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March 24, 2014

Temasys and Moment Media Bring Real-time Video Communications to Social Networks with WebRTC

Social media has completely disrupted the way we discover, share and connect with people and content, but there is more in store for the future of social media. Real-time communications functionality will bridge the gap between online and in-person communications, such as being able to video or audio call someone directly from a network, and the technology pushing this next generation of social networking is WebRTC.

In a new partnership, Temasys Communications’ WebRTC Skyway will be embedded in Moment Media social networks to enable video communication right from a social page on Moment Media networks. Moment Media is a digital media agency and is using the technology to push the next generation of social networking by incorporating real-time communications.

Temasys’ Skyway infrastructure enables chat, voice and video communications to be embedded in almost anything simply via an Internet connection. It brings the power of WebRTC, which uses peer-to-peer connections and puts real-time communications in the browser, to companies. Moment Media also plans to use the technology to stream large-scale events to virtual rooms in the future. 

WebRTC Skyway will be implemented into social networks, such as branded social websites on mobile devices, designed and deployed by Moment Media using YuuZoo technology. Temasys partnered with YuuZoo Corporation back in November, bringing WebRTC to a new platform of social networks – the YuuZoo platform boasts as many as 37 million users across 164 countries.

“Our deployment at Moment Media launches a new wave of Social Real Time Communications and will transform how social media is used for visual communications – it is a tremendous opportunity for both companies. Together with the WebRTC Enterprise Web Conferencing product, we are taking to market one of the most exciting communication tools seen for decades,” Bill Lewis, CEO of Temasys, said in a statement.

The idea of integrating real-time communications functionality into social media is not new – we just saw Twitter’s news that it is developing a click-to-call feature for users to directly call advertisers.

In addition to WebRTC Skyway, Temasys offers WebRTC Enterprise, a unified communications platform that is interoperable with SIP and other protocols; SAT RTC, which provides low-bandwidth, high-quality video communication over satellite; and Social RTC, which provides video integration for communication and advertising in social media. The two companies will co-market a version of the WebRTC Enterprise Web conferencing and unified communications client to Moment Media platform users.

Glenn Davies, Group COO of Moment Media, said, “This is an exciting, leading edge solution that will take our clients (Global Brands) to a new level in the world of social networking. We are committed to take the power and vision of Web Real Time Communications into the social networking space. There are multiple creative and imaginative solutions which we can take to our customers and users, which will open up a whole new world of real time communications to them.”

Temasys is a diamond sponsor of the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo, happening June 17-19 in Atlanta, Ga., where the company will also be exhibiting its solutions and products. The company is a veteran of WebRTC Conference & Expos – at the Santa Clara event last November, it took home the “Best Conferencing award” for its WebRTC solutions, and announced its partnership with Avalable to bring WebRTC to online dating. Temasys also demonstrated its solutions in action with “a trip around the world” to showcase key locations where Temasys provides WebRTC solutions.

Check out the conference homepage to learn more about the networking and educational opportunities to keep up with the fast-evolving WebRTC ecosystem. 

Edited by Cassandra Tucker


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