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April 01, 2014

Dialogic WebRTC Impact Survey Highlights Rapid Growth and 'Enormous Potential'

Last year, Dialogic released a survey that measured the impact of WebRTC by asking key decision makers in the service provider and telecom applications development communities how WebRTC will evolve their business models and leverage new opportunities. Almost 40 percent of those believed WebRTC offered a broader benefit to unified communications solutions, 35 percent believed WebRTC would make more of a breakthrough in education instead of the enterprise and nearly half intended to deploy a WebRTC solution within a year.

Dialogic just released its second annual WebRTC Impact Survey, which shows how that impact has changed since last year. Overall, the survey results show that WebRTC is rapidly realizing its potential to transform communications, and the top three groups to benefit from WebRTC are tool and infrastructure vendors, website and app providers and communication service providers. Education still remains a top market to see impact from WebRTC, followed by healthcare, adult entertainment, financial services, online gaming and hospitality.

"This year, we've seen communications leaders heralding WebRTC's ability to simplify the delivery of rich media communications, and that enthusiasm echoes in the survey feedback from our customers," said Andrew Goldberg, senior vice president of marketing and strategy for Dialogic, in a statement. "We see enormous potential for entrants to disrupt the communications market with browser-based multi-party voice and video services powered by WebRTC, especially as wireless telcos look for ways to outmaneuver the new, social-media driven Webco model."

WebRTC Impact on Consumers

Some interesting takeaways from the responses include WebRTC’s impact on consumers. Nearly 90 percent of the respondents believe that WebRTC will touch all of our lives, whether we realize it or not, within five years. Almost 65 percent believe WebRTC will impact consumers within two years.

This is also evident in the customer service market. While it’s been widely agreed that WebRTC has the potential to significantly impact the contact center, the survey justifies this: more than 93 percent of respondents believe WebRTC has a real potential to meaningfully impact customer service applications.

Another area WebRTC is predicted to quickly impact is sports – many respondents believe WebRTC will quickly impact the way fans interact and watch major sporting events. Following this is multiparty gaming applications, such as video poker for bitcoins or with wearable technology like Google Glass, and collaborating with friends and family for everyday tasks, such as grocery shopping. 

WebRTC Applications

Last year, 60 percent of survey respondents said they planned to introduce a WebRTC solution or service. This year, that number has jumped to 80 percent, and one in five respondents has already launched a commercial WebRTC solution or service.

WebRTC applications are more likely to be used for human-to-human interactions (as opposed to machine to machine) such as voice, video and real-time chat. About 20 percent of respondents expect to see some form of hybrid WebRTC solutions, combining human and machine communication, such as biometrics, facial and gesture recognition, auto-attendant and other stream processing applications.

So, what’s driving this growth and development of WebRTC? More than 34 percent of respondents say being open-source is what makes WebRTC appealing, and more than 33 percent believe WebRTC to be a superior technology to Adobe Flash or JavaScript. A small percentage (5.7) of respondents believe Google’s involvement will ensure WebRTC’s success.

Dialogic is a platinum sponsor of the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo, happening June 17-19 in Atlanta, Ga. It will also be exhibiting its solutions, including the PowerMedia XMS Media Server Software, at booth #201, and Goldberg will be a keynote speaker on Tuesday, June 17.

Read the full report here!

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