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How cyber attacks impacts business.
Cybercrime is getting sophisticated each new day with the ever advancing hacking technologies and social engineering techniques.

Corporate Office Productivity Tools
Different platforms are exactly changing way the people interact and work. Some kind of companies exactly now required to look at something and may also have considered before and considering is the b…

Trading and Investments Your How-to Guide
It is estimated that there are roughly 3.8 billion Internet users from around the world and this figure is only expected to increase. It therefore stands to reason that the number of online investors …

How VR and Holograms will change business forever
In the next 20 years, business is going to experience some major changes in many forms. From the way we exchange business cards, to writing invoices, to employing new people. New apps and technologies…

Fonvirtual launches its call center services based on the WebRTC technology
The Spanish multinational known for their international numbering and PBX services integrated with WebRTC doubles its bet for that technology and launches the Call Center service based on the WebRTC.

The Main Differences Between Kanban and Scrum
When it comes to project management, there are a number of different software packages that you can use which use different project management methods as their basis. The two most common ones that you…

5 Common WordPress SEO Issues and How to Fix Them
When you are working your WordPress site and not seeing the search results that you want, it can be frustrating to check the traffic metrics and see that it hasn't moved even one notch. It is possible…

The Most Sophisticated AI (You Could Own Right Now)
For many of us, AI and robotics can seem like technologies far removed from our own lives. When we do hear of them, it tends to be through news stories of scaremongering warnings or extraordinary new …

How Real-Time Communications Have Improved Online Gaming
1991. This was the year Tim Berners Lee invented something he called the internet. He was able to write what he called HTML code, and, in the early days when he had to sell it to people, he said it wa…

WebRTC is the Future of Online Communication
Online communication has gone through major transformation over the years. What started with Yahoo Messenger has expanded and progressed to applications like Skype where you text, call and video chat.

Qumu Gets 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award
Qumu won the 2018 WebRTC Product of the Year Award making the headlines. Qumu is the company to provide the technology behind the peer to peer video communication tool known as Qumu WebRTC extension.

Ediscovery Best Practices: Map All of Your Data Streams
There is always that period and time that a business will have to face a legal matter. So if you're a business how ready are you if you are faced with such a situation? The first thing ever to do to g…

How E-Merchants Can Win Customers Without Tech
There's plenty of dialogue about implementing artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality into business strategies to improve customer relationships. However, the latest tech innovations ar…

Important Details to Remember in Process Mapping
What is process mapping? It is basically the creation of a visual representation of processes. It can also be referred to as the creation of a flowchart, process model, functional process chart, workf…

Why is Convectional EDI Bad?
Automated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is not just a framework for the exchange of business documents. It is a continuous process which enables the automated electronic exchange of documents betw…

Choosing the Right CPaaS Solution for Embedded Communications
The range of options for how to enable real-time communications in applications has created a new challenge: Deciding which platform or solution to use.

SwitchRTC Announces WebRTC SFU Platform
SwitchRTC announced that it is delivering an SFU platform for a range of applications.

The WebRTC Edge is Coming
Today, Microsoft announced that the preview availability of the WebRTC 1.0 API, and support for the H.264/AVC and VP8 video codecs for RTC in Microsoft Edge, enabling plugin-free, interoperable video …
2/3/2017 CPaaS 2.0 Cloud Embedded Video Solution Announced by Vidyo
This week, Vidyo announced a new cloud delivery solution for embedded video, The new video solution is based on all the core capabilities of the routed Vidyo core for delivering high quality…

Dive Into the World of WebRTC at ITEXPO
At the head of PKE is Phil Edholm. Phil is the organizer of the WebRTC World Conference & Expo, the global eco-system event for WebRTC. He also has over 30 years of experience across the development o…

Delivering the Real-Time Web: Real Time Web Solutions China 2016
While Web 2.0 was all about social, groups, and crowd-whatever, it certainly appears that Web 3.0 is going to be about real time: real-time chat, real-time video, real-time audio, and real-time data.

Voice4Net: 2017 Could See Real-Time Applications Tipping Point
Voice4Net, which supplies customer interactive telephony solutions, will be among the exhibitors and presenters at next month's Real Time Web Solutions event. In preparation for the gathering, which i…

Frozen Mountain's Venema Emphasizes the Importance of Compatibility
Frozen Mountain Software delivers commercial software libraries for real-time applications. For example, its IceLink offering is a collection of libraries that enable developers to create reliable UDP…

Vidyo Adds New WebRTC Functionality
Yet another indication of the continued growth of WebRTC is today's announcement by Vidyo of a new release, Vidyo Server for WebRTC 3.2, which expands the support of WebRTC. The new product enables gu…

Bit6 Announces Commercial Media Relay Services
The Bit6 STUN and TURN Service utilizes a geo-distributed network of STUN and TURN servers around the world to deliver enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance with simple, usage-base…

Building AR Apps with WebRTC (and More)
While real-time browser-based communications like adding click-to-call to an instant messaging app has become a solid use case for the likes of WebRTC, some developers are working on more advanced far…

WebRTC and the Real-Time Web - Alive and Well in China
In early January, the first Real Time Web and WebRTC event in China premiered in Beijing. This event was the first in the change from the WebRTC focus of WebRTC Conference and Expo to the larger focus…

Cisco Successfully Adopts WebRTC
This week Cisco hosted their Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. The key part of the overall event was the focus on Cisco Spark as well as the cloud deployment model. While Spark has been announced…

Real Time Web Solutions Conference 2015 Beijing: Day One
China has more Internet users and more mobile phones than any other country in the world. It would seem that WebRTC and the Real Time Web would be a natural for China and the turnout for the first Web…

WebRTC Ready to Roar in Asia
If you are in Asia and can get to Beijing next week, there is still time to register for the Real Time Web Solutions event hosted by WebRTC World. This will be an exciting event, held in the Zhongguan…

The Global Mobile-to-Mobile Challenge for WebRTC
This blog explores the challenges for standard WebRTC approaches in delivering reliable, consistent Quality of Experience (QoE) for truly global, truly mobile applications, and discusses a global opti…

Real Time Web Solutions China 2015
WebRTC World is extending the popular WebRTC Conference and Expo into the Real Time Web Solutions Conference and Expo. Real Time Web Solutions will include the full range of solutions elements and int…

Join Us in Beijing in November for Real Time on the Web China 2015
To further the exposure and penetration of WebRTC and the webification of communications, WebRTC World is proud to announce two events. The first will be held in Beijing, China, November 10-12, 2015. …

Lifesize Delivers WebRTC-Based Conferencing on Cloud Video
The adoption of WebRTC in mainstream enterprise communications apps continues. Lifesize has delivered the integration of WebRTC-based video conferencing and Web conferencing integration into its cloud…

Is WebRTC Ready to Go Mainstream?
Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) is seeing widespread adoption, albeit in a quiet revolution. In the next two or three years millions of people will be using communications tools and applications …

Digium Delivers Mobile SDKs, Enables Rapid Real-time Development for Mobile Applications
Many of us have been waiting for the next wave of WebRTC to hit. While there are a number of WebRTC applications and a number of vendors have chosen WebRTC as part of their strategy, the explosive web…

Bitphone: Enabling Global Calling with WebRTC and Bitcoin
What happens when you combine two hot new technologies? The team at SolidCloud has combined WebRTC and Bitcoin to build a new service, dubbed Bitphone. I spent some time talking with Michael Lauricell…

WebRTC in the Enterprise: Coming Along
Often when I talk to enterprises about WebRTC, I find that they have either not heard of it or think it does not apply to them. However, WebRTC is rapidly making its way into the enterprise, not as a …

Using WebRTC, Switch Closes $35 Million Funding Round
WebRTC based UC cloud provider Switch announced it is closing a $35 million C funding round today. Switch is known as the company making the Switch communications product for Google Apps and UberConfe…

WebRTC World Miami Wrap Up and Review
Last week the WebRTC World Conference and Expo took place in Miami. Overall it was an exciting conference and a great view of where WebRTC is today and where it is going. While the conference did not …

Free Continues to Improve the Experience
I had the chance to interview Chip Wilcox of Temasys about their announcement today. The announcement was about Citrix GoToMeeting Free licensing Temasys WebRTC plugin. The plugin enables WebRTC to be…

'Free' Continues To Improve the Meeting Experience
With Citrix' GoToMeeting Free you are just browsing right off the bat. No payload, no adjunct software icons. It just works; Very Cool.

Facebook Changes the WebRTC Game
This week Facebook announced the long expected video extensions to the Facebook Messenger, using WebRTC. The release of video calling in Facebook can be seen as both a simple change to the existing Sk…

WebRTC Less Balkanized than the Web? Or Just Another SNAFU?
Just in case you do not know the acronym, Situation Normal All Fouled Up (SNAFU) explains a lot of situations we live with on a daily basis. Traffic, corporate communication, White House press briefin…

How Temasys Solves The WebRTC Browser Interop Challenge
WebRTC is a huge step forward in allowing interoperable real-time communications between various web browsers, but as far as we've come as an industry, we still have more to go. Temasys is spearheadin…

Sonus Enables WebRTC and SIP/PSTN/IMS Integration
Last week, Sonus announced a new strategy: the Sonus WebRTC Service Solution to enable WebRTC sessions is to be integrated into existing SIP and IMS based environments and the PSTN.

Respoke: Time for a New Way to Talk
I recently spoke with Steve Sokol, friend to Asterisk users and Digium lead, about the new initiative, Respoke. Respoke is a Communications Platform As A Service [PAAS] suite of WebRTC with a browser …

Mavenir Acquisition May be Just the Start of WebRTC Driven Acquisitions in 2015
Today, Mitel announced they were acquiring Mavenir, a leader in mobile systems with about $130M in annual revenue. While Mavenir has been focused on mobile technology, they have also been a leader in …

AT&T Announces WebRTC Support
At the AT&T Developer Summit that precedes CES this year, AT&T announced a formal support of WebRTC as a new option for mobile users to make and receive calls using their identities and a WebRTC.

Will WebRTC Rival Social Media as the Connector between the Customer and the Organization?
Social media provides customers with a direct route to business for handling customer queries and understanding more about the organisation. In turn, organisations continue to use social media in a wa…

Numbers & Carriers: the Bridge to Financial Survival, or Links to the Past?
The humble telephone number - so much a part of business and personal identity - has evolved considerably since digits were first used 125 years ago to help switchboard operators connect users on the …

WebRTC in the Contact Center - Voice4Net Follows Unique Path
I spent some time this week with the Voice4Net team and had an opportunity to see how they are using WebRTC. Rich McFarlane, Vocie4Net CEO talked to where the company is coming from and where they are…

WebRTC in the Contact Center - Voice4 Net Follows Unique Path
I spent some time this week with the Voice4Net team and had an opportunity to see how they are using WebRTC. Rich McFarlane, Vocie4Net CEO talked to where the company is coming from and where they are…

WebRTC World Conference and Expo V Wrap Up
Finally, I was able to get the time to write up a bit about WebRTC World Conference and Expo that was held November 17-19th in San Jose, California. This event brought together the movers and shakers …

Cisco H.264 Video Endpoint Calls Firefox Browser via WebRTC
Two companies are losing ground with the latest WebRTC announcements. Apple is on its usual slow-boat to support WebRTC some day, but by the time it gets around to it, Microsoft will once again have l…

The Tell Tale Signs of WebRTC Banking
I was somewhat annoyed when my favorite local bank branch got rid of its tellers. They were replaced by two huge NCR terminals that featured a phone set, a screen, a camera, a credit card pad and ATM …

Microsoft Finally (sort-of) Joins WebRTC Community
After a lot of speculation, Microsoft finally has jumped into WebRTC. Development has begun on the ORTC API for WebRTC, the company announced via blog. Let's see how long it takes for Microsoft to sta…

Highfive: Almost WebRTC, but H.264 for Today
Highfive is a new video system out from some former Google and Apple employees that I was asked to look at from a WebRTC perspective. Last week, I met with Shan Sinha, CEO and Founder, and Dave King, …

Are Browsers That Do Not Support WebRTC Holding Chrome Back?
Google appears to always be at the forefront of technology advancements and life changing concepts. WebRTC is also a revolutionary technology within the communications industry. The technology allows …

Why UC Needs Mobile 'Unified Notifications'
Defining Unified Communications has always been difficult because it involves a complex variety of communication modes and user interfaces. You will therefore get a variety of answers, most of them ci…

CallTower Implements WebRTC with Variable Options
Voxbone and CallTower announced this week that CallTower is using the Voxbone international Dial Network to extend CallTower Complete 2013 for Lync, to the PSTN. As part of the agreement, Voxbone will…

GENBAND Launches Communications as a Platform Kandy with WebRTC Focus
With just a few clicks developers can connect customers, employees and even products (IoT) into their existing or new applications. Kandy gets them to market faster and more cost effectively. Clearly,…

Seizing the WebRTC Opportunity
By supporting WebRTC endpoints (browsers running on PCs, laptops and even mobile phones), an operator could have access to millions of new end points through which consumers can use its services. Howe…

Plantronics Announces Application Innovation Contest - Great for WebRTC
Plantronics has been focusing on an API set from their headset/earbuds that enables apps to interact with the headset. The APIs can be integrated into WebRTC apps, and can create some very interesting…

UC And Clouds Brings HP And Avaya Together
As we at UC Strategies have long been saying, UC is not just about person-to-person communications, but also about interactions between people and business processes. Now that those business process a…

Interoperability vs. Ubiquity: Why SIPsters are Miffed
SIP has suffered greatly in its efforts to make the IETF the place where telephone standards are managed. If it was not for SIP, in fact, the possibility of turning off the circuit switch network woul…

Five Things I See MIA from WebRTC Planning
I take some pride in our history with the changing of telephone networks from circuits to packets. My father was at the forefront of the change from stepper switches to electronic, and I consider the …

Judge Microsoft's Change by Speed of WebRTC Adoption
Last week, Microsoft took pains to emphasize its cloud first, mobile first strategy. CEO Satya Nadella cites the virtues of connectivity, intelligence and ubiquity in today's networked world while the…

A Few Lines of Code?
Is WebRTC easy to implement in a few lines of code, or not? The question may not have a simple answer but it helps us get to a deeper question that I recommend we take more time to consider. That is: …

Is SIP Universal or Restricted with WebRTC?
Following the WebRTC SDK presentations at DevCon5, was the Q&A. Because explaining SIP to the Web world was akin to telling all the JavaScript folks that they had to stay and learn Real Java, a simple…

OTT & UC VoIP Apps vs. WebRTC: Ignore, Adopt, or Die
Soon after WebRTC emerged -- well, merged into Firefox and Google Chrome -- I predicted that the forest of standalone unified communications (UC) and other over-the-top (OTT) apps were doomed. A lot o…

Aculab, Enabling WebRTC with Dialects
As I continue to speak on the use of WebRTC with language, the Aculab announcement regarding their Text to Speech engine (which is part of their Aculab Cloud) caught my eye. In effect, the scripts in …

WebRTC: Changing the Way Business Communicates
WebRTC is either changing, or about to change, the way you communicate. It first caught my attention two years ago. At the time, I realized a communications revolution was coming, but couldn't say whe…

WebRTC Expo IV Final Thoughts
With WebRTC Expo IV having now wrapped up in Atlanta, a few thoughts come to mind regarding the state of WebRTC and its future.

Intel Does Low-key Launch for its WebRTC Play
This week, Intel quietly jumped into the WebRTC arena with a SDK and server solution optimized for its hardware. Chip Shot: Intel Help Create High-Performance Communications Solutions, a company PR bl…

It's a Wild, Wild, WebRTC World
I have been reviewing my moderator sessions for WebRTC World. For those who are not familiar with my style, I am a cross between Spaulding Gray and Jeff Black. The Spaulding Gray comes in when I find …

Priologic Releases Open Source WebRTC Plugin for Internet Explorer
One of the biggest questions in the WebRTC and webification community has been the lack of support of both Microsoft and Apple for the emerging standards. While popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrom…

The Way I Am Reading Apple, WebRTC is Behind Yosemite!
First of all, some names throw me off. Digium uses Penguin breeds to name their conference rooms, TMC uses event locations for naming things and now Apple uses the name of deserts for their browsers. …

CafeX Communications Snags Further Honors With Frost & Sullivan Award
2014, so far, has been a pretty big year for CafeX Communications. Its product line is already winning some major awards, and now, the latest honor to grace CafeX Communications' trophy rack has arriv…

How Fast Will WebRTC Show Up in the Mainstream?
WebRTC has started to make inroads into the video conferencing market via Google Hangouts and a bunch of startups wiring the technology into their offerings. London-based 3CX is the latest and perhaps…

Save WebRTC from the Hype of Internet of Things
WebRTC is for people and live interactions. Voice, video, and file sharing in real time - the RTC is for Real Time Communications. You've got the Opus codec for high quality voice and audio and VP8 fo…

Grandma, Nevermind the Codec -- Just Answer the Text!
I am on a cruise in the Adriatic and nothing is more frustrating than extreme asynchronous communication. Coworkers, lawyers, family and friends all want to be in touch, and while I was doing well on …

The Video Conundrum
You can't spend much time around WebRTC without hearing about the video issue. For most of us this is news, as we did not even know there were video issues. The issue of which codecs will dominate in …

Apple's UC Moment Lacks WebRTC
Apple's WWDC 2014 turned into a unified communications coming out party. There's a lot to love about the approach, but there's no WebRTC support to be found, meaning businesses are once stuck with The…

Apple's UC moment lacks WebRTC
Apple's WWDC 2014 turned into a unified communications coming out party. There's a lot to love about the approach, but there's no WebRTC support to be found, meaning businesses are once stuck with 'Th…

Decision Point: To IMS or Not
For service providers with a major investment in IMS, the decision about how to implement WebRTC is a challenge. On one hand, integrating WebRTC with your existing IMS-based solution allows the use of…

Does the Vision of LongBoard Come Back to Life with WebRTC?
Back in the days when SIP was new and not considered legacy, (yes, I know it's still not fully deployed) Bill Leslie and the team at LongBoard Technologies had a vision of making the phone and the com…

Will Temasys Become the Adobe of WebRTC?
The conversations I have been having about WebRTC lately seem to be about the browser wars, which is not exactly exciting to me. I recognize that Google had reasons for laying this path and that Micro…

Voxbone Offers Easy WebRTC Option
Today, Voxbone introduced WebRTC into its global SIP, IP and local number network. Voxbone delivers a global IP backbone and SIP infrastructure and dial in numbers in over 50 countries worldwide. Curr…

Is Google Inadvertently Supporting SBCs?
For Internet purists, the goal of end-to-end is primary to their architecture models. Trapezoids are silly, since they should just be one of the look-up tables and not a controlling device in the midd…

Kangatime: Not a WebRTC App...Yet
Last night I attended the Stamford (CT) Innovation Center's Meetup Hacker Night. To be candid, it was not a coding session. However, it was innovative and interesting. Mark Beaven, the CEO of Kangatim…

US Homeland Security Recommends Not Using Internet Explorer
One of the big challenges for WebRTC is the lack of support in Internet Explorer. Even though it's less than 55 percent of browsers in PCs, many organizations have blocked the download of Chrome or Fi…

WebRTC by It's Very Nature Makes You Social: An Interview with BCSocial and BrowseTel
I was fortunate enough to see the quite interesting demonstration of BCSocial and BrowseTel collaborating at Enterprise Connect, which I thought really brought home the theme of collaborative systems.…

Video, All the Time
While we all focus on how WebRTC can transform communications, it is also interesting to think about how other technology innovations could be integrated with WebRTC to create completely new services …

What's the Catch for Microsoft with WebRTC?
Andy Abramson posted a nice blog entry on the convergence happening at Google with regard to its Hangouts product. In effect, Google's previous purchases of Grand Central, Gizmo and the codecs already…

WebRTC and the PSTN
Voxbone and Zingaya announced today that Zingaya's VoxImplant, a real-time communication platform for mobile and Web app developers, will integrate with Voxbone for PSTN access through the Voxbone acc…

Where Are the Real WebRTC Apps?
One question I often hear is, Where are the WebRTC apps? On the surface, this is an interesting question, never mind that we are very early in the technology -- version 1 of the standards is not done …

Keeping Business in Focus at WebRTC World Conference & Expo
A single-purpose event offers advantages for everyone involved. I have participated in more shows than I care to count, of course, but in this case I recall one in which I manned a booth offering whit…

WebRTC Third Edition: Alan Johnston and Dan Burnett Continue to Deliver in Real-time
When with its first edition Alan Johnston and Dan Burnett committed to continually update their book, WebRTC API and RTCWEB Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web, it felt like exuberance. With the seco…

Discussing WebRTC with Svein Willassen, CTO of
In this week's column, I share the fruit of a discussion I had this past week with Svein Willassen, founder and CTO of WebRTC-based video conferencing service


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