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October 30, 2013

Ondello Improves WebRTC Meeting Service with Updated Features

One of the biggest areas that can benefit from all types of technology – whether it’s mobility, M2M communication or overall improvements in software and hardware – is healthcare. WebRTC removes barriers to communication between healthcare providers and patients, and telehealth, the use of electronic information and telecommunications to support long-distance healthcare, continues to grow as a standard alternative to in-person doctor visits. WebRTC is a perfect solution to fuel the growth of telehealth as it offers a solution that is seamless and inexpensive to deliver.

WebRTC only requires that a user click on a URL to initiate a quality, secure live video and audio connection without a phone. Healthcare companies are making their way into WebRTC, like Net Medical Express with its recent announcement of a new telemedicine conference tool.

Ondello, a provider of WebRTC-based software and services, is another player enabling real-time communications over the Web for healthcare and recently updated its live video chat and meeting service for business. Earlier this year, the company revamped the Ondello platform with custom email templates and meeting room options, enabling the platform to be a complete white-label WebRTC system. The updates continue with larger video, better screen control, updated screen sharing and navigation during meetings.

The video size has been updated to be responsive with the browser – people in the meeting will follow the browser as you resize it and can get almost full-screen video if the browser is maximized.

Meeting organizers now have the ability to move people off the video broadcast to the participant list view by clicking on the video image and selecting “Move to List.” This is useful for larger meetings when you want one or two people presenting and the rest of the group in audio only mode, Ondello CEO Mark Hadfield explained in an email.

Screen sharing is another feature that improved, and now has double the broadcast resolution and has been improved with the use of more real estate in the recipient’s browser. The Ondello meeting service has also now been rewritten as a single-page application, meaning users can leave a meeting open and navigate to their contact list or schedule without ending the meeting.

Test out these and other usability improvements on Ondello.com.

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Edited by Blaise McNamee
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