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RTC Shaping Our Future: GENBAND CEO & Kandy Head to Canadian Telecom Summit
GENBAND CEO David Walsh to lay out "The Exchange of Everything" vision at Canadian Telecom Summit. - 05/31/2016

GENBAND Helps XO Communications Improve Contact Center Capabilities
XO Communications selects GENBAND Nuvia for its recently announced cloud-based XO contact center service. - 05/24/2016

Ovum Awards JurisLink for Connecting the Physical World
The only step necessary now is for correctional facilities and legal representatives to get on board with the product. Public defenders, for instance, can save their offices thousands of dollars by making the switch. Larger facilities also stand to b… - 05/23/2016

Google Launches New Video Chatting App
Last week, Google announced the debut of Duo, a simple one-to-one video chatting interface that is similar to Apple's popular Facetime feature. The app will be available on both Andriod and iOS devices and will be rolling out this summer. Like Faceti… - 05/23/2016

VoIP Service Demand Driving Demand for Media Gateway Systems
The demand for VoIP services is getting so great that there's a big new demand for media gateway systems worldwide as well. - 05/19/2016

American Well Launches Telehealth Exchange
Healthcare organizations will be able to redistribute their services online to new patient populations for the first time. American Well and its partners have built best-in-class telehealth programs over a number of years, working with what it calls … - 05/17/2016

Solgari Takes Aim at the Office Landline
Dublin-based communications provider Solgari announced last week that it will be launching Solgari Connect, their take on Real Time Communications. The service is compatible with many browsers, including all of the most widely used ones (Chrome, Fire… - 05/16/2016

Telinta Rolls Out White-Label WebRTC Solution
Telinta which offers cloud-based solutions for VoIP services launches white-label WebRTC solution for CSPs. - 05/10/2016

i3 is Merging with OVCC: Visual Communications Opportunities Extended to the Enterprise
As a founding member of i3 Forum, which is now merging with the Open Visual Communications Consortium (OVCC), it will be possible for international carriers to successfully interconnect over IP for a number of different services including video, voic… - 05/10/2016

Parker's Airtime Aims to Improve with Help from vLine Acquisition
Famed Silicon Valley Sean Parker has had his share of ups and downs. He is, of course, most famously known for his venture Napster and the legal troubles that created for him, and his work with Facebook, which was depicted in the hit movie The Social… - 05/09/2016

GENBAND Lands More Medical Kandy, Gets SAP Expansion
Perspectives 16, Orlando, Florida - MBODY360 has selected GENBAND's Kandy service for development of secure instant messaging, voice and video real-time communications feature this week. GENBAND also announced an expanded relationship with SAP as Kan… - 05/04/2016

Perspectives16: Avotus Reminds Businesses about Importance of Usage Reporting
Organizations today are faced with a potentially serious problem when they are deploying UC solutions that are intended to help - not harm them. - 05/03/2016

GENBAND'S Kandy Gives TeleMedCo New Array of Functions
Better communications tend to improve any system, and GENBAND's Kandy is out to provide that improvement in communications. TeleMedCo offered some demonstrations of just how well it's delivering on this promise at GENBAND's Perspectives16 conference.… - 05/03/2016

GENBAND President & CEO David Walsh Introduces Exchange of Everything
While an expansion of the current description of the connected world, whose buzz phrases are Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE), it is a characterization that should resonate and hopefully can gain traction. - 05/03/2016

Drum Selects Epsilon Co-location Service to Boost Web Meeting Service
Drum, a developer of applications for telecommunications companies, has selected Epsilon's co-location service to help expand the reach of its Drum Web meeting service. - 05/02/2016

Intelecom Updates Contact Center With WebRTC Calling
This development was created to allow contact centers to become more resilient while also providing agents with a sense of empowerment over their work environments. Børge Astrup, the managing director of Intelecom's Contact Centre Division, commented… - 04/28/2016

Yealink IP Phone Portfolio Newest Addition to GENBAND Endpoint Armory
From its Platform as a Service, Kandy, and WebRTC gateway, to providing unified communications and network transformation, GENBAND is an industry leader in offering real time communications and beyond. Not just because the proper infrastructure needs… - 04/26/2016

Mitel Enhances its Products to Meet the Needs of Today's Workforce
Mitel outlines enhancements to its real-time communications offerings with focus on contact centers, cloud and security. - 04/21/2016

GENBAND's Bita Milanian Dishes on Perspectives16
Getting together with others in the industry to foster innovation and network is as important as ever today. Especially in the tech space, where innovation comes from partnerships and collaboration - the need to talk about new ideas and learn from ot… - 04/18/2016

SmartShow Taps WebRTC for its New Remote Real Estate Showing System
More information is generally better when making a major purchase. While this doesn't really help in every case-only a live showing, for example, can tell a potential buyer about any unusual odors in the house-it's going to do quite a bit better than… - 04/18/2016

Vidyo Adds New WebRTC Functionality
Yet another indication of the continued growth of WebRTC is today's announcement by Vidyo of a new release, Vidyo Server for WebRTC 3.2, which expands the support of WebRTC. The new product enables guest access for participants in a Vidyo conferencin… - 04/14/2016

Interest in IoT Grows
The Internet of Things, or IoT, has been a hot topic ever since it made its way onto the scene. The ability to communicate with and control objects and devices has already been working to transform medical, retail and manufacturing sectors across the… - 04/14/2016

Is a Custom App in Your Future?
The pace of digital transformation is accelerating, and in this world of fast-paced change slow and steady does not win the race. For this reason, it seems logical at first to grab an off-the-shelf app. However, trying to customize it after the fact … - 04/14/2016

NetNumber Sponsoring Perspectives16, Will Show TITAN
Boston-based NetNumber offers signaling control solutions that make it possible for carriers to quickly implement new services across multiple generations of networks - not only simplifying the core network, but also reducing operating costs. - 04/13/2016

Smart Homes, Security & Real-Time Communications
New technologies take on a special focus when they have the potential to help us achieve what was once impossible. Tools to monitor our heart rates, alert us when we have new incoming communications and allow us to meet with people face to face via v… - 04/13/2016

Apple Finally Crosses the WebRTC Bridge
Before the community pops open champagne, WebRTC features for WebKit are not in production yet, but just available for developers. How soon Apple moves a WebRTC-integrated version of Safari out for general release is an open question and dependent up… - 04/13/2016

GENBAND to Demo NFV Media Processing for Real Time Communications
Like many companies in the communications space, GENBAND has a vested interest in supporting network functions virtualization (NFV) deployments. After all, the way NFV improves telecom efficiency, it's well on its way to permeating every network on t… - 04/13/2016

Overcoming Resistance to Real-Time Communications and Marketing Efforts
There are some who have yet to see the value of gaining attention and market share using real-time communications. They may be focusing on marketing efforts that are outdated or simply becoming harder and harder to use successfully. - 04/13/2016

Is it Time to Bank on Real-Time Communications?
Real-time communications is transforming industries today for its ability to relay information as it happens. From better, more personalized interactions, to faster services, the power of information in real-time has become undeniable. - 04/13/2016

GENBAND Advantage Partner Program Gets Five-Star Rating
Real-time communications solutions provider GENBAND now has yet another recognition to put on its wall of achievements thanks to a recent 5-star rating for its Advantage Partner Program. - 04/13/2016

WebRTC Market Expected to Reach 4.45 Billion by 2020
The latest report from market research company Markets and Markets examines the real-time communications industry and shows that could experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 50 percent through the end of this decade. - 04/12/2016

CafeX's Dave Phillips: Don't Underestimate WebRTC in Business
Phillips' upcoming discussion will focus on the value companies have realized by putting its Live Assist program-which draws on WebRTC for a lot of its operational backbone-to work, particularly when it comes to insurance and financial firms. It won'… - 04/12/2016

HR VP Discusses GENBAND's Culture of Connectedness
So how does a fast-moving company like GENBAND that's all about helping businesses, communications services providers, and over-the-top players deliver real-time communications do that from an internal standpoint? We spoke with GENBAND Vice President… - 04/11/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Business Continues to Transform
This week in real time communications related news, we took a look at UC, unified messaging, and the reasons WebRTC is becoming necessary. - 04/09/2016

New Report Examines OTT Messaging Plays
The telcos took a big hit when over-the-top players like Facebook, Google, and a variety of other companies (some of which these OTT giants now own), got into messaging services. More recent moves by Amazon, Facebook, and Google indicate that will be… - 04/08/2016

'Unified' Messaging is Still a Long Way Off
If you want a half dozen simultaneous headaches, think about the concept of "unified messaging" across platforms. If everyone is in the same over-the-top (OTT) island, all is good and happy, but the minute you start talking about cross-platform and c… - 04/08/2016

Real-Time Communications Are Most Effective in Context of the Right Workflow
If you're of a certain age, you'll remember the days when it was acceptable to make an important business call, leave a message on voicemail or with an assistant and wait a day or so for a call back. Perhaps it was an official communication, in which… - 04/08/2016

WebRTC - It's Now Mission Critical
For anything involving customer contact, audio and/or video, WebRTC's time has come. The only question is the best way to apply it to your business needs and applications without getting bogged down into a discussion down other, more expensive and pr… - 04/07/2016

WebRTC a Technology to Watch, According to New Study
A new report paints a positive picture for WebRTC, but the technology is not without its challenges as companies like Google, Facebook and Twilio seek to make it the industry standard for real-time communications. - 04/06/2016

Real Time Communications Complements and Furthers the BYOD Trend
Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) is a business trend sweeping across organizations the world over. Enabling and evolving BYOD is the concurrent trend toward easy real-time communications. - 04/06/2016

Verizon Says the IoT Has Already Gone Mainstream
While many companies are still looking ahead to the IoT future, a new report from Verizon suggest the Internet of Things is in fact already here and thriving. With an addressable market that includes over 50 million cars that aren't yet connected, ov… - 04/05/2016

San Diego Padres' Real Time Communications System a Grand Slam
Sports and real time communications tools have been increasingly spotted together as stadiums start including the systems to improve the overall fan experience. The San Diego Padres recently came out with such a move, bringing in Mitel to bring a com… - 04/04/2016

Communication in Customer Service
Real-time metrics (e.g., calls in queue, average response time, etc.) are valuable assets for organizations to consult when determining best operation practices. The data provides agents with the information necessary to communicate closely with thei… - 04/04/2016

Office Spaces Gain Flexibility Along with UC
Ultimately, the shift away from a more structured work environment to one where workers can choose how to be most productive will have a positive effect on their happiness, according to Jenn Lim, the chief executive and co-founder of Delivering Happi… - 04/04/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Kandy & More
This week in real time communications related news, we took a closer look at the UC and cloud markets, where they are headed and what it means for communications. We also took a closer look at some of GENBAND's offerings. - 04/02/2016

Unwrap a Treat with Kandy Wrappers
It's pretty easy to liken GENBAND's Kandy with the actual treat that you eat because it does so many sweet things for communications capabilities. - 04/01/2016

UC Changing Amidst Mobile, Cloud Advancements
50 percent of employees will be required to use their personal smart device on the job by 2017, as predicted by Gartner. And with more business processes being mobile-enabled, as opposed to being overseen by people, this helps to accelerate productiv… - 04/01/2016

Onslow Memorial Hospital Adopts PatientSafe Mobility Software
Onslow Memorial Hospital, an acute care facility located in Jacksonville, N.C., recently faced the situation where its collection of outdated on-site communications was beginning to catch up with the speed and quality of care it could deliver to pati… - 03/31/2016

GENBAND Solution Enables Service Providers to Expand Reach
The age of real-time communications actually arrived a few generations ago when individuals gained the ability to make a direct call over a landline. These individuals no longer needed to wait for postal deliveries or seeing someone in person in orde… - 03/31/2016

Does WebRTC Need Fixing? Well...
As an evolving and not "fixed" standard, a lot of people are trying to make/expect/ask/demand WebRTC do things above and beyond its baseline capabilities. The developer buzz is that WebRTC "can't" do certain things or needs to be "fixed" to do certai… - 03/30/2016

5G: What You Should Know About This New Communications Titan
A Dilbert strip once featured Wally out to sabotage a new vice president as part of a surprisingly cogent plot from the Pointy-Haired Boss. Wally fed said VP false information, culminating in the revelation that 4G was called 4G "because it's G-G-G-G… - 03/30/2016

Snapchat Adds Voice and Video Calling in 'Chat 2.0' Update
For starters, Snapchat users can now place audio and video calls. In addition, over 200 stickers have been added to the app's existing repertoire, allowing users to send stickers of aliens, ghosts, animals and more to their contacts via chat. These n… - 03/30/2016

To Build a Better Landing Page, You Need WebRTC
The challenges for the average marketer are many - attracting the right individuals; ensuring the campaign hits the target the first time; demonstrating value when the customer journey is very long. The list could go on and on, yet that doesn't mean … - 03/30/2016

WebRTC: An Important Key to Operator Relevance
The rise of the app in communication and collaboration is continuing, giving WebRTC momentum as operators roll out offerings to compete with over-the-top (OTT) threats. - 03/29/2016

First Responder Real-Time Video Access Made Available by Eagle Eye Networks
When first responders, such as police officers, arrive at a location, there is nothing more valuable than information. This allows them to assess the situation and take the appropriate action without endangering themselves and the people they have sw… - 03/28/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, HireRush, March Madness
It's been quite a week for real time communications, and though the Easter holiday means it's a bit shorter week than normal for a lot of people, there was still plenty of news to go around. So before packing up for your church service, ham dinner, o… - 03/26/2016

Real Time Communications & Skype for Business
The business communications landscape has been transforming as new solutions and digital networks continue to transform at break neck speeds. In the past, businesses had to pay for different conferencing solutions and their legacy PBX phone systems w… - 03/24/2016

Business UC Necessary: Why Are Some Managers Still Hesitant?
Unified Communications is more than a hot trend. In the businesses space, it's a necessity for survival. UC makes it possible for employees to collaborate and work without borders. However, even with all of these benefits clear, there are still manag… - 03/24/2016

WebRTC Market a 'Blue Ocean' Full of Opportunity
WebRTC will make these gains thanks to sheer versatility. With users able to use WebRTC as a means to attract new customers and keep the old-it can be used to provide at least one part of an omnichannel experience, and arguably, others as well-WebRTC… - 03/24/2016

Providing Unified Communications to Remote Workers is a Challenge
It's logical to assume that, with remote workers and unified communications (UC) gaining prominence in the enterprise, many of the problems of the former could be mitigated by the latter. However, the results of a recent survey from Dell suggests tha… - 03/24/2016

Kandy Receives WebRTC Product of the Year Award for Visual Attendant
Kandy.io is an award-winning communications platform as a service (cPaaS) from GENBAND. It celebrated its one year milestone back in September and managed to achieve impressive success in only a year. It combines the simplicity of Web and mobile appl… - 03/24/2016

HireRush Lets Web Browsers Do the Calling for Local Service Providers
HireRush is offering an exciting new idea to help contractors get noticed and get work, as well as a way to make finding contractors easier for those looking for such services. That indeed seems to be a win-win situation for contractors and clients a… - 03/23/2016

Visual Collaboration in the Next Generation Workplace
To realize maximum productivity, enterprises must integrate video communications into their unified communications architectures. A wider adoption of standards-based protocols such as SIP, H.264, and WebRTC allows end users to mix-and-match across di… - 03/22/2016

Talk Fusion's Video Chat Wins WebRTC Product of the Year Award
All-in-one communications solutions that provide data, audio and video transmission are key in addressing the collaborative environment of today's workforce. While there are many solutions in the market place, in most instances compatibility issues b… - 03/22/2016

Healthcare is About to Go Mobile While Hanging Out in the Cloud
Have you noticed that healthcare is changing? What was once an industry focused on waiting to see a doctor to treat symptoms is now morphing into one where the individual has more control over his or her wellness in the long-term. Still, whether an i… - 03/22/2016

New-School UC and Appification Will Define the Future Enterprise
If one wants to glimpse the future of enterprise communications, look no further than how we use personal devices. As we continue into 2016, the "appification" of the enterprise will continue apace, as cloud-based unified communications and collabora… - 03/21/2016

Commonality Between March Madness Office Pool and Unsanctioned Real Time Communications
A majority of organizations use two or more real-time messaging applications, according to a recent survey by BetterCloud. Some use 5 or more -- what's wrong with this picture? - 03/19/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Telecom Italia Sparkle, Digital Trends
That was the week that was in real time communications, and it was a pretty big week. We looked at today and tomorrow's developments, and it was clear this market had a lot going for it. Our global online community had its work cut out for it, bringi… - 03/19/2016

GENBAND, Polycom Make for a Powerful Combination for Federal Users
While many regard the United States government as a bastion of intrusion, waste and ineptitude, there are large portions of it that run quite well and produce value for all concerned. Improvement is possible at every level, and leading the charge for… - 03/18/2016

It's 2016, and We Still Lack Preference for Virtual Meetings. Here's Why.
With the mobile workforce revolutionizing businesses, both small and large, it's becoming more conventional to meet our clients and business partners for a quick chat over the wire. While it's pretty cool to think back to where we were just ten years… - 03/18/2016

Real-Time Messaging: To Be or Not to Be Productive
Consensus rings in. With lack of training and discipline when using tools that connect people in real-time, there will obviously be distraction and loss in productivity. Let's not label this as a technology fault. This is a factor that organizations … - 03/18/2016

Global Enterprise Mobility Market to Top $510 Billion by 2022
The mobile market has been on a steady upward climb for years now and there's little reason to think it will stop any time soon. Practically every facet of the mobile space is set for growth as mobile devices continue to permeate our home and work li… - 03/18/2016

Stop Eating and Pay Attention During Video Conferences
While the mobile workforce concept has given quite a bit to both employee and employer-ask a mobile worker about the last time he wore a tie, for example-there are also some important points to note about video conferencing etiquette. Many of these p… - 03/17/2016

Most Organizations Will Need to Make Major Changes to Manage Tomorrow's Networking Requirements
It's a familiar scenario. You download an app on your smartphone because it promises to make life easier for you. You open the app, attempt to engage with it and find that it doesn't meet your expectations, so you never use it again. According to a s… - 03/17/2016

TokBox Ready to Hit SXSW with New WebRTC Telehealth Option
Tokbox recently provided an object lesson of just how much SXSW has grown over the years by bringing its Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) based Telehealth Solution to the event. - 03/15/2016

Telecom Italia Sparkle Gets Communications Sweet Tooth with GENBAND's Kandy
GENBAND's Kandy solution has already delivered a lot of value for users, and now, one more has been added to the roster. Telecom Italia Sparkle-a portion of Telecom Italia (TI) Group that handles international services-recently brought Kandy on board… - 03/14/2016

Grandstream Harnesses WebRTC for IPVideoTalk Conferencing Service
With the launch of cloud-based video, audio and web conferencing service IPVideoTalk, Grandstream is directly harnessing the capabilities of WebRTC for the first time. - 03/14/2016

WebRTC-based Identify Authentication May Be Easier than Remembering Your Second Grade Teacher's Name
Think about the last time you stood in line for something official: at a bank, to open an account or to get something notarized. At the DMV to renew your driver's license. Perhaps you waited while sitting, at the doctor's office, for example, or to g… - 03/14/2016

GENBAND Wins Stevie Award for Customer Service
Real-time communications solutions provider GENBAND has announced that it won a Gold Stevie Award in the Customer Service Department of the Year - Telecommunications category. - 03/14/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Braidio, NetFortris
That was the week that was in real time communications, and this week was heavily about applications. For those companies looking to expand on current platforms, there were plenty of cases this week where real time communications showed impressive ne… - 03/12/2016

Simplification, Savings at the Core of Marcatel Choosing GENBAND, NetNumber
To complement TITAN, NetNumber offers a service bureau through which service providers can access such industry information as number port data, calling name data, toll-free assignment data, and the like. The back-end process for service providers to… - 03/10/2016

NetFortris Updates Cloud-based UC Software
Updates to the NetFortris cloud-based communications product allow it to take full advantage of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) and separate container clients, as the company has called the various segments of its product, to handle voice… - 03/10/2016

Unified Office Introduces WebRTC Management Portal for Visual Performance Suite
Unified Office is a managed services provider offering hybrid cloud-based unified communications and virtual office services through a variety of channel partners that has experienced a good rate of growth lately. With growth comes expansion in terms… - 03/09/2016

GENBAND Partners with Zift Solutions to Combine Marketing, Real-Time Communications
Real-time communications provider GENBAND has announced it has partnered with Zift Solutions, to offer the Zift Platform, a channel marketing and management platform to GENBAND's customers. - 03/09/2016

NCA Chooses GENBAND's Nuvia Platform to Support UCFlex
With the help of the Nuvia platform, UCFlex provides NCA customers with a full suite of unified business communications and collaboration tools. This includes HD voice, video, multimedia messaging, mobility, conferencing, web collaboration, desktop U… - 03/09/2016

GENBAND's Cloud Offerings a Hit with XO Communications
When XO Communications found itself interested in getting more cloud-based contact center services into user hands, it's not surprising that it found itself looking at GENBAND's line of products. Several parts of GENBAND's lineup, at last report, are… - 03/08/2016

Braidio Picks GENBAND Kandy to Bring Real-Time Communications to HR Platform
Braidio is working with GENBAND to integrate its learning and talent development platform with the Kandy Platform as a Service. That will bring communications and collaboration into the Braidio cloud-based solution. - 03/08/2016

GENBAND, Polycom Complete Interoperability Testing for Department of Defense
While communications systems are critical to most any operation around, when it comes to military communications, it's often a matter of life and death. Recently, a new move for the United States Department of Defense (DoD) underscored the value pres… - 03/08/2016

WebRTC's Challenge: Large Scale Broadcasting
For all the hype and momentum surrounding WebRTC, there is something it doesn't do very well out of the box without additional help. In the case of large scale live broadcast, it needs a lot of help. Issues such as distribution, latency, and mirrorin… - 03/08/2016

Agora.io's New Agora Video Brings Video Communications to Wide Use
More and more tools are coming into play that allow users to put video communications to work right from the midst of an app, as we've heard would soon be possible since the earliest days of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC). One of the new… - 03/07/2016

Glip is Popular Among RingCentral Customers
RingCentral has had a lot to celebrate lately. The cloud business communications and collaboration solutions provider recently outlined the massive success of the RingCentral Connect Platform, which surpassed one million API requests per day in only … - 03/07/2016

ownCloud 9.0 Will Implement WebRTC Teleconferencing System
Video communications is the future, and when 5G networks are fully deployed, it will be as common as SMS. Until that time, telecoms, CSPs, network operators and developers are using the current infrastructure and technology to make it happen without … - 03/07/2016

Distributed Workforce a Reality Thanks to WebRTC
As communications systems have become more intelligent, we're seeing huge transformations in the workplace as we know it. In the past, it was common for businesses, regardless of size, to operate out of one building, but technology has made it possib… - 03/07/2016

End the WebRTC and ORTC Divide
SDP is often described as an unnecessary "blob" of text. ORTC proponents say you don't need the complexities of SDP and the SIP protocol and can handle media with a smarter stream API that handles communications at a lower level. SDP also is a signal… - 03/07/2016

GENBAND to Display Multiple Products at Trade Show
At Enterprise Connect, it will display Kandy Wrappers, pre-packaged RTC applications, and Smart Office unified communications (UC) clients that are meant to easily distribute to desktop and mobile devices within an enterprise. The applications repres… - 03/07/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Yorktel, Kandy
It's been another great week for real time communications, and this technology is showing up in a lot more places than ever, some of which were downright unexpected. It's not always easy to keep track of all those developments, so now that we've got … - 03/05/2016

GENBAND Makes NFV, SBC and fring Alliance News at MWC16
As carriers look to compete with OTT voice and video solutions, GENBAND is helping them via their new fring Alliance Revenue Engine Apps. As a reminder, the fring Alliance is a group of carriers working collectively to, for all effective purposes, la… - 03/03/2016

Twilio Client Now Supports ORTC for Microsoft Edge
For those in the WebRTC space, the name of the game is progress. Indeed, hardly a week goes by in which a company or developer isn't announcing a new update to one WebRTC-based solution or another. This time it's Twilio, the WebRTC-based cloud commun… - 03/03/2016

Twilio Allows Developers to Create Videoconferencing Apps that Connect Web, iOS Devices
Python has become popular for web development because of its clean syntax and large numbers of libraries available. Swift is a language developed by Apple that attempts to offer a safer alternative to the Objective-C language initially popular for Ma… - 03/03/2016

Connected Health Device Ownership on the Rise
Exciting news from Parks Associates- households with broadband Internet access are increasingly getting into connected health devices. From just 2013 to 2015, the numbers saw a fairly hefty spike, going from 24 percent of households to 33 percent, wi… - 03/03/2016

RevTwo Offers Real-Time Communications Edge to Mobile Apps
With RevTwo's SDK, several major new options come into play. With a push of a button, users will be able to make phone calls from an app to another user, or even share a screen with that other user, using simple interfaces that should prove easy to u… - 03/03/2016

Survey: Business Needs Will Eventually Play Larger Role in Mobile App Development Decision Making
According to a recent study commissioned by Red Hat, the perception on what drives decision-making when it comes to mobile application development is changing. Although a plurality of respondents feel that IT drives such decisions currently, they fee… - 03/03/2016

Yorktel to Show Off Next Gen Work Place
A workforce that is increasingly mobile, whether it's just working from home, or from the business' headquarters, or it's actively moving from place to place as part of the job, needs the right tools to get the best results. Communications tools must… - 03/02/2016

Mobile CDNs Aim to Optimize Mobile Video and Content
The embedded middleware platform is engineered to integrate with existing CDNs and uses Quickplay's software-defined head-end to ingest, package and publish content, making it possible for on demand content to be distributed over any LTE network thro… - 03/01/2016

Telehealth Hits the Road with Yorktel's FeatherMed
Telehealth has already gained a lot of notice thanks to its ability to work just about anywhere, but thanks to a recent development from Yorktel, it's gotten even more portable. That development is the Yorktel FeatherMed system, a tool that allows re… - 02/29/2016

Doing WebRTC - How Soon, How much?
Any business that has to communicate with customers, regardless of vertical or horizontal categorization will come to WebRTC sooner or later, with three questions at the core: How soon do I need WebRTC? How fast do I need to roll it out? How much ser… - 02/29/2016

Kandy Visual Attendant for Carriers Delivers Easy Way to Monetize Click-to-Call
The telephone landscape is changing thanks to VoIP and emerging technologies such as browser-native real-time communications technology, WebRTC. This doesn't bode well for telecom providers unless they find new revenue streams. - 02/29/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Envelop VR, Avotus, Xura
With Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 coming to an end, that brings with it a whole new flood of news about new developments in the real time communications field. - 02/27/2016

Chime: 'Making Together Happen'
CafeX has developed Chime, a solution poised to revolutionize business collaboration by bringing the promise of WebRTC to fruition and reduce total cost up to 70 percent. - 02/25/2016

Which Video Streaming Option Fits You Best: On-Premises, in the Cloud, or Both?
As the demand for anytime, anywhere video content becomes more and more mainstream, so will on-demand viewing and live streaming components that are delivered globally across devices and social media channels. This presents the challenge of determini… - 02/25/2016

Collaboration at Heart of Connected Enterprise
Collaboration technologies have brought innovation and made success possible for businesses of all sizes. Thanks to Internet-connected devices and technologies like mobility and UC, businesses are now entering new territories and their employees are … - 02/24/2016

Multi-Billion Market Ahead for Smart Homes
There's something so gleefully futuristic about a smart home; the idea of a house that allows lights to be turned on indoors from a user's car, or allows the user to watch what's going on inside when not home, even to be able to answer that nagging q… - 02/24/2016

Summit Tech Makes VR Calls a Reality
Mobile World Congress (MWC) currently being held in Barcelona includes a number of hardware manufacturers and software developers at the congress showcasing new products and services that will likely change the way we use information and communicatio… - 02/24/2016

Xura Elements Gives Businesses Greater Control Over Real-Time Communication
Xura Elements aims to integrate simplicity, mobility and the social aspects of real-time communications with business process optimization. The result: reduced contact center costs and the ability to create new customer engagement experiences simply,… - 02/24/2016

TelmedIQ Delivers Secure Mobile Medical Communication to Capital Region Medical Center
Medical professionals have relied on pagers after the general public moved on in the '90s, but the medical community has caught onto modern mobile devices. These devices are handy because they let staff access the increasingly common electronic healt… - 02/23/2016

Avotus: Keeping Businesses Productive and Protected
Telecommunications management plays an important role for businesses today as employees continue to embrace new technologies and make use of all the innovative communications tools being offered. - 02/23/2016

Voice4Net Talks WebRTC, Call Center Success at ITEXPO
Voice4net provides contact center technologies for numerous industries. The company's custom interactive telephony solutions make it possible to streamline business communications and offer the tools needed to succeed in today's market. - 02/23/2016

To VP9 or Not to VP9 with WebRTC?
VP9 is the next-generation open source video codec created by the WebM project and designed for use by the Alliance for Open Media. Since Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix are participants in the alliance, VP9 should turn u… - 02/22/2016

Envelop VR Brings in New Business Development VP
Virtual reality (VR)'s comeback as a technology may have been a long time in the making, but now, it's starting to gain a foothold as the powerful display system we all kind of thought it could be. - 02/22/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Empire Access, Voxvalley, GENBAND
It's almost a foregone conclusion that the week in real time communications will be a big one. This week was no exception. - 02/20/2016

As Traditional Media Consumption Shifts, So Do Trends in Social Media Engagement Strategies
A recent study by PQ Media, a market research agency focused on competitive intelligence as it relates to some of today's top media and technology organizations, disclosed findings that highlight the future of traditional media and how the shift is b… - 02/19/2016

mHealth Users to Triple by 2020
Digital health initiatives continue to ramp up, and increasingly, mobile tech is a big part of the picture. In fact, the number of individuals using mHealth information services is set to exceed 157 million users by 2020, more than tripling the 50 mi… - 02/19/2016

WebRTC Could Help Put a More Personal Touch into Advertising
Real-time communications are taking the business world by storm. Using technologies such as WebRTC, a standard that allows for browser-to-browser voice and video communications without the need to download anything, workers today are engaging in conf… - 02/19/2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Orion Snags $9Mn for Voice-First Comms
With this round, San Francisco-based Orion has now raised $16.25 million in funding. The company said that it will use the funding to further build out its research and development, engineering and marketing capabilities. This new round of funding wi… - 02/18/2016

GENBAND Heads to MWC with Kandy and fring in Tow
Next gen collaboration capabilities, are happening now. People are already making use of their mobile devices and apps to communicate in new ways for both work and play. The importance of mobile services and the companies creating these solutions is … - 02/18/2016

GENBAND and NetNumber Help Cellact Move Toward NFV
As a follow up, GENBAND is now providing mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) Cellact Communication an HLR/AuC-enabled platform in partnership with NetNumber. The platform is already deployed and will support Cellact's transition to a software-base… - 02/18/2016

Voxvalley Helps Businesses Address the Mobile Trend
Voxvalley Technologies is a VoIP software solution vendor that aims to help businesses in that quest. In a video interview with TMC CEO Rich Tehrani at the recent ITEXPO, Mike Storella, director of Voxvalley Technologies, explained how. - 02/18/2016

How SMBs Can Scale Quickly With Cloud Alternatives
The most successful SMB's integrate cloud systems into their business practices because such systems allow for a platform that stimulates rapid growth. - 02/18/2016

If You Don't Real-Time, You Won't Last
For now, the organization is content that they at least received a call the next day. Given that they have already invested considerable time and money into this platform, they're willing to take a few more steps before making a change. Yet, the soci… - 02/18/2016

Mitel Seeks to Enhance Mobile Productivity
Aimed to meet the growing requirements of a mobile-first world, Mitel has revealed new mobile solutions for real time communications. - 02/16/2016

Bit6 Announces Commercial Media Relay Services
The Bit6 STUN and TURN Service utilizes a geo-distributed network of STUN and TURN servers around the world to deliver enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance with simple, usage-based pricing and no additional hardware or software. … - 02/16/2016

Using Real Time Communications to Jump Start Business
What's the key to all this? Real-time communication, facilitated by WebRTC, just works "better" in today's networked cloud world to provide quicker setup and addition of services, seamless integration with CRM systems, one-click voice (and moving to … - 02/16/2016

Empire Access Ditches Legacy Systems, Implements GENBAND
GENBAND, provider of real-time communications solutions, recently announced the release of a Network Transformation solution through Empire Access, a state-of-the-art provider of fiber optics. The Network Transformation tool, a software-based solutio… - 02/16/2016

Here's a Workaround for Testing .Y4M Files in Chrome
WebRTC has already proven itself to be a wonderful technological breakthrough, enabling the creation of applications with rich, high-quality Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities developed for browsers and mobile devices. Using a common set of … - 02/16/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Bubble, MindMe, ThinkingPhones
Is there ever a week in real time communications that isn't a huge week? I've yet to see it, and frankly, I don't want to. All this news can make things a bit confusing in terms of what's most useful, so now that we've got a weekend on hand, let's ta… - 02/13/2016

Building AR Apps with WebRTC (and More)
While real-time browser-based communications like adding click-to-call to an instant messaging app has become a solid use case for the likes of WebRTC, some developers are working on more advanced fare, like augmented reality (AR) hooks. - 02/12/2016

MediaRecorder Makes Recording Debut for Chrome and Firefox
MediaRecorder is the most starred Chrome feature that has yet been seen in the history of Chrome, current reports note. With interest going as far back as 2012, and 2,877 people starring the issue to implement the tool, the move to make it a part of … - 02/11/2016

Lost Opportunities: Real Time Communications in the 2016 Primaries
In a Twitter-driven world, with people hanging on every comment from the current crop of (ever shrinking) presidential candidates, why hasn't anyone embraced more real-time communications channels? The @realdonaldtrump handle has out gunned everyone … - 02/11/2016

A Better Call in Google Hangouts Now Available with P2P Infusion
Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a phrase that's given technology developers hope and terror alike. While P2P has been one of the most prized developments in mobile payments, it's also been the potential death of the recording industry. For Google Hangouts, it … - 02/11/2016

ThinkingPhones, Now Fuze, Gains $112 Million in Funding Round
ThinkingPhones, a startup that has developed a cloud-based voice and video streaming service, has announced the raising of $112 million as part of a recent investment round. - 02/11/2016

Crucial Funding Needed for Suicide Help App That Uses WebRTC
The partnership has developed a state-of-the-art mobile application system called "MindMe" that allows vulnerable individuals to break the cycle of suicidal thought and ideation through a therapist -guided approach that includes instant messaging and… - 02/11/2016

Zycoo Zooms into 2016 on Innovation
Zycoo is a Chinese IP PBX manufacturer, targeted at SMBs with a clear focus on development. One third of Zycoo's team is Research & Development (R&D), and at ITEXPO Florida the firm had much innovation on display and promises much more to come in 201… - 02/10/2016

Bubble, Ziggeo Get Together to Tell Stories with Video
A picture, so the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Thus a video can tell stories like no other medium can, and Bubble and Ziggeo have gotten together to put together a new means to use video to tell the stories of our lives. - 02/10/2016

VP9 Joins the Roster of WebRTC Video Calling
Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) is a market that's been making constant gains and changes for the last several years. One more change was made recently, as those placing video calls with WebRTC can now turn to the VP9 codec for video call… - 02/10/2016

Customers Expect Personalized, Omnichannel Interactions - Can You Deliver?
The expectations around customer service are an interesting challenge for those companies that serve a variety of consumers. For those who only pay attention to millennials, it's easy to assume they want real-time communications through technologies … - 02/10/2016

Report Expects WebRTC Market to Net 36 Percent CAGR, 2016-2020
A new report from market research company TechNavio surveys the global Web-based real-time communications (WebRTC) market and expects that it will experience a compound annual growth rate of more than 36 percent between 2016 and 2020. - 02/09/2016

WebRTC Expected to Grow as Companies Seek Competitive Advantage
WebRTC hasn't fully saturated the market or enjoyed mainstream adoption. While a number of solutions have been introduced into the market to support the demand for real-time connections, not all companies have jumped on board. Likewise, not all consu… - 02/09/2016

The API Opportunity
An API, not to be confused with the American Petroleum Institute, is an application program interface. In layman's terms, it's a collection of tools, routines and protocols for building software applications. And according to expert Andy Abramson, op… - 02/08/2016

Service Providers - It's Time to Step Up to the Digital Plate
How have your communications needs changed in the past few years? Have your habits dictated the way you get in touch with others or has the development of innovative technologies simply offered you a better way to get things done? Either way, the dem… - 02/08/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, ITEXPO, Cisco
Real time communications is a market that's still got a lot of room to run, especially as the mobile workforce grows. That means plenty of news about developments in this market, and this week brought a lot of new ground to cover. So settle in and pu… - 02/06/2016

Polycom Releasing RealPresence Debut in More Global Markets
Attempting to capitalize on the growing need for reliable audio and video equipment in huddle rooms - the intimate meeting spaces that bring together handfuls of employees - Polycom has introduced RealPresence Debut and is now bringing that combinati… - 02/04/2016

GENBAND Gives Partners a Marketing Advantage
For any company that offers services and solutions to a network of resellers and partners, there is an assumption that those offerings will not only be cutting edge and reliable, but that they will also be designed with specific needs in mind. Nothin… - 02/04/2016

Cisco VNI Shows Huge Mobile Population
If it seems like everybody has some kind of mobile device these days-or at least almost everyone does-you're not alone. The 10th annual Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) came out recently, and its predictions for mobile confirm our anecdotal eviden… - 02/03/2016

GENBAND SBCs Help Brazil Carrier Switch to IP Call Centers
GENBAND continues to be as active as ever, having recently been selected by Oi to help lower costs and improve efficiencies for the Brazilian provider of telecommunications services. In particular, Oi has deployed GENBAND's session border controllers… - 02/03/2016

Ensuring Video Quality for WebRTC in the Contact Center
WebRTC has great promise for sales and customer support. For individuals using a browser that supports WebRTC, it adds another real-time communications channel that is fast and easy, and very personalized. Many companies that have considered offering… - 02/03/2016

WebRTC Reveals the Obsolescence of Most UC Systems
The new model for UC is embodied by WebRTC, the real-time communications standard established by Google and currently being adopted by the standards bodies, WC3 and IETF. WebRTC connects users in a UC environment with the click of a link. No need for… - 02/03/2016

IDEA Showcase @ITEXPO Illuminates with Innovation
ITEXPO played host to the cutting edge in business transformation technology, and while many in tech see the big getting bigger it is startups that serve as incubators for innovation. In that light, the IDEA Showcase @ITEXPO was welcomed into the sho… - 02/02/2016

What Progressive Web Apps Mean for the Web
As a developer, I approach new platform features with a healthy amount of skepticism. A trendy technology which the greater web community has been pushing heavily over the last few months is progressive web apps. I'll defer to an article from Google … - 02/02/2016

Mahindra Comviva Adds WebRTC to Portfolio through Radisys Partnership
Radisys has announced that mobility solutions provider Mahindra Comviva has integrated Radisys MediaEngine products with the Mahindra Comviva value-added suite of products, including Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT). - 02/02/2016

Accenture Predicts $2 Trillion in Worldwide Tech Growth
An interesting report emerged recently from Accenture, and it has put a tangible perspective on the effects of technology on global economic output. The report indicates that by the year 2020, an additional $2 trillion in global gross domestic produc… - 02/01/2016

Benton Communications Taps GENBAND's Network Transformation for Upgrades
Network upgrades are a fact of life for most any communications provider. Customers want those upgrades-even when the network was recently upgraded already-and businesses want to provide those things which can be profitably provided. To that end, Ben… - 02/01/2016

GENBAND Helps Johnson Telephone Company Upgrade its Network
Provider of real-time communications software solutions GENBAND recently announced that the Johnson Telephone Company selected GENBAND's Network Transformation solution to upgrade its communications infrastructure. The GENBAND Network Transformation … - 02/01/2016

Hybrid to Native with WebRTC Apps
Hybrid apps relying on third-party code offer a number of advantages. Apps can be quickly build by standard web developers using their knowledge with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so you can build an app as fast as any other HTML5 application. Apps can … - 02/01/2016

3CX Partners with TekVision to Streamline Product Testing
Reportedly seeking an increase in testing space and a possible increase and capital and operational savings, software-based private branch exchange (PBX) provider 3CX has announced the beginning of its partnership with TekVision. - 02/01/2016

GENBAND's Greg Zweig Talks Future of Collaboration, IBM Connect
Embedded communication and collaboration tools are growing in importance because they bring together traditional communications methods (think IM, web conferencing) with new applications and web environments (think WebRTC and real-time). - 01/30/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: DigitalGlue, Developerprogram.com, ITEXPO
It was a big week not only for real time communications, but for technology in general thanks to ITEXPO's arrival. Taking Fort Lauderdale by storm, the event at the Broward County Convention Center offered a huge amount of information, interaction, a… - 01/30/2016

Mitel, FieldAware Implement Joint Field Service Management Solutions
FieldAware users will now enjoy a host of Mitel features, including adaptable ETA figures sent to customers; increased sales tools; and intelligent dispatch technology. Field operators can expect to use these tools in Q2 2016, though a hard date has … - 01/29/2016

Intel Releases Collaboration Suite for WebRTC 3.0
Hardware processors play an important role in the puzzle of making real-time communications work well for everybody. Although much of up-and-coming standards such as WebRTC see the light of day as software implementation, the underlying hardware has … - 01/28/2016

Sansay Helps Phone.com Enhance Network, Implement WebRTC Services
Cloud communications services provider Phone.com recently realized significant improvements to its network's reliability thanks to a collaboration with Sansay, provider of high performance, scalable and highly reliable session border controllers (SBC… - 01/28/2016

10 Years into the Future of Communications
How will we talk to each other a decade from now? Will we even talk? Many have predicted the demise of the phone call, followed by the demise of voice communication as it is replaced by chat - or is chat replacing email, since email is dead? It's har… - 01/28/2016

Car Dealerships Can Build a Personalized Digital Relationship with Customers Using WebRTC
We live in an "always on, always connected" world today. For most customers - at least those laying down a hefty purchase price - there are few times when the idea of customer support being "closed" for the day is acceptable. Thanks to technology, wh… - 01/28/2016

French Start-up Aircall Offers Feature-Rich Real-Time Customer Support in an App
Business used to be predictable once upon a time. Companies were started in garages and were built up in brick and mortar buildings. The need for sales, marketing and customer service expanded slowly, and was usually fairly predictable. Customers wer… - 01/27/2016

Snapchat Leak Shows Several New Features
Recently, some enterprising folks found exciting new features for Snapchat in an unlikely location: the app's currently-existing code. Contained within was the groundwork for an array of new features to come, and if the code actually rolls out to the… - 01/27/2016

Callstats.io Brings WebRTC Monitoring to Jitsi Meet
Callstats.io, a product of Finland-based startup Dialogue.io, monitors and manages the performance of video calls in a WebRTC application. Recently, callstats.io introduced integration with Jitsi Meet, an open source WebRTC application. - 01/27/2016

ITEXPO Keynote: The Promise of Progress in Visual Collaboration
The market is, over time, converging to provide visual experience. Technology is not just offering the freedom to work when and where we choose. And it is not just technology transforming the way we work. ITEXPO's first keynote today on visual collab… - 01/27/2016

Shifting UC, WebRTC and the Business World
Unified communications and WebRTC are shifting the way the world does business bit by bit. Just a few years ago, it was all about UC sitting in the office, with a loose bundle of IM/presence, group chat, voice, and video that may or may not have work… - 01/27/2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Aircall Gains $2.75 Million in Seed Investment Round
A primary focus of enterprise-focused application development teams is the business team itself. Developers are creating team-connecting apps such as the new Aircall - a mobile and desktop app that gives individuals a method of keeping in touch with … - 01/26/2016

Developerprogram.com Delivers All Companies Need to Support Developers, Partners
You may not have heard of developerprogram.com, but you've probably heard of Avaya, Cisco, Harman Kardon, Sprint, Vodafone, and many of the other customers for which the company supports developer and other partner programs. - 01/26/2016

WebRTC Offers a Unique Opportunity for Companies to Differentiate Their Customer Experience
Once upon a time, companies dictated how their customers did business with them. If the company thought the time was right for a sale, it did so. If the company decided that customers could now communicate them via e-mail, the marketing department le… - 01/25/2016

Wheelings & Dealings: Chatwork Secures Funding for Global Expansion
After becoming the most widely used platform for business communications on their home continent of Asia, Chatwork announced last week that they had been granted $12.5 million in Series B with the goal of expanding. - 01/25/2016

Why We're Entering the API Age
APIs are now becoming a crucial part of the fabric of business. Connectivity, sharing and combining data sources is key for businesses today, and APIs are the glue that makes it happen. - 01/25/2016

New Social Network Enables Productivity, Collaboration
Social networks have forever changed the web. Long before social networks arrived, the web was a different place and average people didn't have much of an online presence. Fast forward to today and you will find a variety of social networks that thri… - 01/25/2016

Stonegate Fellowship Chooses DigitalGlue for Video Transmission
Now that high-speed Internet access is common in the U.S, many organizations have adapted its capabilities to meet their needs. One such force, the church, now has the ability to live stream services for those who cannot attend. Its specific division… - 01/25/2016

SD-WAN Hot Ticket, But What Does it Offer WebRTC?
Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is getting a lot of attention these days. It's attracting deployments from carriers, investment from Cisco, and mergers on other fronts. But just what is it and can it help WebRTC? - 01/25/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Polycom, GENBAND, CM Telecom
When it comes to real time communications, it can seem like there's no end to new developments. With good reason, too; this is a field that's still fairly new, but still undergoing plenty of changes. So now that we've got a weekend on hand, let's sum… - 01/23/2016

Reports Show WebRTC Markets Set for Massive Growth
WebRTC offers a spectrum of benefits in collaboration and interactive scenarios. According to the latest reports, adoption continues to take a hold of the industry. Across contact centers, customer support, educational environments, and much more, th… - 01/22/2016

Say Goodbye to the Phone Call - Video Chat is the Present and the Future
WebRTC solves two of the big existing problems with UC: ubiquity and ease of use. With WebRTC, there's no longer any need for proprietary software downloads or launching a dedicated app; WebRTC enables users to click on a link and instantly start cha… - 01/21/2016

Verint and Squiz Help Governments Transform Digitally
Unlike the private sector, which can adapt much quicker to changes in technology, public organizations take a little longer before new technologies are implemented. This not only frustrates end users, but the late adoption is less efficient, which co… - 01/21/2016

CM Telecom Launches New Analytics Tool
CM Telecom recently launched a real time analytics tool known as CM Analytics for messaging and conversion, designed to report information as it's generated. The CM Analytics tool is built around all of the elements of a responsive and interactive we… - 01/21/2016

Iskratel to offer Veeting Rooms WebRTC Service
Iskratel to offer Veeting Rooms WebRTC service as white-label offering reflecting growing industry trend. - 01/20/2016

NFV is Moving Beyond Proof of Concept
Software defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) have been buzzwords for years now, but the promise of these technologies is starting to reach fruition as network providers move from proof of concept to production use on t… - 01/20/2016

GENBAND Selects Patrick Joggerst to Lead its Sales Organization
Provider of real time communications software solutions GENBAND has announced an executive-level shake up. The company has appointed Patrick Joggerst as executive vice president of Global Sales and Marketing. Prior to this appointment, Joggerst serve… - 01/19/2016

Inaani Supports PTC Conference with WebRTC Demonstration
The Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC) acts on behalf of telecommunications companies in the Pacific region of the globe. Its members from more than 40 participating countries promote the development of telecom services such as mobile and Web-b… - 01/18/2016

Savvy Shoppers, Brands Benefit from Smart Retail
Today's shoppers are smarter and savvier than ever before. Armed with mobile technologies and intelligent apps, buyers are able to dig out better deals and make purchase decisions based more on strategy, than on impulse. - 01/18/2016

AlphaDial Helps Keep Phone Numbers Market-Relevant
For most of us, the idea of going without a phone number is almost the same as going without pants. It's an integral part of everyday life, and one that's used almost every day. Facebook, meanwhile, has some plans to take out the phone number in favo… - 01/18/2016

UC Success Depends Largely on 'Intelligent Communications'
When companies today think about Unified Communications (UC), they have a tendency to take a broad approach, figuring more is better. But all that bandwidth doesn't do anyone any good unless it's used intelligently. That's where a company like Avotus… - 01/18/2016

When the Frontiers of Technology Meet Recruiting
Technology developments in the field of employee recruitment don't always get the top headlines, but these technologies are rapidly evolving and adopting some of the latest innovations in the industry. An example of this is the variety of cloud-based… - 01/18/2016

Cloud-based UC and Hosted PBX Set for Notable Market Disruption by 2020
Unified communications as a Service (UCaaS) and hosted PBX will see a spike in market penetration in the coming years as businesses continue to move their processes to the cloud-with big ramifications for market disruption on the horizon. - 01/18/2016

Polycom Honors 8x8 with Global Service Provider of the Year Award
Provider of cloud-based unified communications (UC) and contact center solutions 8x8 was recently honored by Polycom, being named the latter's Global Service Provider of the Year. Polycom recognized all of its top partners this week at its 2015 Circl… - 01/18/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Nuance, Voxeet, Polycom
With the annual ITEXPO coming up rapidly, a lot of exciting new developments are hitting the real time communications market. There was no shortage of news, and to help keep it all straight as we enjoy a weekend and get ready for the week ahead, we o… - 01/16/2016

The Perfect Network Doesn't Exist, But You Can Work Towards It
In a perfect world, networks are predictable elements of a company's infrastructure. But the world is not perfect. You can expect the unexpected to happen, especially in the field of networking. To run down a few examples, unexpected spikes in bandwi… - 01/15/2016

WebRTC and the Real-Time Web - Alive and Well in China
In early January, the first Real Time Web and WebRTC event in China premiered in Beijing. This event was the first in the change from the WebRTC focus of WebRTC Conference and Expo to the larger focus of Real Time Web Solutions. The change in focus i… - 01/14/2016

Polycom's RealPresence Clariti Boosts Collaboration in the Workforce
The available technology for today's workforce promotes constant accessibility. That means companies need to provide the software and hardware so that employees can come together anytime, anywhere and on any device. The new Polycom RealPresence Clari… - 01/14/2016

Double Seeks to Improve Telepresence Concept with Double2
Double Robotics recently unveiled the latest model of its telepresence robot, the Double2. Its new features will allow the unit to maintain better balance while moving over cords and other obstacles on the ground. - 01/14/2016

Xura and Wikot Partner to Bring Secure, App-Based Communication to Financial Sector
Xura, a provider of digital communications services, has entered into a partnership with digital marketing agency Wikot to deliver "tomorrow's click-to-communicate interactive solutions." This collaboration will draw on Wikot's app development expert… - 01/14/2016

QuickBlox Video Chat SDK Supports Group Calls
Quickblox has released the next generation of its Video Chat SDK. Now, webmasters can embed video chat that supports group calling into their websites. - 01/14/2016

Facebook Messenger - The Biggest WebRTC App?
In a recent blog post, David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products at Facebook, disclosed some of the usage statistics of Facebook Messenger. In the blog, he reported that Messenger usage has reached 800 million users per month. While the post did not ela… - 01/13/2016

2016: A Year of Answers for M2M Questions?
Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications has been a very big part of the technology market in general over the last few years, but many have been left with questions about this growing field. A new report from Analysis Mason suggests that this may be … - 01/13/2016

Higher Education Has New Opportunity to Drive Real Time Communication
We count on institutions of higher education to drive the next generation of just about anything. From the next generation of lawyers to doctors to bankers and beyond, it's the colleges that qualify our highly trained professionals. A new report from… - 01/13/2016

ITEXPO Presenter Sees Promise in Virtual Reality
In today's technology dependent markets, it's quite unusual to walk into a business and see nothing but paper files. So much has gone digital that the old way of managing information is viewed more as a hindrance to progress and inefficient than as a… - 01/13/2016

APIs and SaaS Will Be the Future of Your Business
Technology has become one of the most important forces shaping our world today. The innovations that continue to be developed are changing the way we live and thrive. For businesses, technology is also making it possible to compete regardless of thei… - 01/12/2016

Voxeet Brings 3D Surround Sound to the Mobile Workforce
One big reason that we maintain home theaters instead of watching everything on mobile devices is sound quality. Getting big, room-filling sound-particularly 3D surround sound-tends to be a bit more than a typical smartphone can handle. That may not … - 01/11/2016

Telecommuters: Brace for Double Robotics' New Robot Version of You
What looks like an iPad on a stick with wheels, rolls through office buildings without incident, costs $3,000 each and may change the way we look at telecommuting forever? It's the Double 2 from Double Robotics, and it's taking the notion of a telepr… - 01/11/2016

Nuance Brings Voice Intelligence to Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator
Nuance Communications provides its advanced voice and language solutions to businesses and consumers across the globe, whether in the form of broad use cases like artificial intelligence for the omnichannel contact center or for much more niche scena… - 01/11/2016

Better Designs for Messaging and Push Notifications
Mobile apps that are designed well typically have the focus a great user experience in mind. One component that sometimes leaves something to be desired however is the design of push notifications. There was a time before smartphones when phones did … - 01/11/2016

Enterprise 2016: What Will The Future of Work Hold?
Twenty-sixteen has arrived, and with it companies have begun to institute resolutions and plans to ensure a prosperous and productive 2016. At EventBoard, we began the New Year with predictions about the future of office productivity in the enterpris… - 01/11/2016

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, Puppetry Arts, Zencastr
It's the first week of 2016, and what a week it was for real time communications. A host of news events came rushing in on everything from wearable devices to puppetry, and we were in the midst of it all. It's enough to make anyone wonder how it all … - 01/09/2016

According to Logicalis, Leveraging Digital Economy in Future Requires Complete IT Transformation
In an age where providing the ultimate customer experience is of paramount importance, companies cannot just implement the latest technologies, but must go through a comprehensive transformation of their IT infrastructure. So says Logicalis, an arden… - 01/08/2016

Blogger Discusses Pros, Cons of WebRTC Implementation
WebRTC has taken the communications world by storm. It has made it easier for developers to link two or more people together on disparate platforms (Windows Mobile to desktop Linux, for instance) using the common thread of Web browsers such as Chrome… - 01/08/2016

State of the Market: 2015 Was a Big Year for WebRTC
What a year 2015 has been for WebRTC. The technology has arguably been fully commercialized over the course of the year, thanks to several major milestones. - 01/08/2016

Comings & Goings: Didier Jaubert Named as Arkadin CEO
Arkadin SAS has made a major announcement naming Didier Jaubert as the CEO of the company. The company is a worldwide provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) services and a subsidiary of NTT Communications. It is also one of the f… - 01/07/2016

Zipwhip Reports 365 Percent Growth in 2015
Zipwhip develops a cloud-based messaging platform for enterprises. As a company, it has experienced substantial growth in the past year, and at the beginning of this month it showed interested readers just how much it has expanded. - 01/07/2016

As IoT Market Matures, Business Will Move to Low Power, Wide Area Connectivity
If for some reason you've been actively ignoring the growing internet of things (IoT) market for the past few years, you may have missed the fact that 2016 is the year that many expect the IoT will truly take over. In fact, major companies like Intel… - 01/07/2016

VoxImplant Updating Instant Messaging, Web SDK
VoxImplant, a provider of communications features for mobile developers, recently announced that it is working on upgrades to its instant messaging tool and its Web software development kit (SDK). - 01/07/2016

Zencastr Adds Stand-alone VoIP Client, Several Other Features
Zencastr has been trying to change the state of podcasting by easily connecting hosts with guests through their Web browsers. It uses a voice-over-IP (VoIP) connection driven by WebRTC to make this possible, and as of this new year, it comes with sta… - 01/07/2016

Puppetry Arts Turns to Cloud Systems to Spread Puppet Training
Distance learning is nothing new, but distance learning applied to puppetry is something of a different matter. That's what's going on with The Center for Puppetry Arts, as its Distance Learning Division is helping bring instruction on the art of pup… - 01/06/2016

Spread of A2P SMS in Africa Represents Global Trend
It is no secret that text messaging has become extremely important in both the consumer and business worlds. In readings considered here, business shines forth, and apps that handle everything from encrypted text to time-sensitive documents have allo… - 01/06/2016

CafeX's New KickStart Program Ready to Boost Customer Engagement
CafeX Communications has something of a new product in its works known as KickStart, and it's a product that may shake up a lot of customer engagement as we know it. Being compared to its namesake Kickstarter.com, it's been called a tool that gives c… - 01/05/2016

GENBAND Predicts New Wearable, Sensor-Based and Mobile RTC Applications for 2016
Embedded RTC capabilities are going to become more widespread this year as well, particularly for field service applications. Vehicles and remote locations can be embedded with valuable information on location and can also contain troubleshooting inf… - 01/05/2016

Sonus Networks Releases WebRTC Services Solution 1.1
Sonus Networks has continuously provided support for desktop and mobile communications through its WebRTC Services Solution software. The company's latest announcement regards that flagship platform's transition to version 1.1, and with it, a number … - 01/04/2016

Platforms as a Service + Real Time Communication = Cleaner Customer Engagement
RTC should start at the front-end of the sales cycle, enabling customers to communicate with contact center members to learn more about products, get virtual "demonstrations" via video and in real-time, and to provide a more intimate communications c… - 01/04/2016

Medical Residents Choosing Texting When Communicating in Hospitals
The preference to SMS was obvious when it came to efficiency and ease of use, but as it applies to the issue of security, only 20.6 percent preferred texting while more than 82 percent preferred the hospital paging system. It is important to note the… - 12/31/2015

Slack Wants You to Develop and Join $80M Cause
The fund has been set up and is expected to bring in developers from around the world. Contributors to the fund include Accel, Andreessen Horowitz, Index Ventures, KPCB, Spark Growth and Social Capital - all venture capital firms. - 12/31/2015

IBM Brings Real-Time Alerts to its Cloud Dev Platform
Nothing sinks the heart of devops faster than discovery that an app or cloud service is not performing as expected and has been down for a few minutes, hours or days. Helping devops staff ensure that these nasty discoveries don't go unaddressed for v… - 12/31/2015

How the Everyday App Can Bolster Diabetes Treatment
It's disturbing that one in three Americans is at risk of developing diabetes. Throw in the added stresses of the condition, the combined $245 billion in lost wages, medical costs, and similar issues it represents, and the value of a simple way to ma… - 12/31/2015

Specialized Enterprise Apps Offer Great ROI, Report Finds
When we think of enterprise apps, a large number of users and widespread use sounds like the goal. Yet a recent study showed that some of the best return on investment for businesses occurred when apps were developed for smaller teams and highly spec… - 12/31/2015

Zapier Supports BYOA Trend through Integration and Automation
The bring your own application (BYOA) trend has been gaining nearly as much traction as BYOD over the past year, and that has opened up many avenues for companies that focus on integration and automation. As businesses of all sizes seek ways to cut c… - 12/31/2015

RTC Space Will Transform through Consolidation and Increased Adoption in 2016
2016 is poised to become a standout year in the technology sector, with many trends set to be widely deployed and adopted after years of trial and error. Mobility, real-time communications and the cloud are all driving exciting new applications and s… - 12/31/2015

Apple and IBM Collaboration Results in 100 iOS Enterprise Apps
When Apple and IBM announced their partnership in 2014, not many people saw it coming. Tim Cook, Apple's CEO said, "This is a radical step for enterprise and something that only Apple and IBM can deliver." And to some degree that is true, because the… - 12/31/2015

What the Vidyo VP9 Release Means for WebRTC
With over 37 bugfixes and new added features, Chrome48 is now being enhanced with scalable WebRTC and VP9 updates. As Chrome collaborates with Vidyo to release the new VP9 codec, cross-platform delivery will now allow video calls to take place throug… - 12/31/2015

Credit Karma Plays for the 'In' Crowd with Snowball Purchase
Credit Karma is not much older itself, as it was founded in 2007. Despite the free element of its service, the company has big momentum going for it and produces enough revenue to be valued at $3.5 billion. In all, the company has attracted $368.5 mi… - 12/31/2015

Making Mobile Work in Your Enterprise
Some enterprise executives aren't convinced their enterprise needs a mobile app, but most have jumped on the mobile bandwagon. That's a prudent move. According to Datamation, 68 percent of CIOs and IT managers believe mobility is critical for success… - 12/30/2015

A New Standard in CRM for Commerce, Healthcare and Remote Workforces
A sharp increase in online sales shows that consumers are learning to trust brands through interactive experiences and online platforms. A "buy it now" mentality has influenced the demand for most brands to shift the way they do business and often ch… - 12/29/2015

Google Announces Chrome M48 with VP9 Codec Support
Google made an anticipated announcement surrounding the popular Chrome Browser. The latest version to be released is Chrome M48. The update supports the new VP9 Codec across all platforms. This codec allows video calls that will deliver high quality … - 12/28/2015

Health Apps Show Rapid Adoption, Promoting a Healthier Lifestyle Through Usage
According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, "Smartphones, connected medical accessories and apps have been underutilized by the healthcare industry." But, not any more! Recent studies report a shift in the way consumers are caring for their health, as usage… - 12/23/2015

Predictions for Real Estate 2016: How Agents and Facilities Managers Will Benefit
Planon, a software provider in support of workplace optimization and Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), discusses their predictions in Real Estate and Facility Management efficiencies for 2016. - 12/22/2015

Four Leading European Carriers Implemented ECT WebRTC Solution in 2015
European Computer Telecoms AG (ECT)successfully implemented its WebRTC-based solutions with four European carriers. - 12/21/2015

Why the Phone is (and isn't) Phasing Out
The time in which we live is unparalleled; we no longer need a telephone to communicate with one another. The advent of smartphones, desktop applications, Internet telephony, and other mediums have provided non-traditional methods of communications t… - 12/21/2015

GENBAND's Patrick Joggerst Shares Tech Predictions for 2016
"The only thing that is constant is change." This quote from Greek philosopher Heraclitus has remained relevant today and can especially be applied in the tech space where constant innovation is forcing people to adapt and grow at an accelerated pace… - 12/21/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Avotus, Ultra Mobile, GENBAND
It's the last full week of the year for most people, as Christmas swings in next Friday and 2016 starts up a week after that. This didn't slow the news any for real time communications, though, and a host of developments emerged for us to consider. S… - 12/19/2015

Duman of eZuce Predicts What's Next for UC
Incorporated in 2010, eZuce outfits cloud and voice service providers with a complete unified communications software suite that is highly scalable and very cost effective. TMCnet recently interview Osman Duman, EVP and COO of eZuce, to learn more ab… - 12/18/2015

Ascom and STANLEY Healthcare Combine Messaging and Location Capabilities
The advancements made in real time mobile technology over the last decade have changed the way many industries work, but none match the importance of the healthcare space. Thanks to powerful mobile devices and access to functions like digital signage… - 12/18/2015

GENBAND's Network Transformation System Joins the Hancock Telephone Company
GENBAND products have great standing in the market, so it's never really that surprising to see these tools crop up in new positions. The Hancock Telephone Company recently became one of the latest to add GENBAND to the lineup, bringing in its Networ… - 12/18/2015

NetFlix Takes Notice of WebTorrent Technology
WebRTC-based technology of WebTorrent attracts the notice of Netflix. - 12/16/2015

AsiaInfo Selects GENBAND's Kandy to Power Real Time Communications
Provider of real-time communications solutions GENBAND has been selected by AsiaInfo, a provider of internet-based systems and software for the telecommunications industry, to deliver advanced real-time multimedia communications to AsiaInfo's extensi… - 12/16/2015

More Digital. More Human. Be More
We know from our experience in steering digital transformation that success is as much about using technology to renew the landscape as it is about getting it to completely disrupt it in unprecedented ways. There are indeed two simultaneous and concu… - 12/15/2015

Atlas Communications (A Smart IMS Company) Looks Back on Exciting Year of Change and Growth
It has been a significant year for Atlas Communications Technology, a company that has a long-time history and expertise in the unified communications (UC) space and related technologies. Originally focused on migrating traditional PBX systems to SIP… - 12/15/2015

Ultra Mobile CEO Shares 2016 Telecom Predictions
Mobile communications have transformed the way we live - from how we work, to how we pay for goods and even how we keep in touch with our loved ones. Having a mobile device has become a necessity. For the 45 million foreign-born consumers in the U.S.… - 12/15/2015

If Video Conferencing is Becoming Pervasive, 2016 is Sure to Hold New Opportunities
If you take a step back and look at real-time communications today, it's actually pretty entertaining that we have access to certain capabilities. Take video conferencing, for instance. The video phone was first introduced in the 1980s, and then tank… - 12/15/2015

Charting Collaboration: The Meteoric Rise of Team Chat
Collaboration software -- an increasingly overpopulated space -- just became a little more crowded with last month's launch of Paper, Dropbox's live document editor. - 12/14/2015

Measuring Your Impact on the WebRTC Customer Experience
There are several factors that significantly affect the quality of a WebRTC call: cost, connectivity, available bandwidth, etc. These factors tend to seriously impact the customer experience. And even if users will judge the reliability of a service … - 12/14/2015

Avotus CEO Discusses UC, Company Advancements & His Dream Business Scenario
Avotus Corp. this year launched four new products - Enhanced Usage Reporting for UC 9, Integration of its EUR with TrustSphere Relationship Analytics, the IT Asset Management Robot, and its Wireless Employee Value Program - all of which the company s… - 12/14/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Ericsson, QuickBlox, Google, Code Creator, Radish Systems
WebRTC Solutions news this week focuses on the efforts of Ericsson, QuickBlox, Google, Code Creator, and Radish Systems. Recent product releases and updates address mobile, desktop browsers and cloud-based development of applications. - 12/12/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Mind Commerce, Atlassian, GENBAND
It's been another great week at Real Time Communications World, and with such a week comes plenty of news. With so much going on from new content additions to hardware developments, it's good to have some time to take a step back and consider the wid… - 12/12/2015

Mobile Multitasking Becomes Ubiquitous
Research from Deloitte shows that the jury is out on that. American consumers are looking at their smartphones in the aggregate eight billion times per day, the survey says. That's a bit mindboggling: If we consider anyone over the age of 18 a consum… - 12/11/2015

Radish ChoiceView WebRTC Brings Video to Contact Center Interactions
Radish Systems adds ChoiceView WebRTC to enhance real-time customer experience interactions with contact centers. - 12/11/2015

Cisco Successfully Adopts WebRTC
This week Cisco hosted their Collaboration Summit in San Francisco. The key part of the overall event was the focus on Cisco Spark as well as the cloud deployment model. While Spark has been announced, the 2015 event was the coming out party for the … - 12/11/2015

The Downside of 'Good Enough' Technology Solutions
One dirty little secret about getting things done in today's technology environment is accepting "good enough." A cloud service, hardware solution or business process might not meet all needs or perfectly solve a problem, but good enough is just what… - 12/10/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: Atlassian IPO Surges Company Value
We don't really see that many technology companies filing for IPOs, at least not like a few years ago. Atlassian, an Australian company that develops products for software developers and project managers, is bucking that trend, and as of this morning… - 12/10/2015

Swift Goes Open Source, Offering Huge Opportunity for Apple & IBM
Just recently, Apple made an announcement that seems like an early Christmas present for app developers: Apple's Swift programming language was going open source, which means a popular new tool for development is now a lot more available. Perhaps one… - 12/10/2015

Doing Away With Your Company Phone Number
Even with all of the new advancements in customer service, the lasting image of helping out consumers is a contact center with a listed phone number, filled with agents talking customers through their issues. Yes, verbal communication is still the mo… - 12/10/2015

Code Creator Unleashes Red5 Media for Easy Cloud Development
In the world of technology, there is never any time to waste. That is exactly why Code Creator has released Red5 Media for the cloud. Code Creator, based out of Hartford, Connecticut, is a partner in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem. The Red5 … - 12/10/2015

GENBAND Celebrates 2015, Looks Ahead to More #RTC Innovation
Real time communications have had a stand out year as far as the tech space is concerned. The ability to have instant, any-time access to people and information has changed the way we do things in just about every aspect of life. From conducting busi… - 12/10/2015

Chrome 47 Boosts WebRTC Developments
It might be a Skype killer, the next big thing in communications, or just another addition to the growing panoply of business tools. It's Web-based real time communications (WebRTC), and the new release of Chrome 47 brought with it a set of new tools… - 12/10/2015

Real Time Communication and Healthcare Engagement
Already, we've got numerous (forgive me) health-vertical monitoring apps starting to emerge in the marketplace. You can find apps built around GENBAND's Kandy platform to assist in monitoring diabetes and the MindMe app providing mental health suppor… - 12/10/2015

Riverbed Technology: Businesses Desperate for a Few Good Apps
Riverbed's Global Application Performance Survey 2015, taken from a variety of business decision makers worldwide, revealed that a huge number of businesses count on app performance to deliver the best results for business, but many are often disappo… - 12/08/2015

Your Cell Phone May Be the Next Step to Immediate Healthcare
When it comes to real-time communications, we take a lot for granted. We expect the person we're calling to always be available; we expect that a text sent will be instantly returned; and we expect that there will be no lag time between hitting the c… - 12/08/2015

Cyber Security, UC and Social Media Just a Handful of Trends Impacting Business Communications
IntelliCom Analytics is in the business of analyzing the business communications landscape, including the companies involved, their technologies and solutions and their myriad applications. And their longtime experience with the communications market… - 12/07/2015

QuickBlox Announces Support for Android Group Video Chat
QuickBlox provides developers with its Q-municate software development kit (SDK) so businesses can easily integrate video calling and instant messaging into their mobile apps. Its mobile backend operates in the cloud and can assist with both Android … - 12/07/2015

WhaTech Report Shows Growth of WebRTC Market
There is enough WebRTC industry news to support an entire channel at TMC. That channel alone should imply that the market is gathering momentum and will continue to hold its own among all other current methods of real-time communications. - 12/07/2015

Mind Commerce: WebRTC Poised to Become a Content Powerhouse
Most people think of WebRTC as a great enabler of seamless communications. But research firm Mind Commerce argues that it's also uniquely positioned to both be a single-point of interface for all stored content and a multimedia, and multi-modal dashb… - 12/07/2015

Ericsson Updates its WebRTC Mobile Browser
The WebRTC-based web browser known as Bowser has inched closer to commercial reality, with an experimental version 0.6 release. - 12/07/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: AT&T, Cisco, IETF, VoxImplant
TMC's Peter Bernstein has been all over the WebRTC codec wars, so it is no surprise that the latest information surrounding the IETF has found his name in the byline. He notes a report from Orange, a supporter of improvements to codecs that drive Web… - 12/05/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Avotus, Turkcell, Skype
While the shortened Thanksgiving week put a bit of a crimp in the real time communications news flow, it definitely didn't stop it for long. Back with a vengeance, the flood of news in this field was as great as it ever was. So settle in and let's ta… - 12/05/2015

Get Back to Basics for User-Friendly WebRTC Apps
WebRTC is a simple way to add real-time voice and video into applications that are then available natively within a browser. But developers need to take into account essential considerations for making the experience feel seamless to the end user. Th… - 12/04/2015

WebRTC Coming to Russia Courtesy of Unify
One of the more interesting aspects of WebRTC is it universal appeal. As witnessed by global developer interest at various hackathons, the embrace of WebRTC by service providers such as Orange, Telefonica and NTT DOCOMO just to name a few, along with… - 12/04/2015

Why WebRTC Will Eat Skype's Lunch
The problem is that the world is moving on from the Skype paradigm. It isn't so much that Skype has gotten bad at what it does. The problem is that Skype is more or less just the same as it was eight years ago. In the mean time, new standards have em… - 12/04/2015

WebRTC Hype and Fear
RCS (Rich Communications Services) have taken the slow boat to set standards and show up in real world deployments, as compared to the years and decades OTT offerings have been built and deployed. However, RCS is like VoLTE - benefitting from the dep… - 12/04/2015

WebRTC Can Decentralize the Internet One API at a Time
These days, anyone with a PC or smartphone will have the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome or Opera browsers which already have the ability to use the WebRTC protocol, a basic methodology for real-time communications over asynchronous links. - 12/03/2015

VoxImplant Introduces Video Call Recording
As we see technology like Voice over IP (VoIP) and WebRTC solutions mature and evolve, more companies are turning to video conferencing as a main source of communication. The antiquated way of conducting meetings has changed thanks to the advent of v… - 12/03/2015

Is Your Enterprise 'NOW-ready'? Connecting the Elements of the Now Economy with APIs
Many factors, such as price, features, and quality, drive customer demand for products and services. However, what seems to be causing a paradigm shift in the way businesses are reaching out to prospects is their ability to provide their offerings no… - 12/03/2015

Millennials and Remote Workforce Flocking to Video Conferencing
The culture millennials have created in the workforce has introduced more collaboration and remote work. In order to implement these approaches, several technologies had to mature. In most cases, that means incorporating video conferencing (VC) into … - 12/03/2015

Breaking the Cliché: Different Real Time Communications Applications Emerge
The simplest use for adding real time communications (RTC) to anything is: Add voice or video to an existing application. There's a whole lot of that going on these days, ranging from Google Hangouts to SAP, with the latter company announcing it will… - 12/03/2015

Seniors: Some Great Tech Tools May Save Your Life
Managing technology can sometimes seem like quite a leap, particularly for elderly users. Many young adults find it necessary to serve as unofficial tech support for parents and the like, but there are some tools that the older set should know how to… - 12/02/2015

Information Added to IEFT Draft on WebRTC Audio Codecs for Interoperability
Given all the buzz in the past year regarding "codec wars" and the need for universal interoperability regarding WebRTC adoption, it is always useful to check in on The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Networking Group to see what is on the min… - 12/02/2015

Open Source and Partner Ecosystems Can Improve NFV
An industry blog post printed the first of this December notes that major corporations are beginning to turn to open source network functions virtualization (NFV) to gain a competitive edge over their counterparts. It points to notable industry heavy… - 12/02/2015

All Cycles Lead to Unified Customer Service, Enhanced by Automation
Survata Research Partners recently carried out a survey on behalf of FollowAnalytics and Gigaom Resarch on mobile app utilization by enterprise users. A focus group of 450 mobile marketers was surveyed on their mobile activity and the results of mobi… - 11/30/2015

Turkcell Beefs up BiP Mobile Messaging with Voice, Video Calls
Turkcell has announced that it has added voice and video calls to its BiP mobile messaging apps. The Turkish carrier claims that its app has already been downloaded over 3.3 million times for both Android and iOS. While BiP is aimed mostly at Turkcel… - 11/30/2015

Avotus Achieves Break Through with ITAM Robot Platform for Managing IT and Telecom Assets
Using the Avotus Cloud Services platform, online analytical processes are then used to create a configuration management database (CMDB) of all IT and telecom assets contracted for by the business tied to each contract and invoice. - 11/30/2015

Fring Alliance Leader Revisits Istanbul Event, Explains What's Next
The fring Alliance Summit took place last week in Istanbul. To learn more about what happened at the summit and what's next for the alliance, we spoke with Roy Timor-Rousso, general manager of the fring Alliance. Here's an excerpt of our exchange. - 11/25/2015

Wheelings and Dealings: Cisco Eyes Acano Acquisition for Video-Delivery Strategy
Cisco recently announced its intent to acquire Acano Limited, a company that provides conferencing software and related infrastructure. The acquisition is part of Cisco's overall long-term video-delivery strategy. The company intends to provide "the … - 11/25/2015

GENBAND's Bhatia Offers Carrier Networks Virtualization Conference Preview
GENBAND has been a pioneer in helping communications services providers to insert themselves into the over-the-top application value chain, in enabling CSPs to benefit from network functions virtualization, and in building ecosystems so its carrier a… - 11/24/2015

TokBox Introduces Two-Way Broadcast TV Solution
The line between television and online services is blurring, in case you haven't noticed. Not only do smart TVs now feature apps and connections to Internet-based content such as YouTube, but broadcasting is slowly moving away from a passive experien… - 11/24/2015

Real Time Communications Hot in 2016
I expect to see six major real time communications (RTC) trends play out in 2016: Apple & WebRTC ubiquity, authentication, 'collaborteam', value-added services, smarter video and (still more) Internet of Things (IoT). Don't be surprised to see overla… - 11/23/2015

6 User Experience Must-Haves in WebRTC
The focus on real-time communications as of late has centered much on the capabilities of WebRTC. The open source foundation of a browser agnostic technology promises to enable connectivity for voice, video and data in ways we could only previously a… - 11/23/2015

Learn How One University Campus is Now Leveraging WebRTC to Keep Students Safe
Safety - it's something every mom thinks about, especially when she prepares to send a child off to seek higher education. While the student may be ready for the world, mom isn't ready to turn him or her over to just anyone, yet. It's the reason they… - 11/23/2015

Report: Telemedicine Market Has Nearly Doubled Since 2011
According to the nation's largest health IT industry group, the number of companies offering telemedicine service has almost doubled over the past four years. In 2011, there were 45 tech vendors offering telemedicine surveys. This year, that number s… - 11/23/2015

Virtual Reality from Google: Headed to a K-12 Near You
Google has partnered with Subaru to bring fifteen major cities a new, exciting and highly engaging technology to assist within the learning environment. Teachers will receive tablets for themselves and ASUS smartphones for students that will be conve… - 11/23/2015

OTT Messaging Apps Face Monetization, Uptake Challenges
Beyond the big two concerns, app speed was another notable frustration uncovered by the survey, with nearly 20 percent of respondents in both markets agreeing app speed is too slow. It's unclear if this is the fault of the apps themselves or the data… - 11/23/2015

Team on the Run Launches WebChat Tool with WebRTC
Team on the Run offers a number of software communications and file sharing tools that help keep enterprise employees productive. Its latest WebChat tool uses WebRTC to handle communications directly in the Web browser. - 11/23/2015

OpenMarket: Put SMS to Work for Better Communications
With an increasingly mobile workforce, few workers stay in one place long. That means we need faster, more decentralized communication connections. OpenMarket and Portio Research recently produced a report that says short message service (SMS) tools … - 11/23/2015

Tech in 2016: A Brave New World
We've already seen companies get a start on Kickstarter, landing initial cash on the strength of huge lists of preorders. We've seen game franchises come back from nowhere and entire new devices get a startup that way. We've even seen competition in … - 11/23/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Navigant Research, GENBAND, Xorcom
Another week in real time communications has come and gone. There's a lot to run down this week, so let's boil down the raw news and figure out the biggest parts of the week with our Week in Review coverage! - 11/21/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: webrtcHacks, ECT, Blue Jeans, TokBox
This week at WebRTC Solutions, there was talk about privacy in communications at webrtcHacks, service provision from ECT Technology to a Scandanavian telecom, extension of the Blue Jeans network, and collaboration between TokBox and Fox Sports. - 11/21/2015

SAP Integrates GENBAND Collaboration Platform into Cloud CRM Suite
GENBAND has signed enterprise IT giant SAP as a global reseller for its collaboration platform, which supports chat, videoconferencing and other real-time communications. The deal allows SAP to integrate a range of customer engagement channels for sa… - 11/20/2015

Smart Cities and IoT Face Looming Challenges, Along with Opportunity
The idea of "smart cities" has been around for a while, with burgs like Barcelona and Los Angeles taking an early adopter role in programs like smart parking, smart streetlights, city-wide free Wi-Fi, electric vehicles and more. But as the Internet o… - 11/20/2015

UC Security: Hidden Risks that No One Wants to Talk About
Unified Communications has been all the rage in 2015. While the concept and the technology have been around for a while - especially for companies with a focus on tech that have understood the benefits of communications via IP, within the last year -… - 11/20/2015

CFOs Need to Understand the Depth and Breadth of the Cloud
The cloud represents both opportunity and challenge in the business landscape. But while the IT world has begun to catch on to its advantages as well as vulnerabilities, many C-level executives don't really understand its potential. And when it comes… - 11/19/2015

Communications Doesn't Have to be a Dirty Word in the Office
Communications - it's not necessarily our favorite topic, especially when it comes time to make decisions on the business phone system. Yes, communication is important, but it's not something you want to waste brain power on, even when it's not worki… - 11/19/2015

TokBox Launches WebRTC Application Exclusively for Fox Sports
Tokbox has been making a name for itself in the real time communication market. The firm has been demonstrating all the different fields in which WebRTC can benefit a company, such as education. This week, the company announced the launch of an inter… - 11/19/2015

Blue Jeans Network Leverages Feedback from Influential Client Base
With a mission to "make video communications as easy and pervasive as audio communications are," Blue Jeans Network continues its journey in "enabling more effective collaboration at work, at home and on the road" through its most recent release of B… - 11/19/2015

Weaving a Web of Real Time Communications, Internet of Things, and Big Data
Three big IT growth areas are destined to overlap and interlink: Real time communications (RTC), Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. And it's with a bit of irony that hot-running WebRTC is actually the slowest piece of the puzzle when it comes to … - 11/19/2015

Growing Tech Markets Around The World
With the technology industry in Europe and North America increasingly saturated with new products and new companies, many technology corporations are turning their attention to emerging markets. Thus far, most of that new focus has been on India and … - 11/18/2015

Enterprise Technology Landscape Faces Huge Changes by 2025
The increased value of data, coupled with the more potential access points for that data, will make things difficult for the corporations of a decade out. Yet businesses will be hard-pressed to just shut down remote access in the face of a workforce … - 11/17/2015

ECT Technology to Supply Scandinavian Telecom with WebRTC Technology
Although the adoption rate of WebRTC is not the same in Europe as it is in the US, the technology's benefits are now being recognized by individual users, businesses and service providers. According to European Computer Telecoms AG (ECT), an unnamed … - 11/17/2015

KANDY Director Offers Update on the PaaS
GENBAND's KANDY - a platform-as-a-service that allows service providers to expose network resources for use by developers building real-time communications into their applications - has 15 million users and more than 50 ecosystem partners. - 11/17/2015

GENBAND's fring Offers NIFTY Mobile New Opportunity
Over-the-top (OTT) opportunities have a weird reputation; some see them as huge opportunities, while others see a potential disaster of business-shattering proportions. For Japan's NIFTY, a major mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), OTT means oppo… - 11/16/2015

Navigant Research Report Analyzes the Residential IoT Market
IoT has become an important residential market opportunity, and products leveraging the technology have the potential to bring unprecedented levels of interconnectedness and synchronicity into people's homes. Now a residential household can be mainta… - 11/16/2015

Is My WebRTC Application Tracking Me?
There are few technologies out there that don't have privacy concerns. Recently, privacy experts turned their eyes to Web-based real time communications technology to see if WebRTC can be used to track its users. - 11/16/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Bolste, Microsoft, 1DocWay
The flood of news surrounding real time communications never stops pouring. Now that we've got a chance to catch our breath with a weekend on hand, let's get to higher ground and check out the week that was with our Week in Review coverage! - 11/14/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Masergy, Crosswalk Project, Microsoft, OpenWebRTC
A number of product releases mark the WebRTC Solutions landscape this week. Contributors to those marks include Masergy, Crosswalk Project, Microsoft, and OpenWebRTC, which offers a blog post abou the state of browser support for WebRTC. - 11/14/2015

GfK Finds U.S. Consumers Ready to Adopt Smart Home Products
Market research company GfK recently announced the results of its latest study of consumer expectations regarding smart home products and services. It found that half of U.S. consumers believe smart home tech will affect their lives in the coming yea… - 11/13/2015

FCR Vital to Customer Retention
Today's technology enables customers to interact with the companies they do business with anytime, and vice versa. This has raised the standard of customer service, and customer expectations are at an all-time high. Real time communications, such as … - 11/13/2015

Get Ready for the Rise of the Enterprise Digital Assistant
Digital assistants are not at this point a shocking new concept-after all, between Apple's Siri and Android's Cortana, most of us have digital assistants in our pockets already. However, taking the DA idea to an enterprise level is a whole other kett… - 11/12/2015

A Shakeup in Telepsychiatry Leaves 1DocWay in Genoa's Hands
Telepsychiatry-and most breeds of telemedicine-may be the biggest new advancements in the real time communications corridor. The market is even starting to see its own string of mergers and acquisitions, with Genoa, part of QoL Healthcare, making one… - 11/12/2015

GENBAND Focuses on Making UC Even More Profitable for Service Providers
GENBAND continues to make strides in the scalability and value offered by its Smart Office unified communications and collaboration solution, Greg Zweig, GENBAND's director of solutions marketing, told me in a recent conversation. - 11/12/2015

Microsoft Building Key Value-added Services Applicable to WebRTC Developers
I know everyone has big love for WebRTC to add voice and video into everything under the sun, but the real value and profits are going to be made by adding intelligence in processing media streams. Microsoft is rapidly building and rolling out APIs t… - 11/12/2015

OpenWebRTC 0.3 of iOS SKD is Available
Let's face it: the goal of WebRTC is to be available, or at least interoperable, "E"verywhere. As has been pointed out on the WebRTC Solutions Community site many times, the history of communications technology is that all boats rise when the tide co… - 11/11/2015

Skype's Share Button and its March to Social Ubiquity
Skype is rolling out its own share button, joining Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other media-sharing services fighting for your loyalty. The button - one of the small, linked logos in the corner of a news article, blog, or other online content - wil… - 11/11/2015

Real Time Location Systems Market Growing at CAGR of 35.5 Percent
Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) are being deployed across a wide range of industries as the technology continues to evolve. The 35.5 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) Transparency Market Research (TMR) has forecasted for the segment highli… - 11/11/2015

Digital Partnerships and the Real-Time Enterprise
Today's business world is a dramatically different place than it was even five years ago. The conversion to cloud services, smartphones and other disruptive digital technology has meant that companies in older industries have had to change their oper… - 11/11/2015

OTT Video Services Prove Remarkably Cancellation-Resistant in U.K.
OTT and streaming video are changing the way we think about entertainment, and both OTT and streaming are a big part of the real time communications landscape. As the two fields advance, we'll likely see many more people take an interest in real time… - 11/10/2015

Real Time Web Solutions Conference 2015 Beijing: Day One
China has more Internet users and more mobile phones than any other country in the world. It would seem that WebRTC and the Real Time Web would be a natural for China and the turnout for the first WebRTC event in China have surely proven that. With o… - 11/10/2015

Crosswalk Project Available for Windows
Being a developer in today's marketplace requires deploying application across different platforms and devices without issues of compatibility. The first version of Crosswalk Project is bringing that platform saturation to Windows, meaning developers… - 11/10/2015

Business Call Management as a Service (CMaaS) Will Quickly Make Enterprises More Mobile
Toto Lynx is a cloud-based communications platform that is easily set-up via a web-based administration panel and accessed via a simple app on a user's personal or company-owned smartphone. A web-based switchboard is also used for full call reception… - 11/09/2015

Masergy Launches WebRTC Enabled Cloud Video Conference Service
The ability to readily collaborate with internal and external employees, partners and customers has introduced increased productivity within companies. The new WebRTC enabled Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) cloud video conference service by Masergy extend… - 11/09/2015

Achieving An Effective Mobile Workforce: How Businesses Must Adjust in the Year Ahead
By 2020, IDC estimates that the U.S. mobile worker population will comprise more than 72 percent of the total national workforce. It's therefore clear that the mobile workforce isn't a short-term trend, but instead an indicator of a growing movement … - 11/09/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Voice4Net, Rabbit, TruConf
This week in WebRTC Solutions news, TMC discussed the "flexibility factor" with Voice4Net, wrote about how to add security to their communications, announced Rabbit's jump to iOS, and profiled the cloud-based TruConf Server video conferencing softwar… - 11/07/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Audi, Juniper Research, MERA Software Services
Staying connected is a huge part of life these days, and real time communications are a great way to get that connection going. With this new relevance comes a lot of new developments and tools to use, and it's easy to be unclear about the value of s… - 11/07/2015

WebRTC Ready to Roar in Asia
If you are in Asia and can get to Beijing next week, there is still time to register for the Real Time Web Solutions event hosted by WebRTC World. This will be an exciting event, held in the Zhongguancun district of Beijing - the Silicon Valley of Ch… - 11/06/2015

Huge Gains Ahead for Mobile Workforce Market
Anecdotally, we've long known that the mobile workforce is growing, and has been for some time. For those who want harder proof, a new report from WiseGuyReports.com should do the job; it projects a market growth rate of over 28 percent until 2019. - 11/06/2015

WebRTC and Webinars: A Great Match
Making webinar participation easier and more secure is something webinar hosts such as myself are always interested in. It was thus attention grabbing that the latest TruConf Server 4.3.5 enterprise video conferencing service solution includes WebRTC… - 11/06/2015

Rabbit Makes the Jump to iOS
Back in 2014, we got word about Rabbit's interaction with video chat, and how the company was set to make the whole thing a lot simpler to work with. Now, after extensive development, Rabbit is bringing its brand of highly-simplified communications t… - 11/05/2015

WebRTC Boosts Customer, Employee Collaboration
Web Real Time Communication (WebRTC) is beginning to gain commercial traction, cropping up for both consumer and business use cases. Because it supports audio and video capabilities natively via compatible browsers, WebRTC can be used without plug-in… - 11/05/2015

Utah Researchers Solve Psychologist Shortage with Telepresence Robots
We've known for some time now that telepresence has a great potential for bringing medical specialties to remote places. Examples of this happening were a bit slim, until a recent example from Utah. - 11/05/2015

Workday Flexibility Offers Both Challenges and Opportunities for Employers
Flexibility in working environments is increasingly a differentiator for companies looking to retain top talent. However, a company's technology strategy must be properly aligned in order to get the most out of the borderless office. - 11/04/2015

Global Telecom API Market Growing
The business opportunities for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are growing at double digit rates. According to Transparency Market Research (TMR), the global telecom API market is expected to generate $323.44 billion by 2022, which is a 23.6 p… - 11/04/2015

Tech Revolutionizing Automotive Care Industry
The automotive industry is using digital technology, including telepresence, to improve customer service in surprising ways, according to Automotive Megatrends Magazine. While some modern car breakdowns are all but impossible for the amateur garage m… - 11/04/2015

Moving Real Time Communications to More Immersive Experiences
Real time communications (RTC) and WebRTC are delivering the basics for better online experiences, adding voice and video to the stock web experience with just a few simple lines of code. This is only a (good) start, since businesses want measurable … - 11/03/2015

ITEXPO Demo Links Retail Customers with Real-Time Solution
The needs of the connected enterprise today help sustain the demand for software services tomorrow. Companies like MERA Software Services deliver outsourced software development for the ICT industry. The company's foundation is its solid basis for jo… - 11/03/2015

Protecting Your IP Address in WebRTC
The increased adoption of WebRTC means more individuals and businesses will be using this technology as part of their online communications solutions. As with everything digital, the more people use it, the more it becomes a target by cybercriminals.… - 11/03/2015

VoLTE Set to Hit Two Billion Connections By 2020
Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is shaking up communications as we know it, and a new study from Juniper Research is showing us just how far that shakeup is likely to go. By 2020, the study suggests, there will be over two billion VoLTE connections out there,… - 11/03/2015

Voice4Net Discusses 'The Flexibility Factor'
Ease of customization and use are what Voice4Net's contact center solutions are all about, as Rick McFarland, CEO and president of the company, told TMC CEO Rich Tehrani at the recent ITEXPO event. - 11/02/2015

Consumers Want More Energy Control
Being able to control home operations from a mobile device is appealing to a lot of people, and a new study from Parks Associates took a clear look at that market. It found that almost one in three broadband households-30 percent-are interested in en… - 11/02/2015

Smartphone Vendors Ship Despite Chinese Market Losses
Smartphones are just about everywhere these days, it seems, so it would be easy to think that the sales of these devices are slowing. Not so, says a new report from Juniper Research, which observed big smartphone sales through the third quarter. But … - 11/02/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Apple, AVST, GENBAND
For those who celebrate it, happy Halloween! Today we've got a trick-or-treat bag crammed to the brim with all the best in news this week from the real time communications sector. So before setting out for chocolate, parties, or both, settle in and l… - 10/31/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Agora, Sococo, Future Market Insights, BroadSoft, Oracle, Apple
WebRTC Solutions news this week includes product announcements and reports from Agora, Sococo, Future Market Insights, BroadSoft, Oracle, and Apple. - 10/31/2015

MEMEX's MERLIN Takes Bigger Role in Milwaukee Tool
Milwaukee Tool recently took on a small-scale pilot project involving MEMEX Inc's Manufacturing Execution Real-time Lean Information Network (MERLIN) system. With just five licenses in hand, Milwaukee Tool got a look at just what MERLIN could do, and… - 10/30/2015

Speculation about WebRTC and Apple
I am constantly asked, "So where do you get all of information and resources for the WebRTC Solutions Community?" While the list of trusted sources I employ is way too long for this space, and I like to believe our community is your preferred destina… - 10/30/2015

BroadSoft and Oracle Team for Improved Collaboration Communications
Communications now means being available at all times across devices, systems and locations. The new integration of BroadSoft's UC-One service offerings and Oracle Communications' Unified Communications Suite will make it possible for users to connec… - 10/30/2015

Robust Global Web RTC Growth Forecasted
Future Market Insights (FMI) is out with a new report, "Web Real-time Communication (RTC) Solution Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment, 2015-2025". As a frame of reference, particularly for looking at market drivers, the repor… - 10/30/2015

Complex Apps Prove Major Headache for Businesses
A new study from Capriza Inc., suggests that enterprise apps are far too complex for both employees and customers. Capriza turned to over 1,200 enterprise app users and 300 IT executives, and they found something startling. Nearly half-45 percent-of … - 10/30/2015

How Simple Adjustments Can Keep Video in Conferencing
A confession before starting today: I'm guilty of the behavior that many of us have performed when a videoconferencing call goes bad: shutting off the video and going voice-only. It's a great way to save a lot of bandwidth quickly, and thus save a ca… - 10/29/2015

Sococo Connects Remote Employees with Virtual Office
Sococo has announced a new program to help remote employees connect to each other easily. The new program will attempt to recreate a physical office, showing employee names in a virtual office space. - 10/29/2015

6 Big Value-added Services for Real Time Communications
As WebRTC continues to proliferate, it will need plenty of supplemental tools and services for developers and businesses continue to build increasingly complex applications and do so more rapidly. I have a list of at least six value-added services We… - 10/29/2015

Agora Publishes Influential WebRTC Book in Chinese
At the inaugural Real Time Web Solutions Conference in Beijing, China on November 10-11, 2015, Agora, a communications as a service (CaaS) provider, will publish their seminal WebRTC book in Chinese. - 10/29/2015

gMobile Weeds Out Malevolent Mobile Customers
Mobile commerce has created a wealth of opportunities for businesses and consumers alike, but with that growth comes increased risk of fraud and data theft. - 10/29/2015

Team Collaboration Market in a State of Flux
The market for team collaboration apps-think voice and video-is in a state of flux, with a mix of internal development, partnering and acquisition strategies making for a fragmented business landscape. - 10/28/2015

Fewer Needles for MRI-Guided Cancer Biopsy
As in all cancers, early diagnosis is the best way to prevent the terrible prognosis that comes from waiting too late. For prostate cancer this entails taking a biopsy, which until now was a painful, needle-filled process. - 10/28/2015

GENBAND to Display Portfolio at Industry Conference
GENBAND, a developer of real-time communications software, will participate in an industry conference this week to display its portfolio of communications products. - 10/28/2015

AVST Updates Atom Personal Assistant Solution
Earlier this week, the company updated their flagship product with some rather important changes to Atom. - 10/27/2015

WebRTC Future Awaits - Even with Apple
Over the past few weeks, there's been a lot of speculation on the future direction of where WebRTC is going, with discussions of near-term events -- such as the ability to finalize a specification -- and bigger goals to take real time communications … - 10/26/2015

Mobile Broadband Striking it Rich in Middle East, North Africa
The idea of a mobile revolution may seem like old news in the west, but a new study from GSMA shows how that development is catching on in the Middle East and North Africa regions. - 10/26/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Mitel, IceLink, Video Call Center, Talky
WebRTC Solutions news this week covers a number of product releases and enhancements from big and up-and-coming names in the field such as Mitel, IceLink, Video Call Center, and Talky. - 10/24/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Good Technology, Switch, Smart IMS
This week brought an abundance of news, and now that we've got a weekend on hand, it's a great time to boil that news down into useful insight for next week. - 10/24/2015

Smart IMS Buys Atlas: Better Managed Services, More Cloud on the Way
Both company teams will be consolidating into one location at Smart IMS' global headquarters in Plainsboro, N.J. and I.G. will be the CEO of Atlas ConnX and ASIMS, the brands focused on Cloud and Managed Services respectively, which will operate as s… - 10/22/2015

UberConference Integration with Salesforce has Disruptive Potential
Switch recently announced that it developed an integration solution that connects its UberConference product with SalesForce. The objective of this solution is to help salespeople access information about a prospect or customer during presentations, … - 10/22/2015

Juniper Research: Smart Home Revenue Will Clear 12 Figures By 2020
Smart home services are gaining a lot of ground,and Juniper Research suggests that this field is going to gain a lot of ground fairly quickly, passing the $100 billion mark in revenues by 2020. - 10/21/2015

nuPSYS, Moxtra Partner to Advance Communications in Network Management
nuPSYS, a developer of network management software, has begun collaborating with Moxtra, a company that produces real-time collaboration software. The two companies will create the nu-Collaborate software that combines the power of nuPSYS's nuGEN net… - 10/21/2015

Good Technology Has a Plan to Minimize Provider Risk, Cheapen Healthcare
Good Technology, global provider of secure mobility solutions for enterprises and governments across all stages of the mobility lifecycle, will be providing its Collaboration Suite, so the Trust can give its healthcare professionals a platform for co… - 10/21/2015

Talky Moving to Smaller Screens Following User Feedback
Normally, aspirations of making it to a screen involve the big screen, but Talky has its sights set on something a little humbler and a lot more useful. Talky wants to dominate the smaller screens, after getting its share of feedback about the Talky … - 10/21/2015

Video Call Center App Allows for Video Call-In Shows Across Platforms
The Video Call Center has announced that it has created an application, Video App Choice, which allows users to host video call-in shows regardless of what video platform they're using. - 10/20/2015

Studies Offer Conflicting Views of near-Term Potential for the Smart Home
The market for home automation was worth $4.41 billion globally last year, and is expected to see a compound annual growth rate of 26.3 percent between then and 2020. That's the word from Transparent Market Research, which today, October 10, 2015, … - 10/20/2015

IceLink API Updated for Microsoft Edge Browser
Frozen Mountain Software recently announced that IceLink, a software development kit (SDK) provided by the company that enables WebRTC support for Internet Explorer as well as Windows, Xamarin, Android and iOS applications, is now supported on Micros… - 10/20/2015

Are You Ready for the Digital Transformation?
The world is racing towards a digital transformation, whether we're along for the ride or not. While there are certain companies and consumers fighting the trend, the reality is that all will eventually either need to jump on board or get quickly lef… - 10/20/2015

Mitel Announces Strategic Vision for Mobile-First World
In order to address the growing mobile-first world, global communications company Mitel has announced its strategic vision for how it can help businesses eliminate the barriers between their own networks and separate mobile networks, which can find a… - 10/20/2015

Unified Communications, Meet the Era of 'Collaborteam'
Collaboration has always been an adjunct or necessity to UC, depending on who you speak to and which marketing message is being forced out. Now it's time for something different. - 10/20/2015

A Look at Mobile Growth in Latin America
Driving factors for growth in the Latin America region include connecting the unconnected, mobile banking, and machine-to-machine (M2M) growth -- what we're now starting to call "The Internet of Things" (IoT). Consumers currently without broadband in… - 10/19/2015

LTE Africa Conference to Discuss Vision of Continent's Mobile Future
Paired with AfricaCom, one of the largest telecom expos in Africa, the third annual LTE Africa expo will soon take place in Cape Town. Last year, it saw more than 50 percent of attendees as representatives of operators, so this year it hopes to capit… - 10/19/2015

WebRTC Enables the Real-Time Customer Engagement Enterprises and Consumers Demand
Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, got a chance to speak to Sajeel Hussain, CMO of CafeX, about the company's goals at the recent On the Road Dallas 2015 event. According to Hussain, the company is heavily focused on using WebRTC to create real-time customer … - 10/19/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, SightCall, Qubit
First came word from the first ever QuEST Forum, who offered up its sustainability award to none other than GENBAND. Data centers pull somewhere around 91 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually, and that's based on 2013 numbers, meaning susta… - 10/17/2015

Capitalizing on the Personal Touch in the Mobile Age
For those who want better communications, a new study from OpenMarket Research suggests there's one clear way to cut through the chatter: personalization. - 10/16/2015

Qubit Adds Features to Experience Management Platform
In reaction to claims in the community that personalized customer experiences can only occur through analysis of data, Qubit has launched the Social Proof tool for real-time messaging, Voice of the Customer for analysis of customer feedback, and Prod… - 10/16/2015

Mission Possible: Achieving Work-life Balance
The era of the traditional 'nine to five' work day is almost gone, and is being replaced by more flexible work schedules that often cross time zones and may include nights and even weekends. Technology provides the ability to work from anywhere and a… - 10/15/2015

Gruveo Revamps Embedded WebRTC Interface
Gruveo is a WebRTC-based conferencing system with a unique twist. Instead of having to install a client, users simply agree on an alphanumeric code and then enter it on the Gruveo website. Users can then hold video or audio conversations within their… - 10/15/2015

WebRTC to Grow Quickly Over Next Decade
A new report states that the WebRTC market is only going to get bigger and better. - 10/14/2015

Zendesk Adds LiveOps Telephony, Contact Center Capability to Operations
It's usually good news when a company-particularly one like Zendesk-adds options on to previous releases. So it should prove a welcome development that Zendesk turned to LiveOps to add telephony capability to Zendesk's operations, providing an even m… - 10/14/2015

GENBAND Making Waves in Cable Market
IP infrastructure and application solutions developer GENBAND has been leading the headlines with numerous partnerships and solution offerings across industries. One market its solutions portfolio is really helping to grow is cable. - 10/14/2015

TokBox Shows Benefits of Embedded Real-Time Communications for Education
TokBox, a delivery model for education that no longer requires students to be present in classrooms, is going to demonstrate its applications at the 21st Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference held October 14-16 in Orlando, Florid… - 10/14/2015

Odyssey Systems Selects GENBAND's SBC and RSM for SIP Trunking
The delivery of new-generation services requires a robust security platform, interoperability and session management for a real-time communications experience across different devices and systems. The GENBAND family of cloud-enabled session border co… - 10/14/2015

VoiceNation Highlights Benefits of its Open Source Live Answering Software
The call center industry is undergoing a revolution as new technologies are becoming available for operators. The new Open Answer open source live answering software from VoiceNation is the latest offering to change the delivery of call center servic… - 10/13/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: SightCall Gets $8.4 million in new Round of Funding
Funding is the lifeline of a startup, and without the right investment by the right people, even the best of ideas can wither and die. The $8.4 million SightCall just received from a round led by Idinvest comes just when its technology is seeing wide… - 10/13/2015

The Global Mobile-to-Mobile Challenge for WebRTC
This blog explores the challenges for standard WebRTC approaches in delivering reliable, consistent Quality of Experience (QoE) for truly global, truly mobile applications, and discusses a global optimized architecture that meets these challenges. - 10/12/2015

Real Time Web Solutions China 2015
WebRTC World is extending the popular WebRTC Conference and Expo into the Real Time Web Solutions Conference and Expo. Real Time Web Solutions will include the full range of solutions elements and integration capabilities that are required to take ad… - 10/12/2015

Video Collaboration Steps Up Thanks to Cloud-Based Services
With reports suggesting that there would be over six billion devices capable of supporting WebRTC in just four years, it's easy to see why many companies are gravitating in that direction. The eternal tradeoff of cloud vs. on-premise system has been … - 10/12/2015

Inaugural QuEST Forum Annual Sustainability Award Goes to GENBAND
The QuEST Forum, a global organization dedicated to quality and sustainability in the ICT community, just announced that the inaugural QuEST Forum Annual Sustainability "Best Overall Performance" Award will go to GENBAND. - 10/12/2015

Intel Releases Collaboration Suite for WebRTC v2.8
Intel Collaboration Suite (CS) for WebRTC v2.8 is another new offering in the WebRTC solutions landscape. Senior editor Peter Bernstein breaks down the specs. - 10/12/2015

Enabling Quicker Sales Contact via Connective Ink and IoT
One enabling technology for new interactivity is coming by way of printed electronics and conductive ink. Manufacturers can now directly add web links to signage, print ads, boxes, tickets -- basically anything from a page in a magazine to a post car… - 10/12/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Intel, VoiceNation, TokBox, Zendesk, LiveOps
This week in WebRTC Solutions news, Intel announced the latest release of its Collaboration Suite for WebRTC, VoiceNation showed off its live answering software, TokBox confirmed its participation in an upcoming education conference, and Zendesk note… - 10/12/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Dialogic, PubNub, Speakfree, Sinch, Ovum, LiveOps
This week in WebRTC Solutions news: Dialogic announced the release of its PowerMedia XMS 3.0 server, PubNub and Speakfree offer communications services to refugees, Sinch discusses the future of WebRTC, and Ovum names LiveOps as a cloud contact cente… - 10/10/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: GENBAND, ITEXPO, SAP
Settle in and throw on another cup of coffee, because we're going to run down all the biggest events of a particularly big week with our Week in Review coverage! - 10/10/2015

Ovum Names LiveOps in its Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Decision Matrix
The recently released Ovum Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Decision Matrix reviewed many of the solutions available in the market place, and it named LiveOps a market leader. - 10/09/2015

Voiceflex Chooses GENBAND's NUVIA Cloud
Demand is growing for hosted business communications around the world. To fill that demand GENBAND, a global leader in real time communications software solutions, has chosen Voiceflex's Nuvia Cloud Unified Communications (UC) solution to keep its re… - 10/09/2015

SAP Revamps Customer Business Planning Application
SAP has augmented its trade management portfolio, optimizing their interface and services to provide meaningful, real time data. - 10/08/2015

Mohammad Nezarati Digs Deep Into Enterprise Collaboration at ITEXPO West 2015
ITEXPO West 2015, taking place now through October 8 in Anaheim, CA, is packed with engaging keynote sessions that cover topics from NFV and SDN challenges for the CSP to streamlining critical business workflows. Among this week's lineup of expert ke… - 10/07/2015

Women in the Channel Hits CVx/ITEXPO to Network, Exhibit and Present
Empowering women in today's workplace continues to be a hot topic across many industries. In the IT and telecom sector especially, women are taking leadership roles at an increasing rate and one organization is offering support to ensure they continu… - 10/07/2015

ITEXPO Anaheim: Real-Time is the Only Time
Making sure in real-time that the right people have the right information and tools at the right time, that they are easy to use and interactions are private and secure is the objective, and that technology is a means and not an end. - 10/07/2015

Sinch Asks Expert Community about Future of WebRTC
They reached out to 24 top WebRTC experts and influencers, to discuss the future of WebRTC in 2015. - 10/07/2015

PubNub and Speakfree to Provide Communication Services to Refugees
International Humanitarian Organizations have been swamped by the European refugee crisis. So PubNub's collaboration with speakfree, an app that provides much-needed communication to displaced persons, couldn't have come at a more opportune time. - 10/06/2015

TokBox Streamlines Healthcare with WebRTC Platform
The OpenTok Platform, created by TokBox, gives developers an easy way to embed live video, voice, messaging and screen sharing into websites, mobile applications and services, freeing healthcare services from traditional constraints. - 10/06/2015

Amaryllo Launches iCare FHD Personal Network Security Camera
Amaryllo International B.V., a smart home services hardware developer, recently announced the launch of its iCare FHD network camera that allows caretakers and family members to keep in touch with their loved ones. - 10/06/2015

The Power of WebRTC in the Call Center
Technology in the call center is one thing that can set a company apart from another. Too many competing firms are offering commodity products at prices that have little variance. Trying to determine one provider from another is difficult as the mark… - 10/06/2015

Universal Communications Solutions Poised to Transform Enterprise Collaboration
John M. Hand, global Microsoft Alliance Director at IR, sits down with TMC for an interview about the state of the UC market and how it is being adopted by the enterprise along with cloud computing, WebRTC and other disruptive technologies. - 10/05/2015

Kandy Celebrates One Year, Tremendous Growth in #RTC
GENBAND made a giant splash in the real time communications space about a year ago when it announced the launch of that sweet offering known as 'Kandy.' On the day the company was celebrating the one year milestone, TMC CEO Rich Tehrani caught up wit… - 10/05/2015

Dialogic Announces PowerMedia XMS 3.0 Server
Dialogic has announced the release of its PowerMedia XMS 3.0 server, allowing for advanced WebRTC applications. - 10/05/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Dialogic, CafeX, 3CX, Fusion, Oracle, Prosodie-Capgemini
News coming to WebRTC Solutions this week resulted in a Dialogic director's post about the nature of WebRTC codecs, a new hire at CafeX, a partnership between 3CX and Fusion, and the launch of Oracle's session controller at Prosodie-Capgemini. - 10/03/2015

SmartBear Launches SwaggerHub to Manage the Workflow of an API's Lifecycle
SmartBear Software, provider of software quality tools for the connected world, launched SwaggerHub, a free platform that gives developers the tools they need to collaborate and coordinate across the entire workflow of an APIs lifecycle. - 10/02/2015

Prosodie-Capgemini Deploys Oracle Communications WebRTC Session Controller
Despite early skepticism as to whether WebRTC was ready for B2B as well as B2C applications and services, proof that the real-time communications standard is ready for industrial strength usage is beginning to emerge around the globe. The latest indi… - 10/02/2015

Juniper Research Reveals OTT Voice Providers Will Grow by Fivefold
According to Ovum, between 2012 and 2018 the telecommunication industry will lose a combined $386 billion from customers using OTT voice applications. So it should come as no surprise when Juniper Research just came out with a report that predicted O… - 10/02/2015

Future Market Insights Reports on Expected IoT Growth Through 2020
Future Market Insights (FMI) recently released a report about the Internet of Things (IoT) market which predicts that the current installation base is set to increase substantially through the year 2020. - 10/01/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: 3CX Announces Partnership with Fusion
3CX, developer of the PBX 3CX Phone System, has announced a partnership with Fusion, a cloud services provider. - 10/01/2015

Mobile to Drive Productivity in Enterprise
In the last couple of years, we've observed in-depth case studies from companies that have implemented mobile strategies for their work force. Here are the results. - 10/01/2015

Enterprises Fall Down on Mobile Apps
A recent study from Accenture shows that a vast majority of them are missing out on capitalizing fully on mobility's benefits. - 10/01/2015

Dave Phillips Joins CafeX as Managing Director for EMEA and Asia-Pacific Regions
CafeX Communications, a leading provider of real-time engagement solutions for mobile and web platforms, has hired Dave Phillips to spearhead sales and business development activities in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Region. - 10/01/2015

Video Game Helps Reduce Radiation Exposure Risk
Unfors RaySafe has created a novel approach to helping radiologists and other healthcare professionals avoid excessive radiation exposure in their work: a video game. - 10/01/2015

Number of Households with Smart Home Devices Increases
It seems that the smart home is finally beginning to hit its stride. More and more devices that can connect to the home have been finding their way into the market. According to BI Intelligence, a research service from Business Insider, there are cur… - 09/30/2015

Kandy Ecosystem Adds a New Partner in Touchcode Master T+ink
GENBAND's Kandy has had no shortage of new membership in its ecosystem of late, and with each new member comes a little extra functionality for an already powerful system. In the most recent announcement, Kandy's ecosystem brought in T+ink, a company… - 09/30/2015

Kandy on the Move in NYC, Showing Off its Goods
It has been just over a year since GENBAND's Kandy communications Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering stepped onto the scene and since its introduction, communications service providers, systems integrators, software vendors and developers are incr… - 09/29/2015

Connected Home Market Shows Promise
Parks Associates research focused specifically on Western European households recently and found that around 2.5 million households in that area are expected to use a smart home controller by the year 2019. The research company noted interoperability… - 09/29/2015

Canadian Teachers, Parents Support Integration of Technology in Education
A national educational research group in Canada recently released a study which shows that both teachers and parents are advocating for the use of technology in the classroom. - 09/29/2015

The WebRTC Codec Conundrum
Lessons for WebRTC developers as a result of questions regarding codec support. - 09/28/2015

Who's Using Video Calling? New Study Breaks it Down
Video calling has made more than its share of inroads with users, particularly in recent months and a new study from GfK MRI sought to tell us more about who's actually putting this new technology to work. - 09/28/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Microsoft, AT&T, KelCor
This week in WebRTC Solutions news, Microsoft finally gets into the WebRTC game with its new Edge browser, AT&T promotes its latest real-time communications application infrastructure, TMC speaks about the impact WebRTC is having on customer service,… - 09/26/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Firefox, GENBAND, Blue Jeans Network
Business communications continue to transform as new technologies make it easier than ever to stay in touch and collaborate in real-time. - 09/26/2015

WebRTC: It's Good for Customer Service
WebRTC can expand the possibilities of customer service. In fact, it's doing just that today. However, it is early days for this technology, which obviously faces at least a few hurdles that it will have to overcome before it can enjoy more widesprea… - 09/25/2015

Public Service At Your Service Through Smart Cities
Good government seems to be an oxymoron these days, but local, state, and federal bureaucracies around the world are investing in connectivity and technology to save money while improving public safety and efficiency for its citizens. You don't have … - 09/24/2015

IBM WebSphere Liberty Real-Time Communications and WebRTC
If you are still skeptical about the momentum WebRTC is gathering, particularly with developers with an eye on the enterprise, you need to rethink things. - 09/24/2015

5 Tech Essentials for Telecommuting
As globalization and mobile technology transform businesses worldwide, remote workforces are increasingly a workplace reality, and the trend is accelerating. A Global Leadership Summit survey found that 34 percent of companies say half of their full-… - 09/24/2015

APIs and Open Source are the New Direction for Communications
Telephone companies are notorious for taking their sweet time in introducing new products and features. And that's not just because of their traditional strong embedded base and their hold on the local loop - well, at least not always. It's also beca… - 09/24/2015

Firefox 41 Adds WebRTC-Based Instant Messaging
The impact of Web-based real time communications (WebRTC) has long been considered, and we're starting to see with increasing rapidity how many places are putting such systems to use. Now, widespread use of WebRTC got one step closer to fruition as M… - 09/23/2015

6 Common Sense WebRTC Recommendations Worth a Read
The great thing about being part of a robust community like WebRTC has been the willingness, dare I say zeal, of various community members to share insights on everything from technical challenges to be overcome to how WebRTC can change for the bette… - 09/23/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: Blue Jeans Network Completes Series E Funding
Thanks to the various ways that we can stay connected these days, we find a lot of employees working from home, or from their hotel room, or pretty much from anywhere. While these people are separated by physical location, there is still a need for g… - 09/23/2015

WebRTC's Impact on Customer Service Proves Powerful
Customer service these days is a major part of any operation. Keeping customers happy improves the chances that these will be repeat customers, and repeat customers help ensure long-term cash flow. But poor customer service can do a lot of damage, an… - 09/23/2015

Hefty Gains Afoot in Enterprise Video Market
If a picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes, then video is worth an encyclopedias' worth. - 09/23/2015

Unified Communications & Collaboration - The 'What' and 'Why'
Another benefit of UC&C environments is that through the use of real-time collaboration tools among employees, email is not clogged up with sending attachments causing inefficient version management, and taking up server space. The cloud was made for… - 09/23/2015

Microsoft Enables Skype for Web and Outlook to Run in Edge Browser without Plugin
In exciting news for the real-time communications space, Microsoft has made Skype for Web available without plug-ins in its new Microsoft Edge browser. Redmond has made the Object RTC (ORTC) APIs available for preview, enabling real-time audio and vi… - 09/22/2015

An Omnichannel Communications Foundation Enables RTC, Self-Service, Mobile and Social Support
Many customer-facing companies today are facing a dilemma. Their existing contact center infrastructure is getting old and simply can't accommodate the kind of omnichannel, real-time support solutions customers expect. At the same time, they find the… - 09/22/2015

2015 Proves a Year for Change in Unified Communications
If there's one thing that's constant about the technology field, it's change. Even just looking back at 2010, there are fundamental differences in the ways we use technology and the ways it's presented to us. With 2015 starting to wind down, it's wor… - 09/21/2015

GENBAND Driving NFV with a Growing Ecosystem Model
The ecosystem approach has been key to GENAND's success not only in the NFV world, but has also been a key driver of the success of its KANDY platform, which just celebrated its one-year birthday and has experienced tremendous adoption through its fi… - 09/21/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Kandy, GENBAND, Agora Lab
Real time communications are quickly becoming an important element for businesses and users across the globe. In the healthcare vertical, real time communications are making it possible for doctors and patients to have better, easier care than ever b… - 09/19/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: 1Stream, NetFortris, Cisco, TMC
This week in WebRTC Solutions news, the industry caught hold of contact center environments, videoconferencing, and video compression. 1Stream, NetFortris, and several other industry giants have been making gains in all these areas. In addition, TMC … - 09/19/2015

Can Facebook Make a Successful Play at Workforce Communications?
Social networking has already made its way to the workplace, with popular platforms like Slack and Microsoft's Yammer dominating the market. In fact, Slack is one of the fastest growing startup companies and counted more than half a million daily act… - 09/18/2015

Healthcare Innovations: Getting Better, Faster with RTC
Mobile communications is making a huge impact upon the health care industry, with the ability to save U.S. companies up to $6 billion a year in costs by some estimates. A recent study by the National Business Group on Health (NBGH) expects virtual te… - 09/18/2015

Mobility, Specific Features Lead Channel Sales for UC
According to research from Evolve IP, for those end users whose system doesn't enable mobility, it was cited as the second most-desired capability - slightly behind video calling. However, with 76 percent of organizations responding saying they alrea… - 09/18/2015

Join Us in Beijing in November for Real Time on the Web China 2015
To further the exposure and penetration of WebRTC and the webification of communications, WebRTC World is proud to announce two events. The first will be held in Beijing, China, November 10-12, 2015. The next event will be in New York City in August … - 09/18/2015

Wheelings & Dealings: Agora Lab Gets $20M in Series B Funding
Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is transforming many industries by enabling mobile and web users to make voice calls, video chats, share screens and exchange files. This all takes place using a globally distributed cloud infrastructure and advan… - 09/18/2015

Lifesize Delivers WebRTC-Based Conferencing on Cloud Video
The adoption of WebRTC in mainstream enterprise communications apps continues. Lifesize has delivered the integration of WebRTC-based video conferencing and Web conferencing integration into its cloud solution through Google Chrome. The solution enab… - 09/17/2015

Wearables, Robotics and Haptics to Transform Physical Rehab and Patients' Lives
Patients with physical impairments due to age or a stroke can often lean on technology to help them lead a quality life, by recovering lost sensory functions and carrying out day-to-day activities more freely. A new generation of wearables now has th… - 09/17/2015

Will the Smartphone Camera be a Setback for Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is rapidly on the rise, and we're seeing its arrival everywhere, from drugstore kiosks to the midst of upscale senior communities like La Vida Real. But there are some who find the rise of such technology a doubtful development, and are … - 09/17/2015

Skywriter MD Selects Kandy Real Time Communications to Improve Patient Care
Skywriter MD is a platform which has been designed to lower the documentation burden medical professionals face with a real time, true and virtual medical scribe service. By reducing the amount of time doctors spend on the day to day paperwork of hea… - 09/17/2015

Telemedicine Comes to La Vida Real Senior Living Community
The idea of a "senior living community" can spark hope or strike fear in the ear of its listeners. For some, it evokes images of a Dickensian horror show, warehousing the elderly until an undignified demise. For others, it brings to mind thoughts of … - 09/17/2015

NetFortris WebRTC-Enabled Cloud-Based Videoconferencing and Desktop Collaboration Solution
NetFortris enhances its cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration portfolio with WebRTC supported offering. - 09/17/2015

Carriers Hampered by Legacy Technologies
Mobile operators want to create new, revenue-generating services but their own legacy technologies are getting in the way, according to study carried out by business support systems (BSS) provider Openet. - 09/16/2015

Celebration Time: Kandy Hits One Year Milestone
It's been a sweet year for Kandy, GENBAND's communications platform-as-a-service offering which was introduced one year ago today. - 09/16/2015

TMC to Co-sponsor Upcoming WebRTC Conference
A number of marketing media and communications companies recently released their joint announcement of an upcoming WebRTC conference that will take place in Beijing this November. - 09/16/2015

1Stream Releases Platform 2.5
As a provider of cloud-based contact center technology in South Africa, 1Stream has announced the release of Platform 2.5 to give operators tools for addressing the fast-changing contact center environment. - 09/15/2015

Industry Giants Align to Create a Video Compression Alternative to HEVC
Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix have come together to form The Alliance for Open Media in a move to produce a royalty free video codec that will be a more affordable option than the current next-generation video codec kno… - 09/14/2015

Fulfilling the Technology Needs of Virtual Teams
When it comes to working in virtual teams, technology can be both a saving grace and a hindrance. Armed with all kinds of tech solutions, teams remain challenged by complex workflows, tight deadlines, and geographical boundaries. Here are some ways t… - 09/14/2015

WebRTC Solutions Week in Review: Okee, BloodNet, Coviu, 3CX, Microsoft, Switch
A review of WebRTC Solutions news this week reveals real-time communications' reach into the medical field, mobile business communications, browser-based high-definition video, and video calling across desktop and mobile devices. Respectively, Okee, … - 09/12/2015

Real Time Communications Week in Review: Mobile, Telecommuting & Gender Equality at Work
This week, with CTIA in full swing, the theme of mobile communications and the increasingly real-time aspect being added to this communications platform was central in many news headlines. - 09/12/2015

Switch Releases Video Calling Beta
Switch develops a business phone system for Google Apps. It allows enterprise users to have a single work-based phone number for all their devices-everything from desktop to mobile-to make it easy for customers and associates to reach them. The compa… - 09/11/2015

Mobile Dominates In Retail Stats, Poses Challenges for MNOs
Because millenials are focused more on mobile and less on computers, MNOs are the it-provider, not so much the cable companies, for Internet service. Upgraded networks are a necessity to meet the expectations of the user. - 09/11/2015

9 Signs You Should Let Your Employees Telecommute
Working from home: it's a very hot topic these days as the workforce, especially in the startup world, becomes more competitive and more global. It's also become a very polarizing issue, with people advocating strongly on either side of the debate. I… - 09/11/2015

Innovative Expansions in #RTC
Staying connected in real-time is something we all claim is an important factor in our digital lives, but do we fully grasp the possibilities? Real-time communications today is about much more than just ensuring there is another person on the other e… - 09/11/2015

Microsoft Edge to Support VP9
The VP9 is an open source and royalty free video coding format developed by Google that offers efficient compression to stream HD content at lower bitrates, and according to Microsoft, it will be available in Windows Insider Preview builds in the nea… - 09/11/2015

Women in the Channel Networking Event Set for September 15
Getting more women interested in technology positions is proving to be a hot-button issue for many, and quite a bit of effort has been seen in the field to push these developments forward. Women in the Channel (WIC)-a not-for-profit group devoted to … - 09/10/2015

Telecommuting is Not Just for Moms and Millennials
For many years, I have done my best to avoid working in the office. This isn't because I play by my own rules or like to swill Margaritas while I work, it is because the office is just too distracting and I get more done when working from home. - 09/10/2015

Women in Communications Breakfast Advocate Change, Equality
The empowerment and equality of women in the workplace has never been a more important topic than today with so many industries still male-dominated. - 09/09/2015

Metronet (UK) Chooses GENBAND to Support Real-Time Communications Services
Any communications service provider is only as strong and reliable as its equipment and network architecture, and Metronet (UK) has made this a priority as the service provider quickly grows its business. The company has selected GENBAND's Session Bo… - 09/09/2015

3CX's New Phone System Version Brings New Level of Mobile
There's a lot of business going mobile these days-it's called a "mobile workforce" for a reason, really-and so it's not surprising to see more services take on a more mobile slant. 3CX, meanwhile, recently released Version 14 of its 3CX Phone System … - 09/09/2015


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