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April 21, 2014

PeerSquared Looking to Change Student-Teacher Relationships with WebRTC

Since WebRTC was first introduced to the world, there have been a number of interesting uses for the technology. Screen sharing and virtual business meetings are just two of the ways the tech has been used over the last few years. One new WebRTC use that is gaining popularity quickly is online education. This can mean a number of different things, whether a college professor is teaching an online course or someone who wants to spread their knowledge of the Internet, similar to services like Google Helpouts.

PeerSquared is one way people are taking advantage of WebRTC in order to advance online education. In order to use this particular solution, two people simply log into two different screens; one as a teacher, one as student.  Once both have logged in using a P2P connection and a connection is made, the teacher is able to get quite creative using a whiteboard.

Actions that are carried out by the teacher, including painting, drawing and writing, are instantly visible on the student’s whiteboard. This means the P2P connection serves as a kind of screen sharing without it being only that. PeerSquared offers up a number of different functions including dropping images from a users file system onto the whiteboard to show a student or a teacher.

One of the things that sets this solution in front of other WebRTC solutions that work with education is that there is a number of settings that help the progressively uploading data. This means that if the teacher sends the student a rather large file and then a smaller one, the smaller one will not arrive first. This becomes important for the process of the student learning how to do certain things.

The creator of PeerSquared, Fabian Gort, has said he hopes this particular solution being used for WebRTC can change the way that technology has been changed in the same way online multiplayer games have changed over the years. 

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Edited by Rachel Ramsey
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