-time WebRTC video broadcasting.

TellFree is a Brazilian operator that provides voice UC and hosted PBX services to businesses in the country. In order to increase its portfolio of services, the company selected SwitchRTC and became part of the SwitchRTC video UC program to start providing video and collaboration solutions to its customers. According to TellFree, it is going to be able to use the servers and client solutions from SwitchRTC to integrate video and collaboration services with its existing application and management tools.

For TellFree, this translates to lower capital expenditure and faster products to market because it doesn't have to invest in new developments. New and existing customers can have enterprise video UC&C services even if they are small to medium-sized businesses.

TellFree Founder and CEO Daniel Duarte Filho highlighted the ability to quickly launch services with SwitchRTC, but he also addressed the platform, going on to say, “The fact that SwitchRTC comes with a client side application we can easily customize by simple Web development efforts and since SwitchRTC was built in a scalable architecture with a lot of flexibility in deployment and management making it a future proof solution, were some of our decision points for selecting SwitchRTC.”

The SwitchRTC platform is a WebRTC based Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) running on Amazon AWS or other on-premises/public/private clouds. This lets customers scale as needed for multiparty collaboration, broadcasting and video chat applications, which includes enterprise video UC&C services.

The SFU supports different use cases across industry segments, including education, healthcare, consumer and business UC with webinar, MOOC and consumer content sharing applications.

“The SwitchRTC video UC program for service providers comes to answer this need by offering service providers a cost effective and fast track to service by only being required to modify the SwitchRTC client application and interface with the SwitchRTC REST APIs for user management and policy enforcement,” said SwitchRTC CEO & Co-founder Amir Zmora.

Edited by Alicia Young
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