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Webtorials Discusses the State of the WebRTC Market in New Report
The Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) market can be a strange place. There are so many new advancements coming out that it's hard to keep track of the impact that the slightly less recent developments actually had. Worse, by the time system… - 07/27/2015

appear.in, Google to Push for WebRTC Development on Android and iOS
One of the first startups on the WebRTC scene was appear.in with its application that now allows for free video-based conversations between up to eight people at once. Google has long supported its project and is now urging the company to create tuto… - 07/13/2015

Fountain Help Service Debuts WebRTC-based Web Chat
The Fountain startup debuted its help service in March this year. It began offering advice from experts in the fields of home improvement and beauty through text, voice, and video handled in iOS. - 05/26/2015

Turn Up the Volume: Google Tone is Here
The latest invention for the Web from the Google research team comes with the goal of data transmission in the form of audio signals. Basically, computers will literally be able to speak to one another as humans do. - 05/21/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: Twilio Debuts $50 Million App Development Fund
Twilio has launched a $50 million development investment fund, focused on attracting new developers and businesses to build on its platform, while giving existing developers resources to do more. - 05/21/2015

Radisys, WIT Software Offer RCS, WebRTC Solution for Carriers
Radisys and WIT Software have announced a joint solution that lets carriers roll out WebRTC, VoLTE and Rich Communications Services (RCS) to customers. - 05/19/2015

NetSapiens Shows Off WebRTC Features in Miami
NetSapiens demonstrated the WebRTC features of its SNAPSolution hosted PBX platform at the WebRTC Conference and Expo this week. - 05/14/2015

WebRTC Remains a Promise While Adoption is Uneven by Browsers and Technology Providers
WebRTC offers great promise to the customer support industry. The standard, which allows for real-time browser-to-browser voice and video communications without the need to download any plug-ins or software, could help revolutionize how companies off… - 04/15/2015

Is GMeet Google's Newest Teleconferencing Tool?
People who use Google are most likely familiar with Google Hangouts. It is an instant messaging and video chat platform developed by Google. It replaces three messaging products that Google had implemented within its services, including Google Talk a… - 04/08/2015

CafeX Receives $21 Million in Series B Funding
After closing a Series B round of funding, CafeX will receive $21 million. Some of the participants in the funding round included Intel Capital, individuals who fall under the category of angel investors and a subsidiary of The United Services Automo… - 03/31/2015

BroadSoft's BroadWorks WebRTC Server Receives 2015 WebRTC Product of the Year Award
BroadSoft, provider of software and services that enable mobile, fixed-line and cable service providers to offer unified communications over their IP networks, was recognized for its BroadWorks WebRTC Server with the 2015 WebRTC Product of the Year A… - 03/27/2015

Comverse Woos with WebRTC Gateway
WebRTC is finding its way into various nooks and crannies of the enterprise as its benefits and ease of use prove to set up a very exciting year in its development. But, now is a time to reflect on a company that has separated from the field with its… - 03/26/2015

Skype for Business Not a Threat to WebRTC
Skype for Business will offer enterprise voice in Office 365 with PSTN calling and conferencing. The functionality will first become available as a technical preview in the U.S. this summer. - 03/24/2015

SPS to Offer CafeX RTC Technology
CafeX Communications, a provider of real-time engagement solutions, has entered into a partnership with systems integrator and managed services provider Strategic Products and Services (SPS). Under the agreement, SPS will offer CafeX's Fusion portfol… - 03/09/2015

Voxbone Platform Enables WebRTC Services Using Global Private IP Backbone
WebRTC is considered a "work in progress" by many, but it offers massive promise for connecting web interfaces to voice functionality. For companies that have played in the VoIP space and have a solid foundation of products and customers, WebRTC repr… - 02/24/2015

Digium Pitches WebRTC Service as Developer Goodness
Exactly why Digium has lagged in the market isn't clear, but clearly the company is playing catch up when it comes to supporting Apple iOS -- all the more remarkable given the popularity of the Huntsville, Alabama Apple Store less than two miles away… - 02/24/2015

3CX Phone System Users Get a Free Bonus, WebRTC Style
3CX Phone System users are about to get a lesson in just how great free can be thanks to a little something special from 3CX that offers up a look at the power of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). - 02/18/2015

Developers Need Support and the Proper Tools to Make the Internet of Tomorrow a Reality
When it comes to supporting the developer community, there is a synergy between offering support as well as practical tools to get the job done. Spirent Communications, a company that has its roots as a U.K. electrical supplier originating in 1936 an… - 02/18/2015

Startup Temasys Targets WebRTC for IE and Safari
So far, only Google Chrome, Opera and Mozilla Firefox have enjoyed status as WebRTC-friendly browsers, offering native support for the HTML5 specification. But Singaporean startup Temasys has released Skylink, a free plugin for OS X and Windows that … - 02/18/2015

Can we get 10 Percent of the Internet for WebRTC and Real-time?
Net Neutrality was in the news last week as FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler announced a new strategy to drive Net Neutrality. Writing in a Wired opinion piece published last week, he set out a plan to require unconstrained and open Internet access eliminati… - 02/12/2015

Wanna Chat? Google Customer Support Adds Video Chat for Potential Customers
Google is starting to utilize video chat to persuade potential new customers to purchase Google smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks. Rumored to have been in testing since November, Google wants to expand its video chat from its original Helpouts inf… - 02/09/2015

Voneto Talks About Open Source Communications, WebRTC at ITEXPO Miami
Voneto was at ITEXPO Miami last week talking about its business communications solutions and WebRTC. Corey S. McFadden of Voneto provided TMCnet's senior writer Peter Bernstein with the details of what the open source company is doing on both fronts. - 02/06/2015

3CX Talks Dallas Move, WebRTC Focus
At the recently concluded ITEXPO in Miami, Stephen Corrigan Sales Director at 3CX,spoke with TMC about the company's move to Dallas and what role WebRTC plays in the future of the communications landscape. - 02/05/2015

Radish Announces In-Browser Video Communications App
There is very little doubt that WebRTC is becoming more popular the more companies start adopting new ways to use it. Radish is one such company that has found a new way to take advantage of everything the tech has to offer thanks to the Choiceview W… - 02/04/2015

OnSIP: WebRTC Needs More Developers On Board
We are still in the early stages of WebRTC, and during this time getting people to adopt the technology is just as important as making sure it works. More and more developers are becoming involved in WebRTC development, and while in the past the emph… - 01/30/2015

Kurento: Next Stop the Cloud
With growing hype surrounding the capabilities that WebRTC can provide the enterprise and consumers alike it should come as no surprise that many are trying to get this burgeoning technology to reach its full potential. Developers are tasked with cre… - 01/29/2015

Daitan Sees WebRTC 'Everywhere' Sooner Than You Think
WebRTC is a technology that might seem ubiquitous to some, but it's not everywhere just yet. But that doesn't mean it won't be there soon, if Graham Holt is to be believed. - 01/29/2015

Anymeeting: WebRTC Could be Huge - If Everyone Embraces It
Digital capabilities have revolutionized the way businesses small and large communicate. No longer limited to in-person meetings and one-on-one phone calls, employees today can interface through voice and video calls, hold virtual video conferences, … - 01/29/2015

Voice4Net Talks WebRTC in the Contact Center
One of the more obvious places WebRTC has seen immediate benefit is in the Call Center and CRM space. This market is always ready for change and advancement if the opportunity to serve customers better and be more efficient while saving on costs is p… - 01/29/2015

Allahwala at ITEXPO: Carriers Are Leaving Money on the Table
Communications service providers are missing out on a marvelous opportunity to make recurring revenues from DID numbers, says Rehan Allahwala of DIDx and Super Technologies Inc. DID Exchange, a service of Super Technologies, is a VoIP-based wholesale… - 01/28/2015

A Chat with Acision: WebRTC Needs to Get Creative
WebRTC is a technology that has created a lot of buzz over the past few years, but there is still much left to theory and the imagination when it comes to practical implementation. Where will WebRTC find its true niche? When will consumer adoption ki… - 01/27/2015

WebRTC Use Cases Are a Huge Motivating Factor
Frozen Mountain's VP of Business Development Ted Venema spoke with TMC's Erik Linask during an interview at WebRTC V in San Jose a few months about developments in the market over the last few years, and his thoughts on where WebRTC is headed. - 01/27/2015

WebRTC is Much Like VoIP and Will Soon Have its Day
WebRTC is a new technology - but certainly not one that those in the tech space are unfamiliar with. Service providers, enterprises, call centers - are all looking to the innovation and promise of the Web-based real time communications capabilities t… - 01/27/2015

Kim Dotcom Soldiers On with 'NSA-Proof' Skype-Killer
Mega is growing! Controversial tech entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has released a Skype competitor dubbed MegaChat-a browser-based encrypted video calling and file-sharing app. - 01/23/2015

3CX Phone System 12.5 Boasts WebRTC Edge
3CX Phone System is already well known in the industry thanks to its sheer variety of features, contributing to an excellent overall use case. But despite the fact that the 3CX Phone System has already taken awards and accolades to spare, further imp… - 01/19/2015

Logitech Lifesize Broadens Presence with New Releases
Logitech Lifesize is one of the biggest names around when it comes to cloud-based video conferencing tools, and that's largely thanks to a terrific product line backed by great name recognition. But no terrific product line stays terrific forever wit… - 01/19/2015

Mozilla Updates Firefox Hello
Mozilla has launched version 35 of its popular Firefox Web browser-with a more intuitive version of the free WebRTC-based Firefox Hello video chat service. - 01/16/2015

Intel Enhances Focus on WebRTC
This week, Intel released the second version of the Intel Collaboration Suite for WebRTC (Intel CS for WebRTC). Intel CS for WebRTC, initially launched in June last year, offers software and service developers a kit with both server- and client-side … - 01/16/2015

Acision Kicks Off WebRTC App Development Contest
App challenges are kind of like the spelling bee of the modern age; these events bring together bright minds and the chance for recognition when it comes to pioneering the next era of communications and IT services. A contest known as "forgethon" is … - 01/09/2015

Avaya Agent for Chrome Introduced
Avaya recently introduced its Agent for Chrome (AFC), a call center agent that runs on Chromebook devices. It eliminates the need to install phones and gives employees the flexibility of working remotely or at an Avaya-configured site. - 12/16/2014

Microsoft, the Looming SmartVoice Powerhouse
Over the past year, Microsoft has been advancing its new vision of "mobile first/cloud first." Voice is emerging as a key player and may ultimately turn into a key profit generator for the company. Microsoft's growing portfolio and power in voice app… - 12/15/2014

Peer-to-Peer Architecture Could Save Streaming Video
Not a newsflash: the online video market is booming. And escalating demand from consumers for longer and higher-definition content is driving a mass migration of digital fare to content delivery networks (CDNs), to support a good end-user experience.… - 12/03/2014

'The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies' Gets a Promotion Boost from WebRTC & HTML5
I am all but certain that I am not alone in looking forward to Warner Bros.' release of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" coming to theaters in a little under a month. For those who just can't wait, or for those who need a little extra push… - 11/20/2014

Twilio Announces Expanded Services at WebRTC Conference & EXPO
Twilio, which enables phones, VoIP, and messaging to be embedded into Web desktop and mobile software, today at WebRTC Conference & EXPO announced the Twilio Network Traversal Service. With its new offering, Twilio is empowering developers by assisti… - 11/19/2014

With Quisbee, CafeX Brings WebRTC-based Customer Engagement to All Businesses
This morning at WebRTC Conference and Expo V in San Jose, CafeX continued to drive home its message that WebRTC technology can be a game changer in the customer experience world. Its Fusion Live Assist platform already enables video collaboration bet… - 11/19/2014

OS X Users Get New Video Conferencing Capability with TrueConf
Video conferencing has proven itself to be a powerful addition to the modern business landscape, and with good reason. This is a technology that's offered a variety of benefits to those companies who put it to work properly, and posed plenty of poten… - 11/19/2014

Does WebRTC Need More Upgrade Flexibility?
With Microsoft jumping into WebRTC by supporting H.264 and adding everything into Internet Explorer (IE), Skype, and whatever else looks good this week, WebRTC advocates need to have a rational, calm discussion on adding new codecs. The "VP8, Opus, o… - 11/19/2014

Microsoft Continues its Opera Browser Move - More WebRTC to Follow?
Norwegian-based Opera Software expects to add 100 million users, for use of its web browser in Microsoft handset hardware. What other deals could be taking place between Microsoft and Opera? - 11/18/2014

Vidyo Offers Announcement on VidyoWorks' WebRTC Support
Bringing support for Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) to product lines is becoming a rapidly-increasing priority for a lot of firms these days, and with good reason. After all, a technology that allows businesses to not only connect with o… - 11/18/2014

Plantronics Comes to WebRTC Conference & Expo V with Wearables in Tow
Plantronics has always meant big things in the field of wearable technology, but Plantronics is scarcely some one-trick pony that can't keep ahead of the game. Indeed, it's got plans to make a major appearance at WebRTC Conference & Expo V event whic… - 11/18/2014

Temasys Skylink Makes Adding WebRTC Easy
Web Real Time Communications, also known as WebRTC, is quickly taking over the communications landscape. The easy, live communications capabilities have changed the way information is delivered and received. - 11/14/2014

WebRTC: For Better Customer Care, More Meaningful Learning
We've been hearing all about the benefits provided by the latest breakthrough technology, WebRTC, and the innovations it has set forth to provide when it's adopted by so many more in the months to come. - 11/10/2014

VidyoWorks, VidyoConferencing Tools Bring WebRTC Support
It's becoming clearer, seemingly with each passing day, that Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) is the next big thing when it comes to communications. The idea that we can do with a Web browser what would have taken entire separate apps or j… - 11/06/2014

Report: WebRTC Services Will See Two Billion+ Users by 2019
According to a recent report released by the Industry analyst and consulting firm Disruptive Analysis, between 2 and 2.5 billion people are expected to become active users of WebRTC around the world in the next five years. - 10/31/2014

OnSIP Announces InstaPhone Salesforce App
Real-time communications service provider OnSIP recently announced the launch of its newest mobile app that takes advantage of the Salesforce customer relationship management platform. - 10/30/2014

Is Ericsson's Browser a True Competitor to Chrome?
Ericson recently announced the decision to relaunch its Web browser supporting WebRTC again. This provides additional Internet users access to WebRTC functionality. However, what does this mean for Chrome and WebRTC when considering the bigger pictur… - 10/29/2014

Voice4Net Launches WebRTC-based RTC Client
RTC Client provides a widget-based GUI and has drag-and-drop elements that can be used to populate the agent desktop as needed. And it can be easily integrated into legacy contact centers by dealers and integrators. - 10/29/2014

Unify This Month Delivers Cloud-based Workspace Solution
Unify, the company formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications, today took the wraps off a new SaaS-based workspace solution called Circuit that gives business users access to a range of collaboration and communications tools. - 10/28/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review: The Markets Gain Traction
This was another huge week for news in Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), and as such, a variety of new developments hit the floor. But this week was a little unusual in that much of the news was focused on the markets for WebRTC material, … - 10/25/2014

Untapped Market: WebRTC for Contact Center Agent Desktop Apps
The agent desktop application is the main tool of a contact center agent, where she or he manages availability, controls telephony and interacts with whatever application manages the end customer interaction. - 10/24/2014

CafeX Expands Channel as Demand for Mobile and Web Live Engagement Solutions Increases
Real-time engagement solutions play an important role in the direction of communications today. Not only are users looking to communicate faster and better, but they want to be able to do it instantly and via mobile or the Web. - 10/22/2014

WebRTC: Worth the Wait
WebRTC is working toward changing a very common problem, Web browsers compatibility to function with real-time communications. It supports browser to browser applications, without plug-ins. Soon, users will not have to continuously download different… - 10/20/2014

Disruptive Analysis Publishes WebRTC Industry Status & Forecasts Report, 2014 Edition
Disruptive Wireless, which is the personal blog of analyst Dean Bubley, has now published the WebRTC Industry Status & Forecasts Report, 2014 Edition. Bubley is a regular presenter and moderator at conferences, in custom workshops on a wide range of … - 10/17/2014

BroadSoft Adds WebRTC, Apple iBeacon Support
This week at its annual user's conference in Arizona, BroadSoft announced support for WebRTC through its BroadSoft Labs online incubator and as a "guest participant" feature in its UC-One unified communications application. It is supporting Apple's i… - 10/15/2014

Amaryllo Announces New Camera Line with WebRTC Functionality
These days, a lot of people are concerned about home security, and with good reason. The idea that our homes and businesses-and in increasing numbers, both at once thanks to the rise of the mobile workforce-could be broken into at any time is a sober… - 10/13/2014

A Mobile Phone in a Web Browser? Now Possible with Jibe Mobile
One of the absolutely greatest things about Web-based real time communications is that it's constantly generating new applications, including many that simply wouldn't be expected at all before actually arriving on the market stage. One such developm… - 10/13/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review: Coming to a Browser Near You
Web-based real time communications, typically shortened to WebRTC, are considered by several industry experts to be the next big thing in telecommunications. Not only do WebRTC protocols enable users to connect face-to-face for video chats, but the s… - 10/11/2014

Explaining WebRTC: Simple Things to Remember
Those who follow technology regularly have a lot to like when it comes to Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), and not without reason. WebRTC has an absolutely staggering number of potential uses to it, and that means plenty of exciting new p… - 10/09/2014

New Plugin Arrives to Bring Web Browsers into WebRTC
Given reports from Smith's Point Analytics that suggest the market for cloud-based RTC will be worth $4.8 billion by 2018, it's clear that there's a lot at stake when it comes to having a WebRTC presence. - 10/08/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review: The Future of Video Communication
Web-based Real Time Communication (WebRTC) protocols are increasingly being used around the world as the fastest and easiest way to connect video clients for a variety of purposes. WebRTC is such a convenient tool because instead of being based on a … - 10/04/2014

WebRTC vs. Ebola: It's Time to Bring Speed, Telemedicine & Distance Learning to the Fight
Rapidly creating remote learning on a mass scale will be a considerable challenge. WebRTC is likely to be duct tape for an initial solution, since school systems that aren't already plugged into education support systems like Blackboard, and will not… - 10/03/2014

A Gift for the WebRTC World: Ericsson Turns Bowser, OpenWebRTC Open Source
Sometimes there's a little something extra exciting in the world of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), and this was one of those events. Ericsson, who has been right on the front lines of WebRTC's growth almost since Google and Mozilla got … - 10/02/2014

Pizza Hut Puts WebRTC to Work, But Can the IoT Make it Even Greater?
It's getting easier and easier to order a pizza from Pizza Hut. Start with Pizza Hut's website operations, that allow for a pizza to be ordered from the nearest Pizza Hut to you-and the site can even tell where the nearest Pizza Hut is with the aid o… - 09/30/2014

WebRTC Week in Review: Still an Emerging Technology
It's the end of another week, and time to take a look at some of the top stories we've been following in the growing world of WebRTC. These stories show that WebRTC still has some growing pains as an emerging technology. - 09/27/2014

ConnectWise Launches ChatAssist
ConnectWise announced that it has made available its new ChatAssist chat and remote control product. - 09/26/2014

Ray Ozzie Intros App to Unleash the Power of Voice, Better Collaboration
Famed software developer Ray Ozzie this week introduced a new WebRTC-based smartphone app called Talko aimed at making business communications easier and more collaborative. - 09/25/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Blackboard Buys Requestec
The writing is on the wall: WebRTC is the future of communications. In the latest move indicating this new direction, education software company Blackboard today announced the acquisition of WebRTC company Requestec for an undisclosed fee. - 09/25/2014

FRAFOS Releases ABC WebRTC Gateway, Supporting Better WebRTC Integration
Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) has made its presence known for more than a few businesses so far. A host of possible uses for the technology, ranging from easy access to video conferencing to a new connection method to add to websites an… - 09/24/2014

Truphone Makes it Easier to Call Globally
This year, Truphone has introduced Truphone World, which offers 66 countries in a bundle. With the bundle, callers find they will get excellent call quality and fast downloads. The bundle includes minutes, texts and data. Users can talk, text and dow… - 09/22/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review: The New Abounds
This week in Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), it was all about the new. Not only did we have several new platforms and products emerge, but we also had new information about a major event in WebRTC to follow. So with all this new going on… - 09/20/2014

How Blue Ocean Strategy Can Make Communications Firms More Profitable
Yes, we know many of today's communications offerings including WebRTC and other real-time communications solutions can be easy. We know it can be embedded in all sorts of devices and services and web sites. But what does this really deliver for the … - 09/19/2014

Want a Better Customer Experience? Presence Suite 10.0 is Ready to Help
Getting the contact center running at its fullest capacity can be a difficult experience to say the least. With customers expecting more not only from the calls placed to the contact center but also expecting to make that contact in different ways an… - 09/18/2014

BigMarker Offers Big New Advances in Web Conferencing
Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) has held the attention of many users with its arrival for some time now, and not without reason. After all, this is a service that's promised to change the way we do business on several fronts, from custome… - 09/17/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review: Mobility Leads The Way
While there's seldom a week in which nothing's going on for Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) as a field, some weeks are bigger than others. Some weeks have something of a focus as well, and this week had something a focus on mobile, from F… - 09/13/2014

Have You Been Misled by Plug and Play?
The concept of plug and play has long led many a user to assume they can easily transfer from one software application to another. The assumption for the next app to manage all calendars, sync all applications and integrate smoothly with all processe… - 09/12/2014

Voice4net Talks WebRTC at ITEXPO Las Vegas
The media is buzzing around WebRTC being the next wave for telephony communications. Browsing through tech journals would lead one to believe that sure, WebRTC is the new standard paving the way for video and audio communications, and to a degree, it… - 09/12/2014

Speek Took the Conference Call Market, Turns Attention to Online Meetings
Speek, over the course of the last year or so, has already done some impressive things in terms of the conference calling market on the strength of a combination of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) and sheer simplicity that's been hard for… - 09/12/2014

Acision Helps Enterprises Embrace New Business Realities with the Mobile Gameplan
The world is going mobile, but just what that means for businesses and how they can best respond in ways to forward their strategies are complex questions that many organizations could use some assistance in answering. That's why Acision, a leading m… - 09/10/2014

Firefox 33 Beta Lands with Array of New Features
The arrival of a new version of Firefox often brings with it new features and new design choices. While not all of these are well-received, at least at first-I personally didn't much care for having my button choices reduced to just four off to the u… - 09/09/2014

Popular Web Browser Beta Receives Native WebRTC Calling Feature
One of the world's most popular Web browsers recently received a host of updates that include interoperability with external media players and a new feature that supports live chat with WebRTC. - 09/08/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review: Going Back to School with WebRTC
It was a huge week in the field of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), and the big theme this week-despite it being a shorter week than normal-was all about back to school. While some schools have been open for weeks, and others just started… - 09/06/2014

CafeX Looks to the Future with Innovative Solutions
CafeX, a provider of real-time engagement solutions for mobile and Web platforms, is looking toward the future. In a recent interview, Sajeel Hussain, vice president of marketing and partner development at the company, identified some promising new a… - 09/05/2014

Online Tech Learning Startup Receives $135 Million in Series B Funding
Online learning courses have begun to take full flight. There are a number of offerings on the market that range from instructional videos from amateurs to professionally-made courses that offer certifications-some for a price and some for free. One … - 09/02/2014

Growing Translation Software Now Works with WebRTC
A growing voice translation software company announced today that its flagship software will now support WebRTC in addition to its already-expansive reach into teleconferencing packages and dozens of languages. - 08/28/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
The rapid growth of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) has brought with it plenty of opportunities and challenges. The old ways of staying in touch are starting to fall by the wayside as this new communications method allows for fast and sim… - 08/23/2014

RHUB Communications Introduces TurboMeeting 5.1
RHUB also offers paid integrated audio conferencing, with the ability to use either toll numbers or toll-free numbers in 28 countries. - 08/22/2014

New Partnership Helps CounterPath Bring More UC Options to Operators, Challenging WebRTC
The WebRTC industry is not going away any time soon, however, even if CounterPath has comparable solutions. There are expected to be 4.7 billion mobile WebRTC enabled clients by 2018, according to recent ABI Research predictions. This is in addition … - 08/22/2014

BigMarker Making Mark with WebRTC Platform
Video conferencing has now become an important part of today's mobile workforce. As more organizations integrate mobile technology with BYOD initiatives, the instant collaborative solution video conferencing provides is introducing new levels of effi… - 08/22/2014

Pointer Events off The Table for Google, for Now
Normally, when dealing with Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), there's a lot to talk about in terms of development. New tools or services rapidly come out and pose the potential for major changes in the way we operate. But sometimes there's… - 08/21/2014

Have Google and Microsoft Come Together on Browser-Based Video Chat?
One of the biggest issues in the rise of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) is the ongoing issues among the major browsers. While Google and Mozilla have embraced WebRTC, followed quickly by Opera, Microsoft and Apple-makers of the Internet … - 08/21/2014

Has Rabbit Just Made Video Chat A Whole Lot Simpler?
It's easily one of the biggest applications when it comes to Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), and for most, it's one of the only reasons to even take an interest in the first place. More specifically, it's real-time video chatting, and it… - 08/21/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
This was a particularly banner week for Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), as this week was also the start, and conclusion of ITEXPO at the Rio in Las Vegas. With that show comes a lot of new opportunities, and plenty of news to discuss. No… - 08/16/2014

What's The Big Deal With WebRTC? Speaker Offers Six-Pronged Primer on the Technology
If you've been hearing a lot about WebRTC recently, you are certainly not alone. The technology, a free, open project that enables Web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities through JavaScript APIs-is being talked about breathlessl… - 08/14/2014

Six Key Benefits of WebRTC That You Need to Know
Disruptive technologies are changing the face of real-time communications, especially including Web real-time communications, or WebRTC. Today's ITEXPO panel, "The Economics of WebRTC," presented by Doug Green, editor and publisher of "Telecom Resell… - 08/13/2014

Speak the Same Language with WebRTC
Imagine streaming a conference or meeting internationally, with participants from multiple countries speaking multiple languages and being able to understand each member in real-time in your native language. Today, this is made possible by the team a… - 08/13/2014

TokBox Runs Demonstrations of OpenTok Voice & Video Platform
The growth of Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) is in turn driving some major new opportunities in the field, both for those who would put such tools to work in current operations and for those who would offer up the tools for use in the fi… - 08/13/2014

Myers Sees WebRTC as Future for TeleSpeak
Chance Myers, co-founder and CMO of TeleSpeak, didn't know much about WebRTC 18 months ago. Now, he sees the free technology that enables web browsers with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities via JavaScript APIs as the future for his company. - 08/13/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
Development continues apace around the concept known as Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), and with good reason. This technology has shown itself to be a cost saver, a revenue driver, and a technology that as a whole is only just getting st… - 08/09/2014

TeleSpeak's Chance Myers Talks UC Trends with TMC
ITEXPO is just over the horizon, and with it, the chance for thousands of IT professionals, industry leaders, and those with a general fascination toward the market to come together and share in-depth insights and rising trends, as well as launch exc… - 08/07/2014

CafeX Brings Forward-thinking WebRTC to ITEXPO
August 11 is less than a week away, and with it, the beginning of the world famous ITEXPO. Being held at The Rio in Las Vegas, Nev., this pinnacle event offers an IT playground in which industry experts take center stage, sharing avant-garde insights… - 08/06/2014

Comverse Acquires Solaiemes, Strengthens its Service Portfolio
Business telecommunications provider Comverse announced earlier this week that it has acquired Solaiemes, a Spain-based company that helps monetize telecom service providers' digital services. - 08/06/2014

LiveOps Helps Contact Center Services Provider Go '100 Percent Software'
In the earliest days of hosted technologies, few people probably envisioned a future when an entire business could be run on software. It would have been particularly difficult to envision a contact center run entirely on software. Cloud contact cent… - 08/05/2014

Videotion Demonstrates How Conversation Can Take Place with Many Options
Conversations are being raised to a new level with Videotion. Videotion is a real-time communication (RTC) and multimedia solution. It provides a virtual meeting room employing RTC and multimedia content over the Internet. - 08/04/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
For those looking for news about Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), there was plenty of that to be had. Enough, really, to make getting a handle on just how that news applies to current operations difficult to say the least. But with the co… - 08/02/2014

Frozen Mountain's IceLink Brings WebRTC Support
There's no denying that the field of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) is one that's on a rapidly growing scale, showing up in more fields and in more platforms than some might have expected. IceLink from Frozen Mountain, meanwhile, is maki… - 08/01/2014

Priologic, Pioneer in WebRTC, Offers New Products
Based in Victoria, British Columbia, Priologic Software has deployed enterprise software teams since 2003. Teams develop custom applications, enterprise collaboration portlets, platforms and mobile applications. - 08/01/2014

Illinois Institute of Technology Creates Closed Captioning Application Using WebRTC
The Illinois Institute of Technology has been busy building on the WebRTC API to create a unique and extremely beneficial solution. The school has created the BaBL project, a real-time closed-captioning application for WebRTC. The multi-user video co… - 08/01/2014

Vidyo Teleconferencing Includes WebRTC Option
Teleconferencing is an economical, efficient and technologically impressive way to have a business meeting. There are some new approaches that make this option even more impressive. - 08/01/2014

Daitan Group Demos Its WebRTC Building Solutions at WebRTC Event
WebRTC is taking communications beyond VoIP and video conferencing, giving businesses more options to offer customers as a means of reaching out. - 07/31/2014

WebRTC Brings Work and Social Interaction Into One Powerful, Collaborative Tool
Internet-fueled network computing has wrought such profound effects on business communications during the last decade. Remote workers and geographically dispersed workforces no longer have to interact by email or telephone alone. - 07/31/2014

Imagination WebRTC SDK Offers a Complete Media Engine with High Levels of QoS
One of the main topics of conversation at the recent WebRTC Conference & Expo in Atlanta was just how simple or difficult is it to actually implement WebRTC into an existing infrastructure? When it comes to mobile devices, Imagination Technologies ha… - 07/31/2014

WebRTC Veteran Dialogic Demos for WebRTC World
One of the great things about how far we've come in the digital age is how technologies have afforded us the ability to connect in ways that go far beyond email and phone calls. As companies have embraced social media as a means of communications, ma… - 07/31/2014

WebRTC is a Winning Proposition with Avaya Aura Communication Manager
It goes without saying that WebRTC provides massive benefits for customer interactions, both to businesses and their customers. Its importance as a contact center technology is also undisputed considering it's a lightweight technology that may be eas… - 07/31/2014

Temasys Extends Value of WebRTC Development
The ability to communicate in real-time was a key desire behind the implementation of the traditional telephone service. Individuals didn't want to wait days for a message to reach the intended and as commerce crossed state lines, the need to effecti… - 07/31/2014

ITEXPO Will Offer Pathways to the Next Generation of Communications and Collaboration
In advance of the conference, TMCnet took some time to speak with Phil Edholm, President and Principal of computing, networking, and communications consultant firm PKE Consulting. - 07/31/2014

Banking Through Video Collaboration?
Requestec is one company focused on enabling collaboration through video and supporting WebRTC. The company recently entered into a partnership with Akbank, a top retail bank with more than eight million account holders. Akbank sought to offer its Mo… - 07/30/2014

Twilio Brings Virtualized Communications to WebRTC
Have you ever tried to virtualize communications? We are on a constant hunt for more efficient ways to do things in the business environment, but if new methods present too many challenges to our processes, we tend to run the other way. The developme… - 07/29/2014

Fear and Loathing with WebRTC (Not)
Everyone needs to exhale and put WebRTC into the proper perspective, rather than foaming at the mouth with excessive, dire warnings. - 07/28/2014

Weemo Tries to Take the Pain Out of WebRTC
One of the basic tenets of business taught in schools around the world is the need to focus on core product. While businesses might need to field their own accounting departments or run their own PBX phone systems, in an ideal world they should not n… - 07/24/2014

WebRTC's Flexibility Could Help Upend the Mobile Industry
One company that's keeping its finger on the developments of WebRTC is Truphone, which made sure it had a presence at the recent WebRTC Atlanta 2014 conference. Its business model is based on establishing a different kind of mobile network, and WebRT… - 07/24/2014

Telecom Fraud Prevention Can't Be Phoned in
As the world moves from analogue calls to VoIP and WebRTC, it is going to become increasingly important to fend off digital thieves looking to exploit the new nature of calling. - 07/24/2014

Frozen Mountain Allows Clients to Put WebRTC 'Everywhere'
WebRTC, the standard that allows for easy browser-to-browser voice and video communications, is opening opportunities, both in the business world and in enterprise and personal communications. Smart communications companies are building the standard … - 07/24/2014

Broadsoft Makes WebRTC Easy for Clients 'Who Have Never Touched WebRTC'
WebRTC, the standard that allows for easy browser-to-browser voice and video communications, is taking the customer support industry by storm. At the recent WebRTC event held in Atlanta, Broadsoft Labs presented a demonstration to attendees meant to … - 07/23/2014

Does Software Work in the Hands of Those That Work?
Software is great - when it works. Time and again, professionals at the forefront of innovation in their industries are faced with the challenges associated with frustrating software solutions that are designed to make their jobs easier, but fall ver… - 07/23/2014

Acision Demonstrates How Adding WebRTC-Enabled Video Enhances the Customer Experience
When the idea of video interaction with customers in the call center first hit the trade press, many were doubtful. Why would customers and agents want to look at each other? With the wild success of Amazon's instant customer video help application, … - 07/23/2014

How 151 Advisors Helps Companies Navigate the Waters in WebRTC
Companies that want to quickly bring a product to market have a lot of hoops to jump through to accomplish the goal. The organizations not only need to establish a fictitious name and secure a tax ID number, they also need to determine their place in… - 07/22/2014

Is WebRTC the Death of the Traditional Call Center?
So why is this the death of the traditional call center? It's not that call centers will not exist in the future, to the contrary, customer support will never disappear. But the way that customers are served and supported will change, driving an inhe… - 07/22/2014

Consumers, Business Customers Say 'Wow' Over Wow!
With new initiatives taking place, such as WebRTC, Wow! provides such products and services as voice, data and cloud services in the Midwest and Southeast. - 07/21/2014

Voxbone WebRTC Option Now in Beta Version
Voxbone is providing a form of WebRTC for its clients. - 07/18/2014

Verint Customers Find Out What Their Customers are Saying on the Web
WebRTC is an open-source project that provides browsers with real-time communications (RTC) through Javascript API. RTC is likely to have a major impact on communications, as it increases to a $4.5-billion opportunity by 2018. - 07/18/2014

IMTC Merger with UCIF Puts Focus on Unified Communications and WebRTC
The recent merger of International Multimedia Telecommunications Consortium (IMTC) with the Unified Communications Interoperability Forum (UCIF) has far-reaching implications for the world of enterprise communications. - 07/17/2014

zBoost Eliminates the Dropped Call, Gives Data a Boost
zBoost picks up where the calls are dropped with its cellular signal booster products by increasing in-vehicle signals. According to the company's website, zBoost can work for indoor cell phone use by capturing and enhancing outside signal, then brin… - 07/15/2014

FotoIN Takes Field Photo Documentation to the Cloud
For businesses in the industries of construction, real estate, and insurance, documentation sharing is a crucial aspect of day-to-day functions. What email attachments once made easy, the power of WebRTC has made even easier. - 07/15/2014

Proper Implementation of WebRTC Requires a Holistic View of the Network
The appeal of adding WebRTC to an organization's online communications options is undeniable. It's a relatively straightforward and easy application that can quickly enhance a website and go a long way toward giving customers accessibility to your co… - 07/14/2014

Oracle Emphasizes Transcoding, Security and Reliability at WebRTC Conference & Expo
At the recent WebRTC Conference & Expo event held June 17-19, 2014, at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Carl Ford of Crossfire Media took a few moments to speak with Doug Tait, director of product marketing at Oracle. - 07/14/2014

CafeX Makes WebRTC A Reality in Just Two Lines of Code
As the name suggests, WebRTC was the big topic amongst attendees at this year's WebRTC World Conference and Expo. Being at the hub of everything, WebRTC showcased some of the biggest players in the space, all of whom shared their expertise, knowledge… - 07/14/2014

Avaya Adds Another Rich Dimension to Customer Support with WebRTC
The WebRTC standard has been embraced by companies of all sizes, from small startups to the largest of telecommunications and networking companies. Large players have been quick to recognize the benefits of WebRTC, a standard that allows for easy bro… - 07/11/2014

WebRTC Conference Organizers Name Joe Burton WebRTC Pioneer
Plantronics CTO Joe Burton has been recognized as a WebRTC pioneer by the WebRTC Conference and Expo organizers. - 07/10/2014

Flashphoner Connects WebRTC with IP Cameras
Before WebRTC technology came into being, many businesses conducted their audio and video communications through third-party telecoms that allowed the transmission of high-definition streams. Now, businesses are taking matters into their own hands by… - 07/09/2014

What are WebRTC Phones?
WebRTC phones have opened up new opportunities for developers to create web-based applications that offer audio and video communications in real-time. - 07/09/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC technologies are growing to expand upon newer and more advanced applications of the original concept to preform new functions. In its inception, WebRTC was thought to replace Skype and similar programs since it uses browser-based video technol… - 07/05/2014

IceWarp Gets Best All Around WebRTC Technology Award at WebRTC Conference & Expo IV
Many see the future of communication being powered by WebRTC, an open source platform that allows anyone to use audio, video and text in the browser without a plugin or any other propriety software. All you need is a WebRTC enabled browser and the sm… - 06/30/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
These days, it seems like everyone is talking about WebRTC protocols. WebRTC is an innovative format for connecting two users on almost any device to a hassle-free, browser-based videoconferencing client. Because WebRTC functions within the browser a… - 06/28/2014

Acision launches WebRTC SDK
Mobile engagement services company Acision announced the launch of its WebRTC SDK last week at WebRTC Conference and Expo IV. The SDK is available now on its forge API platform. - 06/24/2014

Google, LiveOps & Twilio Combine for Software-Only Contact Center Package
LiveOps and Twilio have been pioneers in bringing the benefits of WebRTC to the contact center. Now, the companies are taking their efforts to a new level by bringing Google into the mix and taking hard phones out of the equation. - 06/24/2014

Is WebRTC the Mobile Provider's New Best Weapon Against OTT?
The changes inherent in the telecommunications markets have generated some seemingly basic truths about overall operations. We've seen this previously with cable operators and fixed telecom firms, and we're starting to see it again with mobile carrie… - 06/23/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC technology is rapidly becoming one of the most important tools for business communication. Not only is it a simple method for implementing video conferencing, but the fact that WebRTC is browser-based means that it is compatible with practical… - 06/21/2014

AnyMeeting Opens WebRTC-enabled Conferencing Platform to Partners with New API
AnyMeeting has opened up its WebRTC-enabled conferencing platform with a new partner API. The API lets service providers and other partners integrate the platform or its components into their own offerings, providing an opportunity to quickly add Web… - 06/19/2014

New Service Pack for 3CX Phone System is More Than a Simple Update
The 3CX Phone System was developed by 3CX and first published as a free IP PBX product in 2006. The product was intended to provide a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution for use in a Microsoft Windows environment. It is a software based priv… - 06/19/2014

Daitan Group: Bringing Value Back to the Outsourcing Model
When the founders of Daitan Group came together-a group with more than 30 years of telecom history, including ample time at Lucent, IBM and HP-they set out to solve a very real problem with the current outsourcing model: the negative connotation surr… - 06/18/2014

Verint: Celebrating 20 Years in the Customer Engagement Space
When it comes to workforce optimization, actionable intelligence and customer engagement optimization, Verint-a company celebrating its 20th anniversary-knows a thing or two about innovation. In fact, the pre-recorded message of "This call might be r… - 06/18/2014

WebRTC Conference & Expo: Google Keynoter Argues 'WebRTC is Now Running'
When Google's Product Manager Serge Lachapelle took center stage to kick off the second day of the WebRTC Conference & Expo, taking place from June 17-19 in Atlanta, Georgia, all eyes were on the thought leader to understand what it took to make WebR… - 06/18/2014

WebRTC: 'Now it's About Implementation' Argues TokBox
While enterprises of all sizes and across all verticals look to integrate live video into their products, TokBox is focused on one central goal: making that process-such as developing an app for one-to-one calls or for complex large-scale broadcasts-… - 06/17/2014

FiberLight: A 20-Year-Plus Heritage of Innovation
A company founded in 1993, FiberLight knows a thing or two about evolution and transformation. What started as the American Communications Services, Inc. (ACSI), one of the fastest growing providers of voice, data and Internet services in the United … - 06/17/2014

Frozen Mountain Software: Bringing Simplicity and Support to the Developer Market
For Frozen Mountain Software, the company didn't set out to become the industry leader in creating powerful commercial software libraries for real-time applications. Rather, its founders were focused on building real-time communications applications … - 06/17/2014

Acision Launches New WebRTC SDK at WebRTC IV Conference & Expo
The WebRTC IV Conference & Expo is in full swing, down at the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Georgia, and will continue to do so until June 19. With the arrival of the conference comes plenty of new developments in terms of Web-based real time communicati… - 06/17/2014

SIP Trunking and VoIP are Here: Ready to Abandon Legacy Technologies?
AOT Telecom has a message for the call centers and enterprises out there that are still wary about making the big jump to SIP trunking and VoIP services: these technologies are here to stay. - 06/17/2014

151 Advisors: Perfecting the Art of Technology Consulting Services
Simply put, when an international company looks to expand its roots to North America, it needs help with everything from creating the tax ID number to establish a U.S. presence to setting up an address or phone number to identifying what will make it… - 06/17/2014

WebRTC Expo IV Kicks off with Rookie Developers Introduced to WebRTC Basics
This morning, the fourth edition of WebRTC Conference & Expo kicked off in Atlanta with three extended sessions - A Business Intro to WebRTC, Deploying WebRTC Successfully, and WebRTC Tutorial - headlining the two developer tracks and business track … - 06/17/2014

Eliminating Barriers to WebRTC Adoption
The WebRTC conversation, starting as a niche discussion within a few tight-knit circles, has blossomed to a broader conversation that includes both new startups and many traditional telecom vendors. - 06/17/2014

Eagle Creek Software Services: Bringing Subject Matter Expertise, Balance to Large Enterprises
At some point in time your IT team or C-suite faces two pressing questions: Which front office systems are you going to use to drive customer intimacy, and how are you going to sustain those technologies? - 06/17/2014

BrowseTel Readies for WebRTC IV Conference & Expo
This week is a big one for those who follow the Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) industry, as the WebRTC IV Conference & Expo makes its way to the Cobb Galleria in Atlanta, Ga. Set to run June 17 to June 19, the show will feature a host of… - 06/16/2014

FotoIN Talks the Power of 'Snap, Tag and Annotate'
For FotoIN, the leading provider of a mobile and cloud-based solution for photo documentation and reporting, its story started with two teens, aged 16. During his junior year of high school, FotoIN Founder and CEO Silvije "Sly" Barisic left his homet… - 06/16/2014

WebRTC Reaches Critical Mass with Engagements
Many companies today are searching for ways to make life easier for their customers, and they're finding them, thanks to combinations of processes and new technologies. When it comes to customers, what they want is to be able to contact a company eas… - 06/16/2014

Key Essentials Needed for WebRTC Takeover
WebRTC IV Conference & Expo starts tomorrow and I can't wait to hear all the industry knowledge and points of view from keynote speakers and others regarding WEBRTC and the future. There have been several announcements in the past few weeks and my gu… - 06/16/2014

Imagination Technologies to Demonstrate HelloSoft Engine at WebRTC Conference & Expo IV
With the WebRTC Conference & Expo IV now just a matter of days away, the numbers and types of participants-not to mention what will be on hand at the show-is starting to solidify. One of the latest points of note will be the arrival of Imagination Te… - 06/10/2014

IceWarp to Bring IceWarp Mail for Cisco to WebRTC Conference & Expo IV
One of the biggest new things in technology these days is the growth of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). A steadily growing array of new platforms and services built around this innovative new technology is in turn driving plenty of inter… - 06/09/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
This week the biggest WebRTC news arguably came from Apple during its Worldwide Developer Conference. The company announced integration between its Macs and mobile devices, making it possible to place calls from a laptop or desktop through a connecti… - 06/06/2014

Microsoft is Sacrificing Internet Explorer
They won the browser war as we all know and didn't face any real competition until December 2008 when Google released Chrome. As they understood, the browser could eventually become the OS thanks to the cloud and thin-client technology. Amazingly, ov… - 06/06/2014

3CX WebMeeting to Get a Boost From e-works in New Deal
Remember those old Remington ads, featuring Victor Kiam saying that he liked Remington's shaver so much that he bought the company? That seems to be just what happened here, as 3CX recently acquired e-works for an unknown sum. 3CX had previously been… - 06/04/2014

WebRTC vs. Apple and Microsoft
As the clock ticks on to multiple WebRTC events this week, I have to wonder if Apple or Microsoft will take a big leap and fully embrace the technology. - 06/04/2014

2015 Might Be Too Late for Microsoft and Apple to Adopt WebRTC
Disruptive technologies inherently alter norms and provide easier and better solutions to the people. These technologies are always revolutionary in nature they either take some strong companies (which see it as an over-hype) unawares and displace th… - 06/03/2014

Mozilla Firefox Introducing In-Browser VoIP and WebRTC Calling
A partnership between WebRTC innovator TokBox and Mozilla is already bearing the fruits of their labor, as Mozilla has made a big announcement concerning how its browser will take advantage of WebRTC protocols. - 06/03/2014

Apple Brings In-browser, Native Calling to Macs, Safari
Monday, June 2,kicked off WWDC, Apple's developer conference where it announced iOS 8, Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite, its new Swift programming language and more. One announcement in particular probably caught the eye of anyone familiar with WebRTC - Apple… - 06/03/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
Each week the conversation seems to shift on the status of WebRTC - sometimes everyone agrees that it's a game changer, and some weeks it's just another technology trying to survive in the evolving Web, with ongoing codec battles and debates. One thi… - 05/31/2014

WebRTC Driving Remote Workforces, Real-time Communications and Visual Collaboration
Smart mobile devices and wireless broadband have introduced many new solutions that allow people and businesses to be more efficient and productive. This includes collaborative tools that previously were only available on laptops, desktops or proprie… - 05/29/2014

Communicating Online, In Context
The benefits of WebRTC go beyond a more improved browsing experience. It provides the base for in-context communications, which in turn has the potential to revolutionize how we communicate with each other. - 05/29/2014

WebRTC: Breathing New Life into Legacy Solutions
Many developers have looked at WebRTC as a simple video collaboration tool or a peer-to-peer function. After all, that's how companies like Google originally designed it. But frankly, there are thousands of collaboration tools out there. Collaboratio… - 05/28/2014

Videxio Upgrades Service for Microsoft Lync Users
Microsoft Lync customers who use Videxio will have more productivity features thanks to recent updates. Regardless of location, device or platform, Lync users will be able to collaborate in a more flexible environment. The long-term effect of Videxio… - 05/27/2014

WebRTC: The Vehicle for the Future of Affordable Communication
Currently there are many applications that offer free communication solutions, such as Viber, WhatsApp and others. While some have created their own codecs, others rely on readily available platforms with free media engines. This not only saves the c… - 05/27/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC is bringing real time communications to applications, website and devices, and the industry continues to grow each week. Here are the top WebRTC stories this week. - 05/24/2014

Mozilla to Allow DRM in Firefox
One of the pledges of the Mozilla Foundation is to build and enable open-source technologies and communities. Those are great ideals if everything everyone created was open source, but copyright laws and free enterprise make that impossible. While Mo… - 05/22/2014

Cisco Intros New Desktops, Cloud Service for Video Conferencing
Video conferencing has gained a lot of momentum during the last few years due to the many benefits that come with it, especially with enterprise communications. Using video in enterprises boost employee productivity and cut down costs. In fact, a sur… - 05/22/2014

OpenClove Introduces FreeMAD Service for Embedding Real-time Video, Voice and Data Communications in Apps
Whether you're shopping online, taking an online class or just getting in touch with friends and family, real time video, voice and chat communication are becoming integrated into our virtual lives. OpenClove, a provider of cloud-based communications… - 05/22/2014

Blue Jeans Increases Video Conferencing Capacity
Video conferencing platform provider Blue Jeans Network recently increased the capacity of its platform from 25 to 100 people in a meeting at one time. The company is responding to the growing use of enterprise-grade broadband conferencing services. - 05/21/2014

Avizia Releases Clinical Assistant 300 as New Telemedicine Solution
Telemedicine is rapidly gaining ground as a popular service for doctors to interact with their patients over a video client, largely due to the fact that it increases comfort for both parties while simultaneously reducing traveling time and expenses.… - 05/21/2014

Google Hangouts Plugin Allows Direct Access from Outlook
A new plugin from Google will allow users to conduct Google Hangouts video conferencing sessions directly from Microsoft Outlook. Calls can be made between users or by clicking a link to access a previously scheduled meeting. - 05/21/2014

InTouch Health Announces FDA-Approved Remote Stethoscope App
InTouch Health has announced the first iPad app cleared by the Food and Drug Administration that allows doctors to hear their patients' heartbeats remotely because of WebRTC. - 05/21/2014

Dialogic's PowerMedia XMS Enables Real-time Conferencing for CreaLog Contact Center Agents
If you're looking for information on WebRTC companies, Dialogic is definitely one to keep your eye on. Not only does the company conduct an annual survey to gauge the growing WebRTC ecosystem and players, but it also works with companies like Tropo t… - 05/21/2014

my Global Conference Launches WebRTC-based WebDialer
To make the most of the benefits of conferencing, companies are coming up with innovative conferencing tools. One such company is my Global Conference, a specialist in audio conferencing, which launched its new conferencing WebDialer tool. A unique f… - 05/21/2014

Bringing Recording Studios Online with WebRTC
The Internet enables real world experiences to go virtual. Want to go shopping? You can do that online. Want to communicate with your friends, colleagues and family face-to-face? There's a WebRTC solution for that. Whether you're interested in dating… - 05/21/2014

Zingaya Brings Network Quality Monitoring to Users with Widget Update
Many times people choose to communicate with a phone instead of the Internet not because they don't have the option online, but because quality isn't always guaranteed. Many factors, such as location, network connection and different devices and endp… - 05/21/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC and the growth of real time communications applications and services are fueling more companies, developers and products joining the market. Here are the top WebRTC stories this week. - 05/17/2014

1Stream Brings WebRTC to Contact Centers in South Africa
The contact center has certainly seen its fair share of evolution, transformation and change thanks to technology. As customers and end users start to get more comfortable on multiple platforms, companies and call centers need to adjust and adapt mul… - 05/16/2014

Details Emerge On Comcast's WebRTC-driven X1 Platform
It wasn't too long ago that Comcast's principal architect from the office of the CTO Chris Wendt first dropped word about how Comcast's new X1 platform would bring with it some Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) capability when it became wid… - 05/16/2014

Q&A with OnSIP CTO John Riordan on WebRTC
As technologies like WebRTC and HTML5 continue to grow and adapt to the changing Internet landscape, it's evident how important real time communications will be in the future of the Web. Websites are no longer restricted to static webpages, and are b… - 05/16/2014

Interoute One Bridge Unifies Video, Voice Conferencing from Any Device with WebRTC
European businesses of all sizes will be able to take advantage of Interoute's newest communication platform. Interoute is already the owner and operator of Europe's largest cloud services platform, and the company has decided to put that network to … - 05/16/2014

The Global View on WebRTC
I have been following the WebRTC community for a while now and several articles and white papers have directly or indirectly proved the future prospects of WebRTC worldwide. It seems so strange that the volume of content barely mentions Africa or any… - 05/16/2014

Weemo Offers Video Conferencing for Zimbra
Weemo, a provider of video conferencing services, is offering video conferencing as a "Zimlet" for Zimbra. - 05/15/2014

Speaking Exchange Project Embraces the Power of Video Communications
Not all students have the chance to study abroad, travel or experience and interact with cultures directly. At the same time, not all retired seniors have the companionship they really need. So, what do you do with a group of Brazilian students looki… - 05/12/2014

Codecs Must Get Along for VoIP Development, PSTN Retirement
There is very nearly a revolution in the works, but existing codecs are not exactly supporting the coup. High-definition, VoIP-driven voice service is certainly upon the business community. It offers the highest quality audio transmission technology … - 05/12/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC had a big week! The growing real time communications technology is consistently seeing more integration into company products, acquisitions in the space and predictions for disrupting communications. Here are the top WebRTC stories of the week… - 05/10/2014

Technologies for the Evolving Workspace
Workspaces around the world are changing drastically. The established idea of a desk with a computer and phone are fast vanishing, and is being replaced with a more flexible environment. In this new environment, employees are more connected than befo… - 05/09/2014

WebRTC Integration Extends AudioCodes' Market Reach
WebRTC is changing the way we communicate online. The next-generation HTML5 technology enables peer-to-peer real-time communication in the browser, allowing users to easily video chat, audio call, instant message, send files, share screens and more. … - 05/08/2014

Japanese Startup Glue Offers Free, Secure Video Conferencing Service
Preference for WebRTC or Skype is a personal choice; both offer instant messaging and voice chat between pairs of users, as well as conference calling, although there are different ways to achieve those in both. It may now appear as simply a battle b… - 05/08/2014

Voxbone Adds WebRTC Support on Global VoIP Backbone
Technology is all about the old meeting the new, and many times the new replacing the old. In the world of online communications, this refers to the PSTN and VoIP, and VoIP and WebRTC. Voxbone, a telecommunication service provider in 52 countries, ha… - 05/08/2014

Driving Innovation: Q&A with Alex Eleftheriadis on Vidyo's Patent Strategy
Vidyo is a provider of software-based video communications solutions for any device, anywhere. Last week, Vidyo crossed the 50-patent mark with its 56th patent, setting the tone for the company's role in "driving industry-changing innovation." Curiou… - 05/07/2014

Is Big Brother Listening in on You?
Whatever your personal opinions about the morality of Edward Snowden's actions, his whistleblowing has monumentally shifted what the public knows about government surveillance in and by the United States. Parsing through the windfall of information i… - 05/07/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Snapchat Acquires WebRTC Company AddLive
For millions of Snapchat users, something changed last week, and over the weekend with the photo sharing application. The design and layout were updated, but there is also a new function that most social networking applications turn to as the missing… - 05/07/2014

Comings & Goings: Paul Yantus Joins Weemo as VP of Marketing
Weemo, a provider of real-time voice and video communication and collaboration solutions, sets out to enable video collaboration for everyone, on every platform, on every device. It's one of the forerunners in WebRTC, the HTML5 technology making peer… - 05/06/2014

OnSIP Releases WebRTC Platform
Last week, real-time communications business OnSIP announced the release of its OnSIP Network, a platform ready to handle the WebRTC demands of businesses. It now offers the platform as a service (PaaS) solution for companies who wish to manage their… - 05/05/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
The way we are communicating is constantly changing, and so is the WebRTC landscape. Here are the top stories in the WebRTC community this week. - 05/03/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Ooploo.com Joins Hatchbrands Ventures Portfolio, a Subsidiary of iBrands
iBrands Corporation makes investments in the initial stages of a company when it recognizes the valuable market niche that a new product might serve, helping to catapult that product into the spotlight. One of itssubsidiaries that helps scout and pay… - 05/02/2014

The Firefox Facelift
Mozilla's gone big with this release in a bid to remind people why we loved it in the first place. Remember that when Firefox debuted it was heralded for its options, stability and developer-friendly interface, but it's done little to continue innova… - 05/02/2014

WebRTC Isn't Just Integral to Business, but is the Business: Q&A with David Alozie
WebRTC is fairly new, as it still undergoes standards development, initial deployments and exploratory use cases. However, despite its young age, WebRTC is thought to many to be a communications disruptor, bridging the gap between telephony and the W… - 05/01/2014

Cisco, Jive Software to Drive Real-time Collaboration
When you think about most of the technology that has impacted enterprises, it has made its way into our lives because of how it improves collaboration. Email, phones, video conferencing systems, BYOD programs and unified communications solutions incr… - 05/01/2014

IMS, Mobile Communications and WebRTC Gateways
The communication behavior of customers is something telcos have been trying to figure out for quite some time. Their inability to do so has resulted in losing revenue to companies such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others. According to research by O… - 05/01/2014

The WebRTC Opportunity with Facebook f8 Announcements
Facebook hosted its f8 Developer Conference today, and in the midst of plans for mobile development tools, mobile app engagement and a mobile ad network, I couldn't help but make connections to WebRTC and opportunities for developers to really push t… - 04/30/2014

VoxImplant Releases Android SDK
Today, VoxImplant released its Android SDK, allowing developers to easily embed voice communication into an app. So far video support is not included in the SDK, but the company says it will come to the Android SDK soon. - 04/30/2014

WebRTC, Browser Support and Industry Adoption: Q&A with Doug Pelton, CEO of Priologic Software
Priologic Software is p its roots in enterprise software and meeting today's shifts in demands and technology with a host of WebRTC solutions. WebRTC, a HTML5 technology that enables peer-to-peer, browser-based real-time communications, has been quic… - 04/29/2014

Updated ORTC Specification Fills in Missing Pieces to Drive Real-time Communications
The object real-time communications (ORTC) specification revolves around object-centric APIs to enable WebRTC in browsers, mobile endpoints and servers. Unlike WebRTC 1.0, ORTC does not mandate a media signaling protocol or format, so it doesn't use … - 04/28/2014

Skype Introduces Free Group Video Calling - Is WebRTC the Reason?
Skype finally announced free group video calling - something users have been requesting for years - for Windows desktop, Mac and Xbox One users. But the underlying question coming from many is, "Is this because of WebRTC?" - 04/28/2014

OnSIP Rolls Out InstaCall, WebRTC-based Solution based on The OnSIP Network
OnSIP is taking its business phone service to the next level with The OnSIP Network and WebRTC-based InstaCall solution. We first met InstaCall back in February, when the company announced the beta release for sales and support teams to embed video c… - 04/28/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC has the potential to transform the way we communicate because it merges the worlds of traditional telephony and the Web. Here are the top stories in the WebRTC space this week. - 04/26/2014

The Future of WebRTC Will Use ORCA Protocol in Two Formats
WebRTC is an exciting new tool that businesses and consumers alike will be using more and more as time goes on. WebRTC provides users with a unique video conferencing client, where instead of having to download specific software to make sure that bot… - 04/24/2014

4COM Optimizes Contact Center Portfolio with WebRTC Integration
Bringing real-time, seamless communications capabilities to a Web browser makes WebRTC a contestant for one of the most disruptive technologies to impact contact centers. In a world of social media, email, self-service tools and multichannel customer… - 04/23/2014

PeerSquared Looking to Change Student-Teacher Relationships with WebRTC
Since WebRTC was first introduced to the world, there have been a number of interesting uses for the technology. Screen sharing and virtual business meetings are just two of the ways the tech has been used over the last few years. One new WebRTC use … - 04/21/2014

Free Trial for NTT Communications' WebRTC Chat on SkyWay Now Available
While there will always be value in face-to-face, real-life, personal interaction, the ability to communicate as if people were face-to-face is growing and becoming more sophisticated with the development of Internet technologies. The world becomes s… - 04/21/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC continues to make noise as more companies integrate its real-time capabilities into their solutions and more analysts drive awareness - the No. 1 barrier to WebRTC's growth, according to our 2014 Outlook report. Here are the top WebRTC stories… - 04/18/2014

Imagination Technologies Intros HelloSoft WebRTC Media Engine
Imagination Technologies, a provider of multimedia and communication technologies, recently introduced its WebRTC media engine, HelloSoft. HelloSoft's algorithms enhance voice and video quality across mobile and tablet platforms. - 04/17/2014

Exploring the Impact of WebRTC on Communications and Collaboration
Current Analysis recently held the second of its three webinars, "The Impact of WebRTC on Communications and Collaboration: Is There a Disturbance in the Force?" Tim Banting, principal analyst of collaboration and communications at Current Analysis, … - 04/17/2014

Voice4Net WebRTC Solutions Lay Foundation for Dayton Telecom Network Upgrade
Whether you are a major retailer, a local small business or a municipal organization, the importance of customer service remains the same. No matter where customers are looking for support, they expect real-time features and easy access to agents who… - 04/17/2014

WebRTC Expert Phil Edholm to Speak at CX Hot Trends Symposium
A new technology known as WebRTC is seeing huge momentum in the industry. And that could create great new opportunities for enterprises both within their contact centers operations and beyond. - 04/17/2014

What's the Next WebRTC Killer App?
Last night I attended a WebRTC Meetup featuring a presentation from developer Lisa Larson-Kelley, and one message in particular seemed to capture the audience's attention: WebRTC's potential. - 04/16/2014

WebRTC Meetup with Lisa Larson-Kelley
Last night I attended a WebRTC Meetup at the Stamford Innovation Center in Stamford, Conn. A little background: WebRTC World has been covering the WebRTC community , and I travel to conferences, tradeshows and other events to talk to companies that a… - 04/16/2014

Artesyn Integrates Support for Opus, SILK Audio Codecs into SharpMedia PCIE-8120
As the number of devices we use grows, and the volume of media streaming on those devices continues to increase, more pressure is placed on the networks and service providers to deliver on these demands with reliability, scalability and quality. Arte… - 04/14/2014

Tuenti VoIP Service Now Compatible with Web
Tuenti is a social communication platform for the web and mobile sector - and the Spanish-based company has announced some upgrades. - 04/11/2014

Comings & Goings: TokBox Makes Major Changes, Names Scott Lomond CEO
TokBox, one of the biggest names around when it comes to the growing field of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), has announced that several of its key executive positions would be experiencing changes. Not only would the company be bringing… - 04/10/2014

Easynet Global Services Partners with Acano, Adds WebRTC to UC Project
Unified communications projects are a major part of the work environment in many places these days, as companies discover the benefits that come with switching over communications systems from landline phones to larger-scale systems that offer more f… - 04/10/2014

WebRTC's Browser-to-Browser Telepresence Functionality Affects Other Browser Behavior
As many know already, WebRTC stands for Web-based real-time communications. It is an open-source project that is currently supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera that has come to be an emerging audio/video communications standard in Web browsers; one… - 04/09/2014

ShareDrop Brings AirDrop Power to More Devices for Easy File Transfer with WebRTC
It's the kind of situation that most everyone has been in at one time or another, trying desperately to figure out how to get all those files from one hard drive to another, even when the hard drives in question are connected to the same network. Som… - 04/09/2014

appear.in Makes it Easy to Let Participants into Conference Calls with 'Knocking' Feature
We've all been there - when you're on a conference call with many different team members, someone is bound to be a few minutes late. Whether they forgot about the meeting, were just held up in dialing in, or even someone dials into the wrong conferen… - 04/09/2014

The Evolution of HTML5
In a world that revolves around the Internet, mobile devices and applications, HTML5 seems to be king…depending on who you talk to. The other player is Flash, which was and still remains to be a prolific component of the Web. HTML5 is just the next g… - 04/09/2014

Dialogic Optimizes I-Gate Media Gateways to Transform Networks
In a world of both WebRTC and the PSTN, media gateways are critical in converting media streams between different networks. Companies need a way to deliver advanced services, such as HD voice, while also keeping budgets in mind and meeting customer a… - 04/08/2014

WIT Software's WebRTC Gateway Gives New Authority to MSISDN to Identify Users
The communication landscape is one that's rapidly, as ever, in flux. With Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) gaining ground in the field, alongside new options like voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) and its mobile cohort voice over LTE (Vo… - 04/07/2014

CarePaths Implements WebRTC in eRecord for Behavioral Health
Healthcare is one of the biggest industries to be impacted from almost all technological innovations. Wearable technology can target health and fitness tracking and performance improvement. Mobile devices and applications can improve doctor responsiv… - 04/07/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
This week we took a look at some companies integrating WebRTC into their products and solutions offering, potential use cases for WebRTC, Dialogic unveiled its second WebRTC impact survey and a value proposition for the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Ju… - 04/05/2014

Swarmify Focuses on the WebRTC Data Channel
If you've heard about WebRTC, you've probably heard about it in context of a contact center, enterprise communications and collaboration or some form of real-time video and audio communication. WebRTC is a next-generation HTML5 technology that enable… - 04/02/2014

Wheelings & Dealings: Telefonica Acquires eyeOS
In an effort to foster technological open standards, Telefonica is acquiring eyeOS, a cloud computing startup offering an open-source browser-based Web desktop. - 04/01/2014

Dialogic WebRTC Impact Survey Highlights Rapid Growth and 'Enormous Potential'
Last year, Dialogic released a survey that measured the impact of WebRTC by asking key decision makers in the service provider and telecom applications development communities how WebRTC will evolve their business models and leverage new opportunitie… - 04/01/2014

How Unified Office is Optimizing the Virtual Experience
The unified office - it's a concept that would streamline operations, reduce the cost of staying connected and eliminate unnecessary duplications. It's often referred to as unified communications, but when it extends to the entire office, it encompas… - 04/01/2014

Seeing is Believing: PeepsOut Combines Trends and Technology to Offer Live Stream Network
Let's say you want to meet some friends at a bar or restaurant who you haven't seen in years. You call ahead to make sure the scene isn't too busy so you can all talk and catch up, only to get there and realize whoever was on the end of that phone ca… - 03/31/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
If you're looking for a good weekend read on WebRTC, you might want to check out the third edition of WebRTC API and RTCWEB Protocols of the HTML5 Real-Time Web, a book by Alan Jonston and Dan Burnett that teaches developers how to debug their code a… - 03/29/2014

CafeX Offers Power of WebRTC for Effective Customer Interaction
We're just starting to see how powerful WebRTC is when it comes to customer interaction. Businesses are getting the idea that customers are looking for newer, more up-to-date ways to stay in contact while customers are more interested in using their … - 03/28/2014

OpenTok Powers WeCam Social WebRTC-based Video Chat Mobile App
FaceTime, Skype, ooVoo and Tango are all popular video calling apps available on mobile devices. The growth in video communication and mobile usage is excepted to surge -- Juniper Research recently released a report that found mobile video calling us… - 03/28/2014

Voice4Net's Rick McFarland Talks WebRTC Products, Impact in the Contact Center
WebRTC has been the heart of debate and discussion revolving around the future of communications, but the trend that has been happening recently is this conversation has shifted from more hypothetical to realistic development. - 03/27/2014

2014 is the Year of WebRTC for Contact Centers
WebRTC is poised to change the contact center. It will lead to a better user experience for both agents and customers. In fact, WebRTC can already be found in many contact centers today. - 03/25/2014

Mojo Lingo Puts Voice at the Forefront of All Media
The Web is a vastly different landscape compared to yesterday. Instead of static pages, intricate code has enabled businesses to put themselves, both literally and figuratively, right into their home pages, all with different ways to access informati… - 03/25/2014

Discussing GoToMeeting Free with Citrix's Phil Chambers
Last week, Citrix released GoToMeeting Free, a WebRTC-based video chat service that can connect up to three users with HD video and audio conferencing capabilities for up to three users. I caught up with Phil Chambers, who runs product at Citrix and … - 03/25/2014

Study Sees Market Gains for Videoconferencing, Telepresence Equipment
The market for videoconferencing and telepresence in general has been on something of a rise, as more companies realize the value of being able to communicate with remote locations while not actually having to travel to said locations. - 03/24/2014

Temasys and Moment Media Bring Real-time Video Communications to Social Networks with WebRTC
Social media has completely disrupted the way we discover, share and connect with people and content, but there is more in store for the future of social media. Real-time communications functionality will bridge the gap between online and in-person c… - 03/24/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
Two years into the development of WebRTC and the technology is still evolving its standards, but companies have implemented it in many solutions available today. Here are the top WebRTC stories this week. - 03/22/2014

The WebRTC Opportunity at Warby Parker
Eyewear maker Warby Parker has gained attention over the past few years for not just its collection, design and price of glasses, company transparency or social responsibility, but its shopping model. - 03/21/2014

Independent Testing Confirms that United Office's TCN 3.0 is an Excellent VoIP Router
The University of New Hampshire's Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL) decided to do its own independent research to verify the claims made by United Office at the conference about the routing capabilities of the TCN 3.0. After testing, it confirmed the de… - 03/21/2014

Citrix Introduces GoToMeeting Free for Video Chat with WebRTC
At Enterprise Connect this week, unified communications and collaboration was the name of the game, and solutions commonly heard and discussed were GoToMeeting, Jabber, WebEx and Lync. What was also frequently discussed was WebRTC, the growth of peer… - 03/21/2014

Startups Eye WebRTC at 2014 Enterprise Connect
Enterprise Connect takes place every year to gather technology and communication leaders and startups. CIOs, CEOs, developers, engineers and more gather to discuss the hottest technologies of the day, and this week startups were engaged largely in ta… - 03/20/2014

CafeX Takes Collaboration to the Next Level
Applications like Amazon's Mayday are starting to introduce the benefits of real-time communications in an enterprise solution, and not just video. File sharing, annotation features and contextual data are transforming applications from static to dyn… - 03/20/2014

Acano Expands WebRTC Video Calling Platform to More Browsers
Today, all of that got better with Acano officially announcing that it WebRTC client now supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, in addition to Chrome. These browsers are used by 97.5 percent of all web users, meaning that Acano is now… - 03/19/2014

GENBAND Picks mPortal's SPRINGBOARD Comms for Next-gen UC
mPortal has announced that GENBAND has selected its SPRINGBOARD Comms to build its next generation of unified communications software. - 03/19/2014

Mobile Video Calls on the Rise; Revenue Not Keeping Pace
A new study from Juniper Research shows a phenomenon that's proving to be bad news for mobile providers, a tragedy in two acts. Act one, mobile video calling is very much on the rise. Act two, getting revenue out of all of that video calling is provi… - 03/19/2014

CafeX Communications Makes Contextual Engagement Mobile with Fusion Palettes
For example, with call state information - including agent wait times, queue position and other contact center data - being pushed to a customer's smartphone, tablet or computer, they can be easily kept abreast of the situation, putting them at ease … - 03/19/2014

By 2018 There Will be 130 Million Mobile Video Callers
There have been several reports out lately forecasting that we can expect to see about 130 million people making mobile video calls in just four years. One factor that makes this a possibility is the current push to deploy 4G LTE networks. A byproduc… - 03/19/2014

Pexip Infinity Introduces Native Lync Interoperability
Pexip has released version 4.0 of its Pexip Infinity offering, which introduces native interoperability with Microsoft Lync 2010, 2013 and Lync Online/Office 365. In other words, Pexip Infinity now allows organizations to meet and share data and pres… - 03/19/2014

TrueConf 4.2 Adds Two-way WebRTC Capability
Furthering its commitment to WebRTC, as well as to the SMB segment, TrueConf has released a new version of its TrueConf Server offering. Version 4.2.0 of TrueConf Server features the ability to view and transmit audio and video from each participant … - 03/18/2014

Cisco Takes on Microsoft with Google Partnership, Brings WebEx to Chromebooks
Enterprise Connect kicked off in Orlando, Fla. this week and there have been a lot of great conversations about the growth of collaboration technologies, real-time video interactions and how the cloud will continue to shape the transformation of busi… - 03/18/2014

10 Things You Need to Know About the Future of WebRTC
People following the WebRTC industry typically fall into one of three categories: they've heard of WebRTC and believe it's going to disrupt communications; they've heard of WebRTC and think it's simply hype or they've never heard of WebRTC. At this w… - 03/18/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
Many say that WebRTC is the future of communications. After all, it simplifies the process for end users by eliminating hassles like downloading software or plugins, and it brings real-time communications to the browser. Others say that the technolog… - 03/15/2014

Weemo and TrueVault Partner to Offer HIPAA-compliant Video, Power Telehealth Apps with WebRTC
Weemo and TrueVault, a provider of regulatory compliant storage for Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), are partnering to deliver a HIPAA-compliant video cloud platform, powering telehealth apps with WebR… - 03/14/2014

Veeting Rooms Brings Collaboration, Quality and Security to Video Conferencing
Every day, technology enables the world to become a little smaller. Video communication, for one, brings people together from different locations to communicate, collaborate and share. It cuts down on traveling costs and time, increasing productivity… - 03/14/2014

CafeX Takes Real-time Omni-channel Customer Interactions to a New Level
There is an old Beatle's song Help whose lyrics are emblematic of the times in which we live-"Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help! You know I need someone, HELP!" - 03/13/2014

See GENBAND Generation Enterprise in Action
Brad Bush, CMO of GENBAND, recently posted an infographic to visualize the WebRTC landscape. GENBAND itself is included in three of the four categories: developer tools, carrier-centric, enterprise and consumer-centric and technology enablement. The … - 03/13/2014

At ITEXPO, Bolder Thinking Allows Contact Centers to Take Advantage of WebRTC
At the recent ITEXPO event held in Miami in February, TMC's Erik Linask took a moment to sit down with Steve Jackson, VP of marketing and sales for cloud-based call center solutions provider Bolder Thinking. As companies today strive to outdo their c… - 03/13/2014

Breaking Down the Growing WebRTC Ecosystem
The WebRTC industry moves fast. As indicated by almost every WebRTC Conference & Expo attendee in Santa Clara, with each event there seem to be more companies, more products, more developments and more case studies integrating WebRTC. These events ar… - 03/12/2014

Click-to-Call on Twitter
Click-to-call features are becoming more common across the Web as user demands for real-time access grow as well as their mobile usage. When people are searching the Internet, the ability to click a button and immediately be put into contact with a c… - 03/12/2014

Using WebRTC for Virtual Team Interactions
As technology in ICT keeps evolving, what was previously only available at the workplace is now becoming accessible to the public at large. This has changed the way in which organizations view the work place, with an increasing number of companies ch… - 03/11/2014

Infonetics Report Points to Substantial Unified Communications Growth
Telecom market research firm Infonetics recently published a report that points to dramatic growth in the unified communications (UC) industry. The group's end-of-year Enterprise Unified Communications and Voice Equipment report states worldwide reve… - 03/11/2014

WebRTC Poised to Change Telecom Landscape
Telecoms will however, need to act quickly before Facebook or some other social networking giants reign in users. As people become more associated with their identities than their phone numbers, social media organizations may increasingly have the up… - 03/10/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
As more solutions, devices, systems, and applications integrate Internet connectivity, the way we use the Internet to communicate is changing and growing. WebRTC is set to make Web-based communication easier and in real-time, bringing peer-to-peer co… - 03/08/2014

GoInstant Cracks the Code When it Comes to WebRTC
While there are a number of big advantages of WebRTC, there are some areas where the technology has fallen short in the past. One of those areas has been when talking about doing an audio or video chat with someone you work with from inside a solutio… - 03/07/2014

What Happens to a Contact Center Once WebRTC is Thrown into the Mix?
Unless you actually count the number of people still using Internet Explorer, you'd find that there are tons of others who have WebRTC-compatible browsers installed. Most of these browsers update automatically, making it super easy to make features w… - 03/06/2014

Six WebRTC Video Calling Solutions Ready to Use Right Now From Your Browser
WebRTC promises real-time communications from the browser - no downloads, no plugins necessary. There are many companies working to deliver on that promise, but some are more accessible than others. There are WebRTC companies that provide the technol… - 03/06/2014

Opera 20 for Android Brings WebRTC to Mobile Browser
Since WebRTC brings real-time communications to the browser, browser support is pretty critical. Not to say it's necessary, since companies are able to integrate WebRTC functionality into incompatible browsers and applications, but it provides strong… - 03/06/2014

Ecrio Demonstrates Nimbus, Cloud-based Solution for VoLTE, RCS
Nimbus basically can connect tablets and machine to machine (M2M) endpoints requiring voice and video services over global LTE networks. The solution provides features of embedded software User Agents (UA), as well, and connects to existing networks.… - 03/06/2014

Magor Enhances Aerus Service Delivery Platform with WebRTC
Magor Corporation, a developer of visual collaboration software, is bringing greater reach and service options to users of its Aerus Service Delivery Platform (SDP) by way of some key developments. In particular, the platform now supports a desktop v… - 03/05/2014

VoipSwitch Showcases RCS, Cloud and Vippie Mobile Messenger Application at MWC
Voiceserve, a telecommunications and softswitch company, is the parent company of VoipSwitch, a provider of VoIP softswitch platform solutions. VoipSwitch is returning from an exciting week at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where the company exh… - 03/03/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
The focus was on mobile this week with the 2014 Mobile World Congress happening in Barcelona. There were a number of companies announcing their move to integrate WebRTC into their business strategies and products. Here are the top WebRTC stories this… - 03/01/2014

Lync Live Chat Solution from Enabling Technologies Corp Challenges WebRTC
One of the industries expected to significantly benefit from WebRTC is the contact center. WebRTC enables organizations to make websites an extended channel of the contact center, and use real-time communication services like live chat, audio and vid… - 02/28/2014

Lindenbaum Expands WebRTC VoIP Client
Conference calls will always be a part of business communication. What's changing is the methodology and technology used to make conference calls more feature-rich, flexible, easy to use and seamless. It's no surprise that everything we do is shiftin… - 02/27/2014

Ericsson Research Demos Remote-controlled Excavator Using WebRTC
Ericsson Research introduced Bowser in December 2012 as the world's first WebRTC-enabled browser for mobile devices. Last week, the company announced it was discontinuing Bowser, which led to some disappointment from users. But the disappointment did… - 02/26/2014

Dialogic Partners Show Off WebRTC Capabilities at Mobile World Congress
Last week, Dialogic and Tropo announced a partnership to bring PowerMedia XMS' rich media processing for real-time video with Tropo's platform, which enables users to build phone and messaging applications and integrate real-time communications to ap… - 02/25/2014

Acision Introduces Fuze, An RCS Suite that Supports WebRTC
Acision, a provider of mobile messaging, has introduced Fuze, a rich communication application that the company says is the first to support WebRTC. - 02/25/2014

WIT Software Platform Brings WebRTC Features to All Browsers
This week in Barcelona, Mobile World Congress is bringing together tech and telecom giants to share the future of mobility, which means a lot of abbreviations: VoIP, RCS, LTE, HD, Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G are commonly thrown around with new products and tren… - 02/25/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
There were some ups and downs this week in the WebRTC world - with new product announcements came product discontinuations, but the overall outlook is pointing toward growth for WebRTC. Here are the top stories this week. - 02/22/2014

Ericsson Discontinues Bowser Browser
Ericsson Research introduced Bowser, the world's first WebRTC-enabled browser for mobile devices, in December 2012. Since then, we've seen the browser in action at various events, including the WebRTC Conference & Expo. This week, however, Ericsson a… - 02/21/2014

Ecosmob Discusses the Benefits, Potential and Challenges of WebRTC
Earlier this week, Ecosmob launched new Web pages to highlight VoIP services across various platforms, including WebRTC. The company offers VoIP-based solutions to meet organizations' communication needs, helping to enhance organizational productivit… - 02/21/2014

YoooM Focuses on Eliminating Impersonal Nature of Technology
The biggest complaint about the Internet and many of the solutions it has introduced is the detachment it has created between people. Even though people are communicating using the technology, the impersonal nature of how we are communicating is havi… - 02/21/2014

OnSIP's InstaCall Goes Beta, Boasts Video Calling for Sales, Support Teams
With the economy still best described as soft, sales reps have to work particularly hard to make what sales can be made in such an environment. Support teams are also being tested, as a lack of quality support may push current customers to become for… - 02/20/2014

Exploring the Acision-Crocodile RCS Partnership
Acision, a provider of mobile communications network infrastructure, is partnering with Crocodile RCS to enable WebRTC-based services and add value to operator and enterprise customers with Acision WebRTC. I caught up with John Parr, co-founder and m… - 02/20/2014

Open-Xchange Out to Boost Skype, Dropbox Competitors
Skype and Dropbox are easily acknowledged as two of the biggest names in their respective fields, but the growing use of Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) is starting to make some inroads on these firms' clutch of the market. With the abili… - 02/20/2014

Tropo, Dialogic Collaborate to Create New Era of Video Communications Services
Plugin-free, browser-based real-time communications is as popular as you think. A 2013 Dialogic survey found that 37.7 percent of respondents believe WebRTC - the technology enabling this real-time communication - offers a broader benefit to unified … - 02/20/2014

Voxeet Uses WebRTC to Power 3DHD Audio Conferencing
Voxeet, a provider of conference calls that focus on clear, quality audio, recently announced a new audio stack, enabling the company to offer 3DHD sound with wideband audio codecs for improved conference call clarity. WebRTC serves as the foundation… - 02/19/2014

Ecosmob Highlights WebRTC as Part of VoIP Services Portfolio
Ecosmob Technologies, a provider of VoIP-based solutions, recently launched new Web pages to showcase VoIP services in various platforms, including FreeSWITCH, Asterisk and WebRTC. - 02/19/2014

Mavenir's WebRTC Gateway Helps Improve T-Hrvatski Telekom's Network
Mavenir Systems recently helped Croatia's largest telecommunications company, T-Hrvatski Telekom (T-HT), embrace WebRTC by providing the operator with its IMS WebRTC Gateway. This gateway helps T-HT further its TeraStream project, which aims to combi… - 02/19/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
Think about how many parts of your daily routine have moved to the Internet - banking, shopping, reading, sharing and communicating are all things we do on browsers every day. WebRTC is a technology trying to bring one of those - communicating - comp… - 02/15/2014

The Future of Communications: WebRTC?
With so much talk surrounding real-time communications, it's not always clear that this capability is still lacking in a number of our devices and platforms. In the enterprise, it's a little more obvious when you can't talk with a colleague without d… - 02/14/2014

Using Wildix Kite to Improve E-commerce Customer Service
Wildix is an Italian-based provider of VoIP and unified communications solutions and is one of the forerunners in the WebRTC market - a technology enabling real-time communciations over the browser with no downloads or installations required. It's ga… - 02/13/2014

Smith's Point Analytics Report Highlights WebRTC Drivers, Opportunities and Forecast
WebRTC has slowly but surely been gaining ground across industries and making its way into company product roadmaps. The real-time communications technology is predicted to disrupt the communications industry and grow to be a $4.5-billion opportunity… - 02/13/2014

jtel, ICCC Bring WebRTC-enabled Contact Center Solutions to the Nordic Region
In a world of social media, viral content and instant communications, good and bad news spread fast. That's why it's important for organizations to put the right resources and effort into improving their contact centers - the first line of contact wi… - 02/13/2014

Weemo Powers MediSprout Telehealth Platform
Technology has already changed the way so many industries and people communicate and operate. Businesses today exist because of technology that wasn't even invented 10 years ago. One industry that can especially benefit from different innovations and… - 02/12/2014

VoipSwitch Adds WebRTC-compatible Upgrades to New Mobile Dialers
VoIP software developer VoipSwitch recently unveiled a mobile VoIP solution compatible with both iOS and Android at ITEXPO Miami. Available as over-the-top (OTT) content for smartphones that does not interfere with existing mobile plans, the mobile d… - 02/12/2014

Flashphoner Releases Inexpensive Software for WebRTC-SIP Gateway
Flashphoner is already well-known for its efforts in bringing real-time audio and video communications to clients. Previously, Flashphoner provided a service similar to WebRTC based on Adobe Flash, and had released a call server that hybridized the b… - 02/12/2014

WebRTC Among tyntec's Top Mobile and Telco Predictions
Many people don't believe the hype surrounding WebRTC. They say that's all it is - hype - and won't live up to its expectations or predictions (more than 6.2 billion WebRTC devices by 2018). I think the number of companies and industry analysts that … - 02/11/2014

Italtel Embraces WebRTC
Italtel is a provider of solutions for next-generation, IP communications services. True to its core, the company is staying on top of the next generation of Internet-based communications solutions with its newest solution catered to WebRTC. - 02/11/2014

imo.im Enters WebRTC Market with Updated Website
The number of available options for communication today is a little overwhelming. You can text one of your contacts, send emails, send texts from emails, share on social media and use real-time communication options like Skype for video and audio cal… - 02/10/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC enables peer-to-peer communication over the browser. This week we saw a lot of buzz in the space, including seed funding rounds, product announcements, partnerships and more. Here are the top stories this week in WebRTC. - 02/08/2014

SecretlyMeet.me Allows For Private Information Exchange on Disposable Web Pages
Between strict privacy protocols and media compatibility issues, the secure transfer of information over the Internet can be extremely difficult. Businesses partners, customers and even friends often need to exchange information without worrying abou… - 02/07/2014

Voz.io Closes $150,000 in Seed Funding from Kima Ventures, Bringing WebRTC to Call Centers
The growth of WebRTC can be highlighted in many ways, such as the number of WebRTC-based products, companies and browsers being announced. Another means is looking at funding for these companies - Flashnotes recently secured $3.6 million in Series A … - 02/07/2014

Opera 20 Beta Release for Android Supports WebRTC
Only a few months after introducing WebRTC support into the desktop version of its browser with Opera 18, Opera Software has introduced browser-based, plugin-free, real-time communications to its Android browser as well. More specifically, the Opera … - 02/07/2014

Movirtu's CloudPhone Offers Mobile Phone Service on Wi-Fi, No SIM Required
The growth of Web real-time communications (WebRTC) has produced quite a bit so far, and while there's still quite a bit of room to grow yet in terms of getting more commercial projects out around the platform, there are also many products and compan… - 02/07/2014

VidyoH2O Brings Google+ Hangouts to the Enterprise
Back in August 2013, Google and Vidyo partnered to align their technology roadmaps and allow Google to use Vidyo's Scalable Video Coding (SVC) extensions as part of WebRTC. Vidyo has powered Google+ Hangouts for more than a year, but was working to d… - 02/06/2014

WebRTC and HIPAA Compliance: The Next Step After Skype in Telehealth
Regulations and compliance are one of the most important factors when it comes to creating and implementing solutions for specific industries. Any retailer or organization collecting credit card information needs to meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) c… - 02/05/2014

Peer-to-Peer Education Marketplace Flashnotes Raises $3.6 Million in Series A Funding
A lot of our day-to-day activities have been brought online: We bank, we shop, we communicate, we share and we schedule trips all on the Internet today. One technology looking to make our online interaction more effective and simple is WebRTC. Analys… - 02/04/2014

Improving Conference Calls with WebRTC
There is this great video circulating around the Web depicting what conference calls would look like in real life. If you've ever been on a conference call over the phone, you've probably experienced one of the featured situations in the video, from … - 02/03/2014

Pipe Uses WebRTC for Peer-to-peer File Sharing
If you've ever wanted to share a file with Facebook friends, you've likely heard of Pipe. Pipe is a Facebook app that makes file sharing easy - just pick a friend, drop a file into the Pipe and the friend will receive it immediately. It's easy, secur… - 02/03/2014

The biannual ITEXPO was held in Miami this year, and has now come to a close. Workshops discussed several business technology topics and products, including VoIP phone systems, IT management, and more. One of the hottest topics discussed at this year… - 02/03/2014

WebRTC Week in Review
This has been quite a week for WebRTC. Let's take a look at some of the key stories from the past seven days as we enjoy the weekend. - 02/01/2014

SBCs' Role in the Future of WebRTC and Interoperability
WebRTC adoption predictions are all over the place. One week I hear that 2014 is the year of WebRTC, and some days I hear that WebRTC is only scratching the surface; still fragile. I think the truth of the matter is it's both - 2014 will definitely m… - 01/30/2014

Transforming the Contact Center through WebRTC
A recent study from the Customer Contact Council indicates that going above and beyond when responding to customer service requests does not improve the customer loyalty. Answering their questions quickly and efficiently-in other words, reducing thei… - 01/30/2014

Is WebRTC Safe From Security Threats?
WebRTC has some businesses worried about Internet security, and the possibility that hackers could use the video client to listen in on conferences or gain access to private networks. - 01/30/2014

VoxImplant Brings Call Functionality to JivoSite Live Chat
Zingaya is typically known for its click-to-call product, which enables organizations to create a customizable "Call Now" button to put website visitors directly in touch with company representatives. Its VoxImplant platform takes that a step further… - 01/30/2014

Medical Device Firms Get a Little First Aid with Saypage's Browser-based Training Rooms
The healthcare field generates a host of new devices on a regular basis, and with these new devices comes new ways of doing things as well as opportunities to do things that couldn't be done before. With these advances, however, comes a certain amoun… - 01/29/2014

Priologic Software Continues WebRTC Momentum with New Version of Tawk.com
Priologic Software is a provider of custom applications and enterprise platforms, and has its eye on the WebRTC market. It introduced Tawk.com in June 2013, a free browser-based video chat service that focuses on security and anonymity. - 01/29/2014

Sansay Receives US Patent for WebSBC
Sansay is a well-respected name in the communication services provider space as its software-based VoIP infrastructure is some of the best in the business. Indeed, the company's session border controllers were recently rated as "visionary" in Gartner… - 01/28/2014

First WebRTC Client in Enhanced UC Solution Key to GENBAND Generation Enterprise Push
Frisco, TX-based IP solutions provider GENBAND has placed two markers down that indicate the answer to both questions can be yes. With the announcement of their Generation Enterprise framework for IP convergence and SMARTOFFICE 2.0-the enhanced versi… - 01/28/2014

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Customer Service
The importance of customer service has always been important, but has been especially emphasized in an era of viral content. One bad customer experience can spread throughout the Internet in a matter of minutes, potentially damaging a brand's name, r… - 01/27/2014

Priologic's EasyRTC System Set to Arrive at ITEXPO 2014
With ITEXPO 2014 just hours away-under 24 of same now, in fact-excitement is building around the event and more and more companies' plans for the show are likewise becoming known. One of the newest to make the scene is Web-based real time communicati… - 01/27/2014

WebRTC Demand Gets a Boost From Video Conferencing & Video Chat Demand
Sometimes, there are products that get a big boost from the sales of another product, like how the demand for cranberries goes up as a result of an increased demand for turkey, particularly around Thanksgiving time. A new example seems to be making i… - 01/27/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
The key to online communications and interactions today is real-time. As some companies lead the way in driving the momentum toward easy, fast and innovative online experiences with WebRTC, others are just learning how this real-time technology can b… - 01/25/2014

AddLive Doesn't Just Work Well with WebRTC Browsers
It's hard not to love a winner, and in AddLive's case, that makes it particularly difficult not to love it. It took the award for Best WebRTC Tool at the WebRTC Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, as well as a judges' choice designation after the first… - 01/24/2014

Zingaya VoxImplant Hits The WebRTC Space
VoxImplant is a fairly simple interface for click-to-call technology, a mechanism by which a link can be provided-whether it's on a website outright or contained within the pages of an email-and once it is clicked on, the link then activates a comple… - 01/24/2014

'Ultra HD' TVs to Use New Video Formats With Higher Quality and Lower File Sizes
4K Ulta HD TVs were designed with the cloud in mind, but current video codecs can't quite seem to keep up. However, two upcoming video codecs seem to hold an answer to this question. H.265 and VP9 formats support Ultra HD formats, and are heralded as… - 01/24/2014

Video Conferencing, Video Chat Services Create Demand for WebRTC
The market for Web Real-time Communications (WebRTC) is predicted to see "strong growth" because of increased popularity of real-time video chat services and video conferencing, according to a new industry report. - 01/24/2014

Pexip to Reveal HD Telepresence Video Conferencing Software
Norwegian company Pexip Inc. is a global provider of enterprise-quality, virtualized, scalable video conferencing solutions. Its next generation of technology for collaboration using video, voice and audio/visual (AV) technologies, Infinity, is an en… - 01/24/2014

GoInstant Makes Video and Audio Conferencing Simple with WebRTC, Real-time API Integration
The name of the game online today is real-time - users expect and demand access to information, communication and applications right when they want it. GoInstant, a salesforce.com company, understands this demand, and provides real-time APIs to help … - 01/24/2014

Retrofit Group Harnesses Power of Fitness Tracking, Video Conferencing to Help with Weight Loss
Atkins, Paleo, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and various cleanses and diets are all well-known names because they provide what people want: Help losing weight. People want the support, the guidance and the limitations to regulate what the… - 01/23/2014

IOCOM Adds WebRTC to Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solutions
IOCOM, a provider of enterprise video conferencing and collaboration software and solutions, recently added WebRTC to its line of Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS video collaboration clients. IOCOM's Visimeet video conferencing software scales fr… - 01/23/2014

How WebRTC Could Transform the Future of Healthcare
The healthcare industry is facing extraordinary challenges, and although folks in Washington are trying their best to improve the system, it seems like they will always fall short of meeting the challenge. With more than 70 years of State of the Unio… - 01/23/2014

Former TechCrunch Editor Uses Google Helpouts to Offer Startup PR Advice
Google Helpouts launched in 2013 as an opportunity to connect users with experts. The categories range from art and music, computers and electronics and fitness and nutrition to education and careers, home and garden and cooking, helping users replic… - 01/23/2014

Remote Workforces are Flexible and Productive, but Require Rigid Communication
Having employees work from home is a great way for businesses to save money. When workers operate from within their homes, they tend to take fewer sick days and are often even more productive than they would be in an office. Not having to pay for off… - 01/22/2014

What a Difference Video Can Make for Small Companies
Among the various tools big companies use to maximum their business is video. It's a technology that small enterprises use not nearly enough as they should. With platforms like YouTube, Vine and even Instagram vying for a top spot in online video, SM… - 01/22/2014

Google Now Arrives in Chrome OS 34 Dev Channel
In the wake of the movie Her, the conversation surrounding intelligent virtual assistants has picked back up - not just about the existence of virtual assistants, but making them more intelligent, more lifelike, and more importantly, when. While many… - 01/22/2014

Telemedicine Platforms: The Potential for WebRTC
Because telemedicine has so much to offer, hospitals, specialists and medical providers need to find ways to integrate the technology into their practices. WebRTC provides a fast and affordable way to make the telehealth leap. - 01/20/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
In one of the biggest court rulings that will impact how we use the Internet, the U.S. Appeals Court struck down net neutrality -- the 2011 FCC rules that all Internet traffic must be treated equally by Internet service providers. We dove in to what … - 01/18/2014

DVE Integrates with Microsoft Lync to Power Immersion Room
Video conferencing has become an important tool in today's globalized world as employees have to communicate with coworkers, partners and clients who are located in different parts of the world. This convenience is just one reason why more companies … - 01/17/2014

TrueConf Expands Video Conferencing Capabilities to Linux
"The release of TrueConf for OS Linux is a logical continuation of our development of cross-platform solutions for business," says Michael Gotalsky, TrueConf CEO, in a statement. "Nowadays, business owners know they can cut costs on IT infrastructure… - 01/17/2014

AddLive Multiparty Solution Makes WebRTC Available Across Browsers, Google Glass
The open standard WebRTC has the power to change the way we interact with one another over the Internet. Already integrated in a number of browsers, including Firefox and Chrome, the standard is inspiring many companies to offer multiparty videoconfe… - 01/16/2014

APEX Voice Takes Headaches Out of Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing
First-generation video conferencing solutions that allowed for multiple parties were expensive and cumbersome, however, and companies often bought a giant headache in installation, maintenance and administration along with the solutions. Newer techno… - 01/16/2014

Agnity Shows Its Differentiation in Communication and Collaboration in Context
For advanced Web-based communications using the standard WebRTC, the healthcare industry has always been seen as one of the verticals that has the most potential. Physicians and other healthcare providers are expected to increasingly turn to video co… - 01/16/2014

OpenClove Demonstrates Video Chat Widget
While we're all familiar with the Internet, many of us are becoming increasingly familiar with the new Web: A place where live video, social networking and visual interactions intersect. It's a way of interacting that goes far beyond static, non-visu… - 01/16/2014

WebRTC Makes Video Conference Centers a Reality
WebRTC, an emerging standard that solves compatibility issues between communication software, is on the verge of turning your next customer service call into a video chat. In the very near future, call centers for various organizations including cust… - 01/16/2014

Grolsch Uses Twilio Platform for Interactive Marketing Campaign
Using WebRTC capabilities in a marketing campaign is not new - we saw real-time, two-way video functionality put to use with WestJet Airlines' 'Christmas Miracle' campaign, where passengers were able to video call with Santa. Now, creative agency Bea… - 01/15/2014

Dialogic's Mobile Video Solutions, Media Gateway Technology Recognized for Innovation and Business Value
As connectivity grows to become a vital part of our everyday lives, demands are also increasing. High-performance networks and applications need seamless integration with other platforms, networks and services; contact centers need to integrate multi… - 01/14/2014

Invodo, IBM Partnership Highlights Importance of Online Video
Invodo, a provider of data-driven videos for online retailers and brands, recently joined IBM's Smarter Commerce ecosystem of partners, which aims to enable companies to succeed in an age of empowered customers, giving them tools to create customer l… - 01/14/2014

The Relationship between Wearable Technology and WebRTC
Wearable technology is expected to be one of the biggest trends this year, and it was certainly represented well at CES last week. Companies are developing fitness-tracking wristbands, UV-measuring bracelets, heart rate-monitoring sensors and more to… - 01/14/2014

Huawei Shows Off New Telemedicine System Driven by WebRTC
Huawei recently took its new telemedicine system to a conference in Paris, and the system showed itself to be quite an impressive piece of communications technology. - 01/13/2014

GP2U Opts for WebRTC Video Conferencing
With the rising prominence of telehealth and telemedicine occurring alongside WebRTC's own proliferation, it's not surprising to see the two mix from time to time. Net Medical Xpress, for example, recently released an HIPAA-compliant WebRTC-enabled t… - 01/13/2014

WebRTC Week in Review
While CES generally makes people think of robotics, gadgets, drones, Internet-connected devices and the latest TVs, cars and mobile devices, it also spiked some announcements in WebRTC, a technology enabling peer-to-peer and real-time communication o… - 01/11/2014

STMicroelectronics Gets Into 4K Video
An era was born when both television and internet broadcasters started streaming high-definition content in 16:9 aspect ratios. The most prominent resolution standard in this kind of content was 1080p, representing a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels… - 01/10/2014

Huawei Seamlessly Integrates WebRTC and M2M
Huawei may have made headlines this week for its Ascend Mate 2 4G phablet at CES, but it's also making waves in an emerging technology trend not commonly found in consumer electronics: WebRTC. - 01/10/2014

Google Getting Big Companies to Rally Around Its VP9 4K Codec
2014 could be one of the biggest years on record when it comes to improving existing technologies and making them that much more popular. Two areas that could get a big boost is the area of WebRTC and unified communications. - 01/10/2014

Polaroid Hits CES 2014 via Wi-Fi Bridge Cameras with Peer-to-Peer Connections
Polaroid took its camera knowledge to the next level with one of its newest product lines, which it brought to the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to show off. - 01/10/2014

CES News: Mozilla Makes a Smart Move to Smart TV
In the mid-2000s, buoyed by great word of mouth, Firefox became the browser of choice among heavy web users. The speed, tabs feature, variety of open source add ons and system stability far outstripped Internet Explorer, which still retained its stat… - 01/10/2014

Panasonic's HX-A100 Offers CES 2014 Powerful First-person Shooting
There are those out there who believe that the stand-alone camera is largely a thing of the past, lost in usefulness to smartphones except for a handful of filmmakers and similarly niche users. But Panasonic is out to bolster the video camera, bringi… - 01/09/2014

Bucking Trends with P2P Lending and WebRTC
The popularity of bitcoin has demonstrated that there is room, or at least a desire, for alternative methods of payment. The tumultuous nature and scattershot acceptance of the digital currency makes it unfeasible for most scenarios, however. It's no… - 01/09/2014

Is 2014 the Year for WebRTC Video Conferencing?
Video conferencing is a tool that most businesses have adopted in order to hold face-to-face meetings over long distances for internal collaboration, international trade brokering and more. - 01/09/2014

Net Medical Xpress Solutions Releases WebRTC-powered RTC Conference Switch
Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) has been distinguishing itself as a major solution to several common business issues over the last several months, allowing not only improvements in accessibility for video conferencing, but also for collab… - 01/08/2014

WebRTC World Week in Review
As we turned the page on another year this week, we looked forward to what 2014 might hold. - 01/04/2014

WebRTC Will Not Push Skype Out of the Sandbox
There has been speculation that WebRTC, the technology that allows peer-to-peer, realtime communications, means the end of products such as Skype and facetime. It has even been referred to as the "Skype killer," but it's important to point out the di… - 01/03/2014

12 Benefits of Integrating WebRTC into Your Business Strategy
WebRTC is a technology that is fueling the growth of real-time applications and services over Internet browsers. It's still relatively new - it was only introduced in 2011 as a technology for developers to use to create voice and video chat applicati… - 01/03/2014

How HyperVoice and WebRTC Go Hand in Hand
At the WebRTC Conference & Expo, HarQen lent it's time discussing its involvement with the Hypervoice Consortium and demonstrating the technological possibilities of managing data using "HyperVoice" rather than the customary "Hypertext." - 01/03/2014

Plantronics: Where Wearable Technology Meets WebRTC
What happens when you take wearable technology and marry it with WebRTC? You get the Plantronics Wearable Concept 1, a contextually-aware prototype wearable device that features a variety of embedded sensors, including three-dimensional head tracking… - 01/03/2014

Weemo Brings Video Conferencing Quality via WebRTC
The ability to deliver real-time communications is possible, as long as all parties involved have the same device, software or plugins. As this isn't often the case, high quality video conferencing and other communications can be a challenge in real-… - 01/03/2014

OpenTok Makes Web Communication Easy to Implement
Let's say your new company, Acme Enterprises, has an awesome line of products, except that your company is comprised of you, a few bodies in development and an office manager. You have a great website, but you really want to integrate face-to-face ch… - 01/03/2014

How WebRTC Can Make Job Interviews More Simple and Productive
The recruiting process is a tiresome one, both on employers and candidates. Many people do not prefer phone interviews, as they don't think they fully depict a person's personality, but getting candidates to come into an office may be difficult depen… - 01/02/2014

Using WebRTC to Transform Education
Online video communications does more than just break down barriers for global communications; it enhances and expands existing industries, such as retail, customer service, healthcare and education. While online education has grown over the past few… - 12/31/2013

WebRTC Among Cisco's Top Tech Predictions for 2014
Cisco is one of the key voices in the technology and communications industry shaping trends and laying out their impacts. The company releases its annual Visual Networking Index (VNI) forecast, which gives an in-depth look at the IP traffic forecast,… - 12/30/2013

SBC Vendors Address the WebRTC Opportunity
Right now this whole SBC market is really excited about WebRTC. - 12/30/2013

WebRTC World Week in Review
This week in the WebRTC space, we dove into companies' product demonstrations, highlighted the potential of a WebRTC hackathon and explored how WebRTC and video can disrupt education and the contact center. - 12/28/2013

PubNub Powers Real-time
The digital currency Bitcoin has been grabbing headlines recently, which is a good indication of how much the currency has been blowing up recently in terms of popularity. - 12/27/2013

IU Expands Videoconference Outreach with Pexip's Infinity Solution
Indiana University (IU), a major public research institution with students across eight campuses in the state, announced it will partner with Norwegian company Pexip Inc., a provider of professional video collaboration and conferencing, to deliver ex… - 12/27/2013

Bistri Makes Video Conferencing as Easy as Sharing a URL
What does it take to win the Wow Factor award at the 2013 WebRTC Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, Calif.? Maybe a little fun with QR codes. - 12/27/2013

Around the World with 50 Million Users
Temasys's presentation at this year's WebRTC Conference & Expo took a different approach than most by framing it in a trip around the world, and focusing on important locations where it was being used. - 12/27/2013

NG Media Offers Highly Customizable Solution for Real-time Audio and Video Services
At the recent WebRTC Conference & Expo held in Santa Clara, Calif., Frederic Clement, CEO and founder of Paris-based NG Media, made a short presentation that demonstrated how developers can use his company's solution to deliver next-generation WebRTC… - 12/26/2013

Crocodile's SDK Adds WebRTC to Your Website or App
Dunkley's argument is that WebRTC can add context to media sessions, so conferencing no longer has to be an end in itself. With WebRTC, conferencing becomes a website or app feature and not a separate service. - 12/24/2013

Seamless Communications with Ingate Systems and WebRTC
Blending the Web with communications is an important asset in the corporate environment, especially in today's connected world, but they key to these communications is real-time. This is one of the reasons why there is such a demand for WebRTC. Based… - 12/24/2013

IOCOM Visimeet Video Conferencing Software Offers Integration into Third-party Applications
Increasingly, there are applications that require high-quality, interactive video capabilities. In response, IOCOM, a provider of video conferencing software, is offering integration with its Visimeet video conferencing software into third-party appl… - 12/24/2013

vLine Enables Easy, Seamless Video Communication Over a Browser
When vLine CEO Ben Strong mounted the stage in November at the 2013 WebRTC Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, Calif., his demo seemed quick because there wasn't much to show. Video over vLine just worked. - 12/24/2013

Frozen Mountain's Peer-to-Peer SDK for WebRTC Designed for Quick Development
Given the extensive capabilities we have access to through communications networks, anything less than real-time exchanges tend to fall short of expectations. This is the main reason why the buzz is growing around WebRTC, allowing for real-time commu… - 12/24/2013

OnePgr Simplifies Collaboration, Data Collection
Complexity and information overload -- we all are familiar with them, and we all deal with those twin challenges of modern business life in our own way. No matter how we handle them, however, OnePgr thinks it can help. - 12/24/2013

Vidyo Delivers on the Promise of Easy Video
The promise of WebRTC is simplicity; something that has historically been sorely absent from the video conferencing market. With WebRTC, any device that includes a Web browser can be used for video conferencing, making video as ubiquitous and easy as… - 12/23/2013

Can CounterPath's SDK Outperform WebRTC for Mobile App Development?
CounterPath's new software development kit (SDK) takes aim at WebRTC with the company's claim that its updated software integrates faster and better than other technologies. But does it stand up to the telecommunications test? - 12/23/2013

EasyRTC and Tawk.com Have Come a Long Way in a Short Amount of Time
Priologic has been something of a superstar in the WebRTC space for about a year now, especially if you're talking awards. The company attended three WebRTC Conference & Expos to date, winning awards for either of its WebRTC solutions - EasyRTC and T… - 12/23/2013

How Video and WebRTC Can Enhance the Customer Experience
The demand for real-time communications is real and growing as users are becoming accustomed to the capabilities they have access to on smartphones. We want the same capabilities from our PCs or laptops, launching video conferencing sessions or simpl… - 12/23/2013

Screen Sharing with WebRTC and AnyMeeting
What would it mean for your business if you could enable real-time communications across geographical borders without downloading software or a variety of plugins? Wouldn't it be great if you could launch a full company meeting between all branches o… - 12/23/2013

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC is bringing innovative in-browser conferencing technology both at Christmas and all through the year. Let's review this week's developments from the WebRTC World. - 12/21/2013

Are Modern Meetings Effective? Does Technology Make a Difference?
Meetings have always been an important part of everyone's work day. Whether it's meeting a client to conclude a business deal, meet with a supervisor to plan work strategies and to discuss performance, or meeting colleagues within a work group to add… - 12/20/2013

Quobis Sets Out to Make Starting WebRTC Easier with SIPPO
Getting started with Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) is the kind of thing that a lot of businesses would like to do, but aren't quite so sure how to go about it. With an increasing number of applications providing various services to the … - 12/19/2013

Net Medical Xpress Steps Up Offerings with RTC Conference Switch
The great thing about Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) is that the concept is found cropping up on a variety of fronts, showing just how versatile-and how useful-it can really be. Not only is it making videoconferencing a lot easier for bu… - 12/19/2013

Videxio Powers Optimus Cloud-based Video Collaboration Solution
Optimus has its eye on the MENA region with a new cloud-based video as a service offering. The company recently launched Maelys, a scalable managed video collaboration solution that is delivered as a service, making it a valuable addition to cloud co… - 12/19/2013

Dialogic PowerMedia XMS Media Server Has Many Conferencing, Contact Center Uses
Dialogic offers products that increase the reliability of network connections, improve applications and increase capacity of networks. In fact, 48 of the top 50 mobile operators and some 3,000 app developers use Dialogic solutions. - 12/18/2013

BrowseTel Aims to be Complete WebRTC-based Business Solution
With the most recent WebRTC Conference & Expo now nearly a month behind us, it seems like a good time to sift through the flurry of activity that took place over the three days the event ran and put focus on individual presenters. In particular, let'… - 12/18/2013

Yahoo Acquisition of PeerCDN Expands WebRTC Beyond Google
Yahoo has been making major moves to vamp up its content strategy, and it is continuing that momentum with the acquisition of PeerCDN, a content delivery network provider that aims to make the Web faster and more reliable, while helping websites redu… - 12/18/2013

Requestec Demo Impresses at WebRTC III Conference and Expo
It landed a judge's choice consideration on the first night of demonstrations at the WebRTC III Conference and Expo. It followed up that early distinction by netting the Best All Around award during Tuesday night's events. All this from a company cal… - 12/17/2013

Smartpresence, Pexip Team Up to Deliver Video Conferencing in New Zealand
Video conferencing is on the rise all over, and even recent reports from Blue Jeans Network show just what kind of gains video conferencing is experiencing across most of the business community, where face-to-face contact is still valuable. But face-… - 12/17/2013

Vidyo, Rounds Team Up to Transform Group Hangouts with HD Video Conferencing
Over the top (OTT) applications for group chats and interactions have grown with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile apps. WhatsApp and GroupMe have been dominating the group messaging space, but lack on offering real-time video chat function… - 12/17/2013

Calliflower Connect: A WebRTC Client Service for Conference Calling and Web Meetings
Since May 2011, computer users have heard a lot about Google's WebRTC, the technology that empowers real-time communications in Web browsers, which now means Chrome, Opera or Firefox. With a WebRTC-enabled browser, a PC user, for example, can click o… - 12/17/2013

The Two Necessary Ingredients to Web Marketing Success
You've built a great website for your business with beautiful design and navigation that makes it easy for visitors to find their way around. But simply creating a website isn't enough - did you know 89 percent of consumers use search engines for pur… - 12/16/2013

WebRTC World Week in Review
WebRTC has a lot of potential to change the way we communicate online, especially as the Internet becomes more accessible than ever. - 12/14/2013

IVCi's Cloud-based Video Conferencing Solution Connects to Any Personal Device
Imagine you and your coworkers are able to conduct a video conference with some very important clients without having to make sure each participant has the right device, Web browser or software plugins. Well, Hauppauge, N.Y.-based IVCi, LLC is among … - 12/13/2013

Firefox Gets Support for Google's VP9
Google's VP9, an open, next-generation video codec from the WebM Project, first became available in June. In a major event its ongoing history, Firefox recently got support for VP9. - 12/13/2013

Wildix Kite Implemented for Italian Real Estate Agency
As WebRTC continues to grow and become more sophisticated, more companies are realizing the benefits of this technology and choosing to make it a part of their online presence. An Italian real estate agency has implemented Wildix Kite, Wildix's WebRT… - 12/12/2013

WestJet Christmas Miracle Reflective of Power of WebRTC
There's this amazing video circulating the Web thanks to WestJet, a Canadian airline company, showcasing the power of the holiday spirit. I don't want to spoil the surprise for you if you haven't already seen it, so take a look: - 12/12/2013

Rabbit For OS X Looks to Emerge From Private Beta
One of the biggest issues in WebRTC has been getting Microsoft and Apple more involved in the fray, as Internet Explorer and Safari haven't been seen to adapt very quickly. But one of these issues may be in for a bit of a decline as Rabb.it looks to … - 12/12/2013

Enter to Win a Free Copy of 'Getting Started with WebRTC'
Packt Publishing is offering three free copies of "Getting Started with WebRTC," a book dedicated to breaking down WebRTC for developers and offering step-by-step instructions on developing for WebRTC. - 12/12/2013

BrowseTel.com Brings WebRTC Video Calling to Samsung Galaxy Gear
For some, the Dick Tracy two-way wrist communicator was the height of science fiction technology. But even this enduring meme of technology is falling away, beaten back by not only superior technology, but superior reality as well. BrowseTel.com is h… - 12/12/2013

'Getting Started with WebRTC' Breaks Down Basics, Makes WebRTC Easy to Understand for Developers
There are some companies that have been working on WebRTC since before the term was coined, and there are some that are just realizing the potential of this real-time communications technology. Everyone has to start somewhere, and there is a great re… - 12/12/2013

Business Benefits of Next-Gen Communications
The growing market of next-generation communications is rapidly changing business communications. Companies can choose from a variety of products and unified communications solutions that Andrew Borg of the Aberdeen Group argues provide real value to… - 12/11/2013

WebRTC: One of HTML5's Greatest Success Stories
WebRTC, the HTML5-based standard for facilitating real-time, browser-based video communications, aims to create a world where nearly all Web-connected devices - phones, TVs and computers - can communicate with each other on a common platform. While t… - 12/11/2013

PubNub Brings the Reliability, Speed of Real-Time Networks to Bitcoin Trading Infrastructure
You may have heard of PubNub for its WebRTC functionality, open-source template or Real-Time Network, which powers thousands of apps and streams more than three million messages a second to more than 100 million devices a month. However, the company … - 12/11/2013

Enterprise WebRTC Joins ITEXPO Miami
WebRTC has the potential to disrupt online communication. It eliminates barriers like downloading or installing plugins and enables developers to bring real-time video, voice, chat and sharing functionality right to the browser. Browser-to-browser co… - 12/10/2013

Telepresence: Re-engineering Business Collaboration and Online Meetings with WebRTC
Telepresence refers to the possibility given by technology to be able to be present (although virtually) in a different place to perform work, participate in meetings and communicate with colleagues. It allows "visual collaboration" at a distance and… - 12/10/2013

The WebRTC Dilemma for Enterprises
There is a lot of hype surrounding WebRTC, and depending on what camp you are on it is either the most innovative and disruptive communications solution to come in a long time or just another application supported by some of the biggest players in th… - 12/10/2013

WebFL.US Launches WebRTC Platform for Small, Medium-Sized Businesses
Miami-based Web developer Bruce Arnold of WebFl.US recently announced the launch of its WebRTC platform, which allows small-to-medium sized businesses to provide browser-to-browser video, voice and data communications to its customers without program… - 12/09/2013

WebRTC World Week in Review
The week kicked off with Cyber Monday, a day that generated more than $2 billion in revenue from online shopping. While WebRTC isn't a technology made primarily for the hustle and bustle of days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it is an added valu… - 12/07/2013

Bringing Back the Slideshow with a Modern Touch
The concept of the slideshow has changed drastically since the Internet has taken the world by storm. Nowadays, most of the so-called "slideshows" we see are on websites enticing us to scroll through a list of celebrity breakups or makeovers gone awr… - 12/06/2013

Edholm: VoLTE, WebRTC, Alterations in Cellular Structures Could Prompt Big Changes
TMCnet recently spoke to some of the industry's movers and shakers about their thoughts on 2013 and the year ahead in tech. Here's our interview with Phil Edholm of PKE Consulting LLC, which in cooperation with Technology Marketing Corp. puts on WebR… - 12/06/2013

With Buzz Comes Noise: Breaking Down WebRTC
Hype, buzz or fad - any way you call it, WebRTC has gotten a lot of people talking, and for good reason. The technology eliminates main hurdles for communicating over the Internet: downloading a plugin, paying for services and enabling browsers to ha… - 12/06/2013

Understanding WebRTC Capabilities
WebRTC is one of the latest and most significant developments in the world of real-time communications. This is a part of HTML5 and is supported by most modern Web browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox, today. Using WebRTC, businesses, Web marketers a… - 12/05/2013

WebRTC for Healthcare Website Solutions
A browser with a plugin-free real-time communications (RTC) solution that is open source provides limitless possibilities for organizations to implement high-quality communications without compatibility issues. WebRTC enables audio and video communic… - 12/04/2013

Assemblage's Same.io Uses WebRTC to Make Screen Sharing Easy
Assemblage recently launched the beta version of the Same.io application, a screen sharing app for the Web. In order to set itself apart from the other applications and services already in the market, Assemblage is throwing some verbal haymakers, whi… - 12/03/2013

Texas Maid Service Turns to WebRTC APIs for Easy-to-Manage Website
Today's consumers access the Internet from a variety of locations, connections, browsers and devices. To be successful on the Internet today, companies have to make sure they are catering websites to perform optimally across all of these different en… - 12/02/2013

Using WebRTC on Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday is here, and that means many consumers will be spending their day where they usually are - on the Internet. This year's online shopping discount day, which is predicted to reach more than $2 billion in revenue, may see some websites spor… - 12/02/2013

Developers Hope VP8 Will Soon Be Mandatory for WebRTC Clients
Standards are important. They arguably enabled the Internet to be what it is today, and developers think they will be equally important for the development of the success of WebRTC. The majority of developers questioned by a recent Dialogic survey no… - 12/02/2013

Seniors Turning to WebRTC, Video Chatting to Stay in Touch
For many older folks, technology is a confusing and even somewhat frightening thing. But there are those who have learned that technology now is designed to help in our everyday lives just as it was back when the older folks were younger folks; back … - 12/02/2013

Google Takes Chrome Users to Middle-earth
Google has created a stunning experience to show off how far HTML5 and Google Chrome have come by taking users to Middle-earth. The company has released another Chrome Experiment that allows users to explore the settings of the upcoming movie, "The H… - 12/02/2013

WebRTC: The Next Evolution of Online Marketing
Real-time communications over the Internet has become an essential feature in today's connected world. Users today have to download or install a plugin such as Skype or Google Talk to enable real-time video, voice or text messaging. This is a little … - 12/02/2013

WebRTC World Week in Review
The week after WebRTC Conference & Expo in Santa Clara was pretty relaxed, as companies caught up from a week traveling and prepared for a short holiday week. We thus looked backed on some key themes and takeaways from the event, and Ian Small, CEO o… - 11/29/2013

Plantronics Repeats Award-winning Performance at WebRTC Conference & Expo
The recently concluded WebRTC Conference & Expo, which ran last week in Santa Clara, Calif., brought with it a host of new products and solutions for the rapidly-growing Web real-time communications (WebRTC) market. Some products, however, managed to… - 11/27/2013

Radisys Highlights Importance of Transcoding, Media Server Control and Virtualization in WebRTC Environments
As organizations shift toward all IP-based networks, the variety of audio and video codecs in networks is growing. Transcoding gateways convert one codec to another for proper signaling interworking and security, which is essential as the industry ne… - 11/27/2013

How WebRTC is Starting to Impact the Enterprise
WebRTC, as the name suggests, enables Web real-time communications within a browser via simple HTML5/JavaScript code. It is a free, open standard (currently supported by Google, Mozilla and Opera browsers) designed to connect people that want to comm… - 11/27/2013

WebRTC for the Contact Center: The Premise and the Promise
The technology premise of WebRTC is simple. It enables the easy, interoperable and intrinsically scalable use of multiple communications media simultaneously in one encounter, expanding both the variety and versatility of that encounter. But the tech… - 11/27/2013

TokBox Enables WebRTC on Browsers, Mobile Devices
WebRTC is making communications over the Internet easier, faster and more innovative. What was once limited to a call center can now be utilized across multiple platforms, including browsers and mobile devices. But, not all WebRTC solutions can be de… - 11/26/2013

AddLive Tool Takes High Honors at WebRTC Event Thanks to Sheer Quality
Recently, AddLive made a stop at the WebRTC Conference & Expo to show off the company's new Web real-time communications (WebRTC) solutions. While AddLive came in with a product to show, it left with much more than that; particularly, the award for B… - 11/26/2013

Three Things to Take Away from WebRTC Conference & Expo Santa Clara
Last week was the third rendition of the WebRTC Conference & Expo, and it covered a range of topics from business implementations and applications to more technical aspects like signaling and the WebRTC data channel. There was also a lot of discussio… - 11/25/2013

WebRTC World Week in Review
One thing was clear in the field of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), as the WebRTC III Conference & Expo wound down: there is a lot going on in this field. - 11/23/2013

Opera 18 Adds WebRTC, getUserMedia Support
The latest version of Opera for desktop brings the browser into the WebRTC fold alongside Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. This means users have a third option if they want to participate in some real-time, browser-based video chatting. But that's … - 11/22/2013

Mozilla's Plans to Break Down Mobile Landscape Silos
The development of WebRTC has revolved around the browser, and specifically Chrome, Firefox and Opera. At the WebRTC Conference & Expo, we were able to hear a keynote presentation from Andreas Gal, vice president of Mobile Engineering, Mozilla, to ge… - 11/21/2013

GENBAND Walks Through Past, Present and Future of WebRTC
In a keynote address, Brad Bush, CMO of GENBAND, took an audience at the WebRTC Conference & Expo back to the days of brick-sized mobile phones, ginormous desktop computers and dial-up Internet connections in 1995. - 11/21/2013

OpenClove Sees WebRTC as a Major Disruptor for Retail, Education
OpenClove is a company focusing on the behavioral impact of WebRTC. In its demo this week at the WebRTC Conference & Expo, the company showcased its solution in action on a customer's website. - 11/21/2013

Ericsson Explains What WebRTC Needs to Meet Its Promise
There have been a lot of predictions about the demise of the voice industry, but the reality is that people aren't communicating any less. So says Vish Nandall, CTO and head of strategy and marketing at Ericsson, and a keynote speakers at today's Web… - 11/21/2013

WebRTC Conference & Expo Demos: And The Winners Are
The demos are one of the most fun parts of the WebRTC Conference & Expo, because it's more exciting to see a solution in action than just hearing about it. The second night of demos this week in Santa Clara included presentations from companies inclu… - 11/21/2013

Temasys, Allberta.com Integrate Skyway RTC into Canada's Energy Sector Ecosystem
One of the biggest challenges companies in the energy sector face is connecting from remote locations. They tend to have locations scattered in areas that are badly served in terms of connectivity. Temasys Communications, a provider of WebRTC and com… - 11/21/2013

Bistri Shows Off New Android App at WebRTC Conference & Expo
It's a great time to be involved in Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), as not only is there the flood of news coming out of the WebRTC Conference and Expo, but there is also the added force of the holiday season that makes everyone feel jus… - 11/21/2013

Opportunities and Challenges in Deploying WebRTC Video
Wednesday, I participated in a very interesting panel here at the WebRTC Conference and Expo, focusing on WebRTC's video directions. This event has quickly become the premier venue for all things related to WebRTC, and attracts hundreds of people. It… - 11/20/2013

Plantronics Keynote Emphasizes Making What We Already Have Smarter, Not Starting Over
Up until recently, unified communications has been mostly about the desk phone. Plantronics' Joe Burton's keynote at the WebRTC Conference & Expo explained how the trend of "solving for scarcity," or focusing on lowering IT costs and not really user-… - 11/20/2013

TrueConf Mobile 1.2 Brings Full BYOD Collaboration to Video Conferencing
Another advantage of the unified communications approach to TrueConf is that, regardless of the device a participant is using, video conference members can access their contacts and call history. While the conference is underway, members can view the… - 11/20/2013

WebRTC Offers Patients a New Way to Communicate with Their Doctors
Although there are many changes being made to the healthcare industry, such as Obamacare, designed to provide all citizens access to affordable healthcare, policy reform just cannot solve one problem that many people face: The inability to travel to … - 11/20/2013

BrowseTel.com to Showcase WebRTC Cloud Communications Suite at WebRTC Expo
BrowseTel.com, a platinum sponsor of WebRTC Conference and Expo III, has announced plans to showcase its cloud communications suite at the event. - 11/20/2013

Temasys Merges WebRTC and Dating with Avalable Partnership
Temasys Communications recently announced a partnership with social networking and dating app Avalable to embed the Temasys Skyway RTC visual communication client in the next version of the Avalable mobile social platform. - 11/20/2013

GENBAND Bridges Gap Between Traditional Telecom and Web
GENBAND, a provider of IP networking and communications solutions, is a little different from the other participants at the WebRTC Conference & Expo this week in Santa Clara. Its technology sits on the edge of the network to enable users to embed GEN… - 11/20/2013

Yorktel Takes a Deeper Look into WebRTC
WebRTC Conference & Expo is now in full swing and industry experts, developers and enthusiasts have gathered in earnest to discuss the present and future of this burgeoning technology. Real-time communication over a Web browser can mean a lot of diff… - 11/20/2013

UCI Forum and ONF to Forward SDN, UC Integration via Collaborative Relationship
The ONF and UCI Forum have entered into a new collaborative relationship with a goal that should seem obvious given their missions: To integrate SDN into unified communications environments. - 11/20/2013

WebRTC For Dummies from Sonus Explains How to Facilitate Revenue Growth
WebRTC is a powerful tool that enables browser-to-browser applications for voice calling, video chat, and P2P file sharing without plugins, but it's usefulness is not widespread nor used to its full advantage by companies. Sonus, a SIP communications… - 11/20/2013

PubNub Enables Real-time Video, Audio Integration in Apps with Open Source Template
The world we live in today is mobile. The growth of smartphones also means the proliferation of apps - you can probably think of any functionality, category or theme, and, "There's an app for that." - 11/20/2013

Requestec's Zenon Gateway Now Mixes Opus, Other Audio Codecs
It's day two of the WebRTC Conference & Expo and, as expected, there are plenty of new WebRTC announcements being made. For example, Requestec has stated that its Zenon WebRTC-enabled gateway is now able to mix Opus with other audio codecs to form a … - 11/20/2013

WebFL.US Integrates WebRTC with its Responsive Web Design Solutions
WebFL.US, a Miami-based Web design and mobile Web development firm, has thrown its hat into the WebRTC ring by integrating the technology with its own responsive Web design solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). - 11/20/2013

WebRTC Expo Demos Day One: Audience and Judges' Top Choices
As the first day of WebRTC Conference & Expo comes to a close, so does the first round of demonstrations from companies looking to get ahead in the WebRTC game. The key word today was "mobile," and almost every demonstration included capabilities to … - 11/19/2013

TokBox Keynote Focuses on Best-of-Breed Components of WebRTC: Mobile, Groups and Archiving
In a WebRTC-appropriate fashion, TokBox CEO Ian Small's keynote started with a real-time video connection a la Double Robotics. You may recognize one of these robots from a scene in The Good Wife or, if you frequently visit San Francisco, from wander… - 11/19/2013

Business Impacts of WebRTC You Need to Consider
In the Business Intro to WebRTC session at the WebRTC Conference & Expo, attendees heard about a range of topics, from how WebRTC will change the world and the ways different enterprise departments can utilize WebRTC all the way to the realistic expe… - 11/19/2013

AnyMeeting to Demo Browser-Based Screen Sharing at WebRTC Conference and Expo III
AnyMeeting has announced plans to feature its browser-based screen sharing solution at WebRTC Conference and Expo III in Santa Clara, Calif., later this month. If the demo goes well, then AnyMeeting plans to roll out the technology to production cust… - 11/19/2013


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