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February 12, 2014

Flashphoner Releases Inexpensive Software for WebRTC-SIP Gateway

Flashphoner is already well-known for its efforts in bringing real-time audio and video communications to clients. Previously, Flashphoner provided a service similar to WebRTC based on Adobe Flash, and had released a call server that hybridized the best aspects that both Flash and WebRTC had to offer. This device worked well even with Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies, and like any WebRTC client, was designed so that browser calls don't need any extra bit of hardware.

By now, things have changed, and Flashphoner has fully embraced WebRTC as the way of the future. To help usher that era in and bring businesses the cheapest tools for performing video conferences, Flashphoner's newest product brings all the necessary tools needed for a fully functional WebRTC call center for as little as $260.

The $260 may be the price tag for the minimum licensing fee, but this still includes two lines for WebRTC-SIP audio calls with Opus codecs and G.711, perfect for small site owners who would like to have a widget that allows visitors to click-to-call on low-traffic pages. Site owners could also use their own SIP systems to manage incoming calls and direct them to the proper extensions. The plan also grows at an affordable rate, capping out with 1024 extensions – enough for exactly that many simultaneous calls.

Using SIP trunking and in-house IP-PBX systems, companies could theoretically use this technology to route any number of extensions among the 1024 SIP trunks that the software supports. While this would still leave a maximum number of simultaneous calls, it expands the number of extensions to almost infinite proportions, which allows video callers to hone in on exactly the right expert opinion that they need.

Previous Flashphoner software that meets similar needs started at around $3000; nearly ten times as expensive as the current model. Hopefully, this will reduce some of the restrictions that prevented smaller companies from investing, and will help accelerate the industry while inspiring competitors to step up their game.

Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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