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May 21, 2014

Dialogic's PowerMedia XMS Enables Real-time Conferencing for CreaLog Contact Center Agents

If you’re looking for information on WebRTC companies, Dialogic is definitely one to keep your eye on. Not only does the company conduct an annual survey to gauge the growing WebRTC ecosystem and players, but it also works with companies like Tropo to make real-time communications enablement easier for websites and applications.

Dialogic offers a media server named PowerMedia XMS, which enables standards-based, real-time multimedia communications solutions for mobile and broadband environments. The most recent version, PowerMedia XMS 2.1, helps people move away from a more traditional office and into the future, which includes WebRTC video conferencing.

CreaLog, a provider of services for telcos and value added service providers, is using Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS to enable face-to-face conversations with agents and customers in its call center.

The contact center space is one of the biggest areas expected to see impacts from WebRTC, as it extends the multichannel experience and brings more seamless, contextual information to the agent-customer interaction.

"Our top-tier carrier and banking industry clients have to constantly stay ahead of their competition with new ways to improve customer retention. Hassle-free, face-to-face customer service calls are on the top of the must-have list," said Michael Kloos, managing director of CreaLog, in a statement. "In less than a month of development time, Dialogic's PowerMedia XMS with WebRTC gave us a smart and efficient way to add video to our CreaLog Contact Center Software."

With Dialogic’s solution, CreaLog’s agents are able to engage in real-time conferencing over an Internet browser from either a PC, tablet or smartphone. Dialogic also provides contact center solutions, such as interactive voice response (IVR) with speech recognition, call reporting and speech analytics.

"Video for contact centers is poised to be not just what customers want, but what they expect. And contact centers are seeking the fastest way to provide real-time video telephony to address this demand," said Andrew Goldberg, senior vice president for marketing and strategy at Dialogic. "By leveraging PowerMedia XMS, CreaLog Contact Center Software demonstrates that WebRTC helps rapidly add captivating video telephony capabilities to mission-critical multi-channel contact center environments."

Dialogic is a Platinum sponsor of the upcoming WebRTC Conference & Expo, happening June 17-19 in Atlanta, Ga. Kevin Cook, president and CEO of Dialogic, will also be speaking at the event in a keynote presentation. Visit the company at booth #201 to learn more, and watch the company’s WebRTC demo from the Santa Clara event last November!

Edited by Maurice Nagle


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