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January 26, 2013

WebRTC World Week in Review

Another astonishing week in Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) came and went, and in its wake, left behind a whole lot of exciting news. But what were the biggest events of a week heavy with news? That's exactly what our Week in Review coverage sets out to do, so settle in, take it easy for a bit--it's the weekend, after all--and let's take a look at some of the biggest news in WebRTC.

First, Twelephone unveiled its roadmap of features for WebRTC support. Geared toward offerings for both consumers and enterprise users, Twelephone looks to offer up a set of real-time notification tools, a set of new privacy settings, improvements to the Twelephone instant messaging platform, and room for file sharing systems as well. Enterprise users will get extra value from automatic call distribution systems, premium-rate Twelephone numbers, and more with an eye on future development.

Next came a closer look at a project from Voxeo Labs, an effort to improve real-time communications services between Web browsers. The project, dubbed The Phono Project, looks to improve that communication capability between browsers via the simple expedient of Javascript APIs. Set to also improve developers' abilities to build new applications for WebRTC use, The Phono Project is working mainly with the Chrome Canary browser from Google, at least for now.

UberConference made a significant step this week as well, integrating their powerful new Box and Evernote systems to allow for not only conferencing capability, but also the ability to share files in real time while doing that conferencing. While each participant on the conference can get access to the files shared, they can also delete them so as not to clutter the landscape. But links to the files--and a way to get at them--are included in summaries of every call, which means they can be reached later if need be for maximum efficiency.

The AnyMeeting WebRTC Hackathon, currently over 250,000 users strong, added some new sponsors under the latest news, bringing in both Influxis and TokBox as sponsors. The hackathon is designed to give developers a chance to meet up and exchange ideas, while also working to develop new products, projects and services that prominently feature WebRTC. There are even prizes available, as the best project of the hackathon will take home $5,000. There is no fee to enter, and the event will take place at Chapman University.

Finally, Prilogic Software made an announcement ahead of the ITEXPO show in Miami, planning to launch their new easyRTC Enterprise platform in the first quarter of 2013. easyRTC Enterprise does pretty much what the name implies, allowing enterprise users to bring WebRTC functionality to their own operations, allowing it to integrate with the current databases, authentication and other security features, as well as Web servers currently in play. That makes adding WebRTC to the mix a simpler prospect overall, and more likely to be used at the enterprise level.

Those were just some of the high points in a week crammed full of news about WebRTC. This platform is steadily on an upward path, gaining ground as more advancements in the field are made. Our global online community is constantly looking for fresh news to bring back, and that news is being found with increasing frequency. So be sure to join us back here next week for lots more news in the WebRTC sector, and as ever, every weekend for our Week in Review coverage!


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