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September 17, 2014

BigMarker Offers Big New Advances in Web Conferencing

Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) has held the attention of many users with its arrival for some time now, and not without reason. After all, this is a service that's promised to change the way we do business on several fronts, from customer service to human resources to internal communications and beyond. Now, BigMarker—which only recently went to a beta release—offered up a new update that will bolster its capacities, and reports suggest that this may only be the beginning.

The update brings with it the ability to not only accommodate as many as 100 participants at a time on a Web conference, but also the ability to allow nine of said participants to share webcams at any given time. That alone would be a pretty nice step, but it only gets better in that some other upgrades were brought into play as well.

Additional upgrades to the BigMarker platform include both recording and playback options in terms of screen sharing and videos shared in the conferences, as well as the ability to upload recorded content for group perusal. Just to top it off, the BigMarker platform requires no downloads of software or even extra plug-ins to make the whole thing work. Reports even suggest that capacity could go upward from here.

The upgrade offers some impressive new options for its users, and as such, brought with it plenty of excitement, particularly from BigMarker's CEO and founder Zhu-Song Mei, who had this to say about the upgrade and BigMarker in general: “We could not be more excited to be developing the latest technology for teaching, learning, and sharing with others in real-time. We've made steady progress, and we're happy to be the first company to offer interactive web conferencing at this scale in a browser, without Flash or some other installation requirement. As our team continues to push the limits of what computers can do, we look forward to seeing BigMarker users push the boundaries of connecting more and more like-minded people from around the world.”

Given that BigMarker has already found at least some market in 190 different countries worldwide, at last report, it's clear that people really are starting to see the value to be had in BigMarker. Not without reason, either; a service that an accommodate 100 users at once and let nine of same offer up webcam presentations, all at once, in a system that runs on a Web browser is a pretty major achievement. It's the kind of thing that could offer some very substantial changes, particularly in terms of training operations or other educational fields. With something like this, college classes could be brought anywhere within range of a decent Internet connection with comparative ease. The expense of providing said classes would fall through the floor and so too would the price of said classes. Seminars, training sessions, and more could be easily provided through a platform such as this, and BigMarker may well be one of the first to offer it to the fullest.

Only time will tell just what the long-term picture looks like for BigMarker, but considering what it's already done, and what it may do down the line, it's a safe bet that BigMarker could be one of the big firms going into the future of WebRTC.

Edited by Alisen Downey


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