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Rory Lidstone is a graduate of the Professional Writing program at York University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He also plans to complete the Publishing post-graduate program at Ryerson University in Toronto. He hopes to establish himself in the tech world as a writer/blogger and, eventually, editor.

Latest Articles

03/19/2014 CafeX Communications Makes Contextual Engagement Mobile with Fusion Palettes
03/19/2014 Pexip Infinity Introduces Native Lync Interoperability
03/18/2014 TrueConf 4.2 Adds Two-way WebRTC Capability
03/05/2014 Magor Enhances Aerus Service Delivery Platform with WebRTC
02/19/2014 Mavenir's WebRTC Gateway Helps Improve T-Hrvatski Telekom's Network
02/07/2014 Opera 20 Beta Release for Android Supports WebRTC
01/28/2014 Sansay Receives US Patent for WebSBC
01/13/2014 GP2U Opts for WebRTC Video Conferencing
01/09/2014 Bucking Trends with P2P Lending and WebRTC
12/23/2013 EasyRTC and Have Come a Long Way in a Short Amount of Time
12/18/2013 BrowseTel Aims to be Complete WebRTC-based Business Solution
12/11/2013 WebRTC: One of HTML5's Greatest Success Stories
11/22/2013 Opera 18 Adds WebRTC, getUserMedia Support
11/20/2013 UCI Forum and ONF to Forward SDN, UC Integration via Collaborative Relationship
11/20/2013 Requestec's Zenon Gateway Now Mixes Opus, Other Audio Codecs
11/20/2013 WebFL.US Integrates WebRTC with its Responsive Web Design Solutions
11/19/2013 Priologic Showcases PrioPhone Working with Oracle WebRTC Session Controller
11/19/2013 Aircall Aims to Tackle Enterprise Telephony Using WebRTC
11/15/2013 How WebRTC and IoT Will Change Communications
11/12/2013 Talky Strips WebRTC Down to the Basics
11/11/2013 BrowserCalls Rolls Out WebRTC, HTML5 Browser Calling
11/07/2013 WebRTC Likely to Play a Large Role in Social Media
11/06/2013 Michael Monroe Talks WebRTC Potential, Development and Impact
11/01/2013 Questionmine CEO Gary Spirer Talks Video Interactivity, WebRTC
10/30/2013 Cisco to Open Source H.264, Making it a More Attractive Choice for WebRTC
10/28/2013 uProxy and Lantern Are Worth Using Together
10/23/2013 Flashphoner Web Call Server 3 Offers Flash and WebRTC Server Support
10/15/2013 3CX Dives into Web Conferencing with Technology Acquisition
10/08/2013 Object Detection Takes WebRTC to Another Level
10/08/2013 Object Detection Takes WebRTC to Another Level
10/02/2013 RADIOactive's Xeocoder Brings WebRTC to the World of Internet Radio
09/25/2013 ABI Research Expects 4.7B Mobile WebRTC Devices by 2018
09/25/2013 WebRTC Poised to Shape the Future of Live Web, Mobile Broadcasting
09/24/2013 Oracle's New Session Controller Makes WebRTC a Carrier-Grade Solution
09/23/2013 Zingaya's VoxImplant Helps App Developers Leverage WebRTC
09/19/2013 Twilio Introduces SIP Compatibility, Partners with LiveOps
09/16/2013 GENBAND Shows Off WebRTC Offerings Whenever Possible
09/11/2013 WebRTC and Telemedicine: A Perfect Match
09/04/2013 Enterprise, SMB WebRTC Adoption on the Rise
09/03/2013 TrueConf Server 4.1 Brings Enterprise-Grade WebRTC Support
08/29/2013 UberConference is First Teleconferencing Service to Offer HD Audio Over WebRTC
08/28/2013 Vidtel and AVer Bring Video Conferencing to Businesses of All Sizes with New Joint Solution
08/28/2013 Vidyo and Google Partner to Further WebRTC
08/23/2013 TokBox's OpenTok Now Supports Google Chrome 29, Chrome for Android
08/21/2013 WebRTC's Untapped Potential and its Effect on the Data Channel
08/14/2013 AnyMeeting Become First 'Full-Featured' Conferencing Provider to Support WebRTC
08/13/2013 CheapCast Uses WebRTC to Mimic Chromecast Functionality
08/07/2013 iotum Updates Calliflower Conferencing with WebRTC-Enabled SIP Client
08/02/2013 TNW Academy Receives WebRTC-Based Upgrade from LiveNinja
07/30/2013 XirSys Opens Up Beta Access for New WebRTC Hosting Service
07/25/2013 FACEmeeting Preview Now Live, with Beta to Come in the Fall
07/22/2013 Dialogic Survey Reveals Strong Interest in WebRTC
07/17/2013 Chrome Beta for Android Receives WebRTC Support
07/02/2013 Globant to Host its First WebRTC Hackathon in July
06/28/2013 TokBox Receives 'Best WebRTC Tool' Award for OpenTok
06/28/2013 BurstPoint Video Recording Now Fully Compatible with Vidtel's MeetMe
06/26/2013 Requestec's Zenon Gateway Enables WebRTC and Flash Video Banking for Akbank
06/26/2013 Priologic's WebRTC Chat Service Emphasizes Security, Anonymity
06/25/2013 PubNub Takes WebRTC to the Enterprise with New SDK
06/25/2013 Firefox 22 Brings Full WebRTC Support
06/24/2013 AudioCodes Adds WebRTC Support to its 400HD IP Phones
06/19/2013 Streaming Business Solutions Puts WebRTC to Work for Small Businesses
06/12/2013 Bolder Thinking Enables Seamless Click-to-Call with webRTC Connect
06/11/2013 Bell Aliant and GENBAND Win Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award Thanks to WebRTC
06/10/2013 BroadSoft UC-One Extends Beyond the Enterprise with WebRTC
06/06/2013 Avaya Aura Collaboration Environment, WebRTC Not Competitive but Complementary
06/05/2013 Voxeo Labs' Phono WebRTC Gateway Gets DTLS Support
06/04/2013 Vidtel Adds Haverford Systems to its Channel Partner Program
05/29/2013 WebRTC Ubiquity Makes Verifying Contact Availability Harder, Not Impossible
05/23/2013 Bistri Named Cool Vendor by Gartner
05/23/2013 Crocodile Aims to 'Unleash' WebRTC's Potential with Real-Time Web Communications Platform
05/21/2013 Openmind's Dinamotxt Extends Texting to the Browser
05/20/2013 Bitrix24 Update Adds WebRTC-based Chat, Google Docs Integration, Mobile CRM
05/17/2013 WebRTC Preparation Largely Comes Down to Data
05/10/2013 vLine Offering Free WebRTC Consulting to Select Developers
05/09/2013 Presence Web Agent Earns TMC Labs Innovation Award for Bringing WebRTC to Contact Centers
05/07/2013 Mozilla and Otoy Produce New JavaScript Video Codec, ORBX.js
05/06/2013 GENBAND Making a Splash in the WebRTC World
05/06/2013 GENBAND to Lead WebRTC Webinar and Participate in WebRTC Conference and Expo
05/02/2013 Wreally Studios' Codassium Combines Coding, WebRTC for Greater Collaboration
05/02/2013 Twilio Communications API Platform Adds Contact Center Support
04/30/2013 Requestec Adds WebRTC Support to Zenon IP Communications Gateway
04/30/2013 Clary Icon Partnership with Vidtel Makes Multipoint Video Conferencing Available on Clary Onescreen
04/30/2013 Skype Video Calling for Begins Today
04/30/2013 GENBAND Releases Advanced WebRTC Gateway, Lets Operators Go All In with Web Communications
04/29/2013 Ericsson's Geoff Hollingworth to Keynote at WebRTC Conference and Expo
04/25/2013 Huawei Introduces WebRTC-Based Rich Communications Capability Exposure Gateway
04/24/2013 Fresh Tilled Soil Enables Easy WebRTC Embedding with New Widget
04/18/2013 Mavenir Furthers WebRTC Focus with New User Experience Center, IMS WebRTC Gateway
04/16/2013 Web Gaming Becomes More Viable with the Help of WebRTC
04/16/2013 Ingate and eZuce Partnership Furthers Cloud-Based UC, WebRTC
04/15/2013 Australian Cystic Fibrosis Telehealth Project Relies on WebRTC
04/02/2013 Twilio Becomes a Google Cloud Platform Partner, Brings Voice and Messaging to App Developers
03/25/2013 WebRTC's First Full Market Analysis by Disruptive Analysis Now Available
03/25/2013 WebRTC's First Full Market Analysis by Disruptive Analysis Now Available from Research and Markets
03/19/2013 Twilio Introduces SIP, Moves Closer to the Enterprise
03/13/2013 Priologic Software Unveiling New WebRTC Products
03/08/2013 The Hypervoice Consortium Adds Ericsson and InterDigital to its Ranks
03/07/2013 Magor Introduces WebRTC Visual Collaboration
03/04/2013 Mozilla Gives a Look at the Future of WebRTC